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Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas 2022

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If you are trying to find floor tiles to use in the kitchen floor tile ideas 2022, then perhaps you feel confused! Nobody will blame you: Tile is experiencing significant style moments today, and it has more varieties, finishes, colors, and sizes than ever. The kitchen is part of a household used by most people at once, and because it goes through a lot of use, tile flooring is the most common option for tile in a kitchen. Impervious to moisture, tile flooring is easier to clean. In addition, there are infinite possibilities for tile design. So what is the current trend for kitchen floors?

Let’s explore some popular kitchen floor tile ideas for 2022:

Porcelain kitchen floor tiles

Statuario Matte Porcelain Tile 24×48 (WQA10167)

Statuario Matte Porcelain Tile 24×48, Marble Systems

In addition, porcelain tile floors are extremely popular and durable. Unlike standard ceramic floor tiles, this tile has been modernized because it is harder and less porous, making it ideal for kitchens prone to spillages. You have many options for porcelain kitchen flooring from stone effect porcelain tiles, wood look tiles, and marble look tiles like our stunning Statuario Matte Porcelain Tile 24×48. A great feature is that Porcelain tiles come in many widths and sizes to choose from for the perfect kitchen floor. An excellent option for homeowners doing a kitchen remodel on a budget; porcelain tiles are a 2022 kitchen floor favorite!

Stone kitchen floor tiles

Diana Royal Antiqued Marble Tile 12×12 (TL14725) Champagne Honed Andorra Limestone Moldings 2×12 (ML00380)

Diana Royal Antiqued Marble Tile 12×12, Marble Systems

For modern homes, there are various types of stone flooring. The main aesthetics of a kitchen include natural stone tiles. Stone floors are an excellent solution for kitchens, adjoining spaces, and corridors. Stone flooring can also have numerous other advantages. Stone flooring offers an extensive selection of design options: from lighter limestones like our Diana Royal Antiqued Marble Tile 12×12 to dark volcanic stone tile floors like Basalto Honed Basalt Tile 12×24. Most are highly resilient, offering one of the best floors for any home. Kitchens with natural stone floors have aesthetics and function, from modern country-style kitchens to modern minimalist kitchen cabinetry.

Marble kitchen floor tiles

Avenza Honed Marble Tile 12x24, Marble Systems

Avenza Honed Marble Tile 12×24, Marble Systems

Nothing compares to a beautiful marble tile. Marble can be purchased in various color schemes and styles of finishing and with an elegant look. Soft pale grey marble is popular for kitchen flooring, such as our Avenza Honed Marble Tile 12×2 shown here. Although marble look flooring mimics marble, it cannot compete with natural marble. Marble is very durable for nature’s materials. As a design choice, natural marble flooring is very durable, and many choose marble because it is a natural beauty. Try using shapes and patterns from our waterjet marble deco ranges for a contemporary twist.

Terracotta kitchen floor tiles

Reclaimed Natural Hexagon Terracotta Tile 6x6

Reclaimed Natural Hexagon Terracotta Tile 6×6, Marble Systems

Terracotta floor tile is commonly used for rustic kitchen design. Terracotta tile flooring matches well with brick and wood beam walls for a cozy environment. It may be used in open kitchens, dining rooms, or traditional kitchen designs. With softer colors, shape Terracotta floors look great in a kitchen like this Reclaimed Natural Hexagon Terracotta Tile 6×6 and highlight rustic elegance. To give kitchens a historical feel, square tiles can be placed with a continuous bond pattern like our square Natural Terracotta Tile 8×8 Terracotta tile 8 x 8 can withstand heavy foot activity, which is expected in busy kitchens. A great feature is that they are warm underfoot and cool in the summer.

Slate kitchen floor tiles

American Slate

American Slate Floor Tile, Marble Systems

Slate outperforms all other materials in terms of aesthetics. Slate is a wonderfully stunning stone that is extracted throughout the world with colors. One slate tile is probably not the same shape, but its surface combines to produce beautiful artwork. Smooth surfaces and slate tiles are the best way to create that rustic feel. Slate tile can add more money to your property because it provides a distinct appearance and is highly durable.

