Natural Stone Flooring Interior Design Trend 2022. Here Is Our Inspirational Natural Stone Edit

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If you’re undergoing a home renovation, or replacing ceramic tiles for the new year, this edit is for you. This means it’s also time to wel-come some gorgeous new tile trends for 2022.

Natural stone tiling, as well as being durable and beautiful, is also a vast and varied market. There are countless natural stone tiles for sale, so choosing the best tile for you is paramount. Below, we’ve listed our designer’s favorite natural stone tiles for the new year 2022, to give you some inspiration. Perhaps, you might even find your perfect floor or wall tile.

Britannia Honed Limestone Flooring

Limestone tile has been a mainstay of exterior tiling for centuries, and more recently has made its way indoors too. The Britannia Limestone Tiles collection from Marble Systems makes the best of this tra-ditional tile, and the new natural stone tiling trends. A simple yet sophisticated take on natural stone flooring, combines ancient limestone with sleek interior styles.

Black, Britannia, Snow White Honed Penny Round Plaid 1 Marble Mosaic

Size: 9 27/32x9 27/32Stock: 969.00 pcs.

Britannia, Snow White Honed Mcm Hexagon 8 Marble Mosaic

Size: 8 InchStock: 1,161.00 pcs.

The attractive contemporary gray coloring is unassuming and cosmopolitan, perfect for the interior designer with aspirations of aesthetic subtlety. Alongside beautiful limestone floor tiles, the Britannia Honed Limestone tile collection boasts a range of other tiling accessories. Choose from a range of stunning tile mosaics, adding some pattern to your project, without being overtly bold or garish. The blend of marble and limestone mosaics brings the grandeur of two natural stones to these floor tiles.

Champagne Limestone Tiles

An assortment of gorgeous warm tone limestone, this natural stone tile collection brings a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere to a home or workplace. The Champagne Limestone Tiles Collection includes the standard limestone wall tiles, as well as three gorgeous honey toned tile mosaics.

Notable mentions include the Honed Hexagon Limestone Mosaic tile, an innovative and unique take on the beloved penny round tile. The combination of sweet mosaic patterns and a smooth buttery tone, makes these wall tiles a great choice for originality. The honed surface and characterful irregularities between the limestone tiles, means they can accomplish this without losing any organic charm. Perfect for the modern family home renovation, or an intimate and lively office setting, these limestone wall tiles are versatile and authentic.

Champagne Honed Limestone Tile

Size: 12x12Stock: 2,615.00 sq. ft.

Champagne, Diana Royal Honed Large Lattice Marble Mosaic

Size: 13 7/8x13 7/8Stock: 72.00 pcs.

La Roche Limestone Floor and Wall Tiles

Next, let’s explore some limestone floor tiles for sale at Marble Systems. With a vast range of tones and finishes, these natural stone tiles fit your next tile renovation seamlessly. Our designer’s favorites include the intense Belgian Blue Brushed and Chiseled Limestone tile, a great fit for industrial or monochrome interiors.

Alongside this, the Beaumaniere leather limestone tiles are a splendidly distinctive take on this natural stone, and what it can offer. Whether your style is more vintage, or modern, traditional or quirky, there’s something for you here. The La Roche Limestone Floor and Wall tiles are a simple way to ele-vate your interiors. For a touch of rare grandeur in your property, these tiles combine sweeping beauty with long-lasting functionality.

Belgium Blue Brushed Chiselled Limestone Tile

Size: 16x24Stock: 723.51 sq. ft.

Belgian Bluestone Lappato Patinato Limestone Tile

Size: 16x24Stock: 4,297.37 sq. ft.

Magny Louvre Brushed Limestone Tile

Size: 16x24Stock: Temporarily out of stock.

Full Grain Limestone and Marble Tiles

Once again the undeniably luxurious stone tiles of marble and limestone are side by side. This time, however, primed and ready to take your garden to the next level, are these stone floor tiles. Whether you’re looking for poolside pavers, or a resplendent garden pathway, the Full Grain Pavers are a great choice. This Marble Systems tile collection places focus on the texture of the tiles, and how it can add another element to interior design.

The Full Grain offers sweeping curls of natural and handmade pattern within the stone tiles them-selves. Stimulate your senses with light and bright Diana Royal marble tiling and Skyline veined mar-ble floor tiles. These options reflect the sun effortlessly, elongating outdoor and interior spaces. Or, opt for the suave Bosphorus limestone tiles for an amorous look, so deep you could simply fall into it.

Skyline Vein Cut Full Grain Marble Tile

Size: 16x24Stock: 4,335.30 sq. ft.

Diana Royal Full Grain Marble Tile

Size: 16x24Stock: 59.36 sq. ft.

Avalon Full Grain Marble Tile

Size: 16x24Stock: 2,318.54 sq. ft.

Cottage Stone Wall and Floor Tiles

Now for some rustic interior design and classic vintage charm. The best natural stone tiles are those that harness the stones’ organic beauty, rather than molding and altering it beyond recognition. The Cottage Stone wall and floor tiles place an emphasis on this genuine simplicity, and the magnetism it can offer.

This Marble Systems tile collection includes six tones of marble pavers and wall tiles, and three pala-tial patterns. For designer surfaces that are easy to achieve, without losing any personality, the Cottage Stone tiling options are enticing yet understated. The cozy Seashell limestone tiling, and beguiling Sil-ver Shadow marble wall and floor tiles are some customer favorites.

Fantasy White Cottage Marble Patterns

Size: Versailles PatternStock: 1,251.71 sq. ft.

Allure Cottage Marble Patterns

Size: Versailles PatternStock: 4,591.12 sq. ft.

The Full Collection

To view the full collection of natural stone floor tiles available on our site, or our range of other beau-tiful tiling collections, click here! If you need any guidance on how and where to use designer marble tiling in your next project, please get in contact with our team, who will offer you invaluable tips and tricks for your marble tiling application.

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