Grey kitchen floor tiles

Basalto Stone

Basalto Stone, Marble Systems

If a kitchen has decent lighting, you can opt for grey floors. Consider kitchen baseboard lighting to add more light at floor level. Large natural stone grey tile flooring like this Basalto Honed Basalt Tile 12×24 pictured above looks fantastic with modern, sleek kitchen cabinets and will give your room an edge. The advantage of a darker kitchen floor tile is that it takes less time for cleaning, a factor worth considering for busy folk. For a rustic grey color palette for your kitchen design, consider Allure Cottage Marble Tile 16×24. This grey marble looks fantastic as a kitchen flooring tile and comes in varying shades of grey to select from.

Beige kitchen floor tiles

Crema Perla Marble

Crema Perla Marble, Marble Systems

Beige tile for the kitchen floor has a timeless appeal and has been a favorite kitchen floor color that matches modern and traditional styles. You may prefer a refined appearance based on a minimal look like this Crema Perla Honed Marble Tile 8×16 pictured here. A beautiful natural stone tile with pale, almost brown to off-white tones. Beige stone also has elements of soft yellow, greys, and pink, as well as creamy beige colors. This Crema Marfil Polished Marble Tile 24×24 is a popular beige marble floor tile, and Its delicate colors create beautiful calm.

Green kitchen floor tiles

Calacatta Green Polished Marble Tile 12x24

Calacatta Green Polished Marble Tile 12×24, Marble Systems

Green represents the environmental colors of the landscape; it may be vibrant and energy boosting or relaxing and revitalizing; it will help you embrace nature in your homes with its rich colors. For a stunning green marble kitchen floor from nature, select ourCalacatta Green Polished Marble Tile 12×24, seen here. You may prefer a mint green floor tile in the kitchen to give a calm and relaxed ambiance like this Ming Green Polished Marble Tile 12×12. Or consider kitchen floor tiles in olives or sages for a delicate, elegant appearance like this Sage Matte Porcelain Tile 12×24. For the bold, use lime and apple shades for an extra impact and zing. You can choose from emerald wall tiles, and they offer many choices.

Patterned Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas 2022

Regarding patterned kitchen floor tile ideas in 2022, we have terrific options for your kitchen floor, from herringbone tiles, funky hexagon designs, retro patterns, and traditional tile flooring patterns. So let’s have a look at some favorites for 2022.

Herringbone tile kitchen floor

Avenza Honed Mixed Herringbone Marble Mosaic 16 5/6x12 1/16

Avenza Honed Mixed Herringbone Marble Mosaic 16 5/6×12 1/16, Marble Systems

It has been found that herringbone tiles can be beautiful and unique. For an additional effect, choose textured or colored marble tiles like Silver Shadow Honed Large Herringbone Marble Mosaic 12 7/8×8 9/16, which looks impressive with white kitchen cabinetry. A simple tile in a herringbone design can achieve an entirely different level of interior decoration in a kitchen. Take this on-trend grey and white herringbone floor tiling Avenza Honed Mixed Herringbone Marble Mosaic 16 5/6×12 1/16, which adds luxury to a kitchen. Herringbone flooring is highly durable and a good option for a simple and elegant interior design without any work. These kitchen floor tiles can easily be cleaned, and deep grout is a great way to disguise dirt!

Hexagon kitchen floor tiles

Snow White, Black Honed Mcm Hexagon 8 Marble Mosaic 8 Inch

Snow White, Black Honed Mcm Hexagon 8 Marble Mosaic 8 Inch, Marble Systems

Hexagon tiles are becoming a popular type nowadays as kitchen flooring tiles. It is versatile and, in essence, elegant and can also be used in various situations. Hexagonal tiles come in numerous color schemes and materials. Use a hexagonal marble tile to create a modern look in a traditional neutral color like our Hexagon Crema Marfil Polished Marble Waterjet Decos 5 25/32×5. A hexagonal tile adds a unique design touch to add modern elements to a kitchen. For a glamorous kitchen floor trend in black and white hexagonal, try this tile Snow White, Black Honed Mcm Hexagon 8 Marble Mosaic 8 Inch, which looks stunning with black kitchen cabinetry for an inviting kitchen space.

Final Thoughts

So we hope these kitchen floor tiles we have presented here will give you lots of inspiration for your kitchen space. There are lots of flooring trends to choose from, but the choice is one you have to feel comfortable with. That is why at Marble Systems, we have an expert team on hand to answer your kitchen design tile inquiry, so get in touch today for your kitchen flooring tile samples.

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