Slate tile is a unique natural stone flooring material for your living space with its unique texture, unique colors and robustness.

Slate is a metamorphic stone. It is usually quite fine grained and can be found in basic grays, greens and blacks. Also, more exotic color ranges exist that bring to a space a uniqueness of spirit rarely found elsewhere.

Slate tile is a unique natural stone flooring material for your living space with its unique texture, unique colors, and robustness.

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American Slate

The American Slate Collection captures the unique and stunning colors of nature. This collection is an ideal choice for floors, walls and backsplashes. American Slate is a fabric of nature and a design element to enhance your lifestyle.Per Wikipedia Slate is a fine-grained, foliated, homogeneous metamorphic rock derived from an original type sedimentary rock composed of clay or volcanic through low-grade regional It is the finest grained foliated metamorphic rock. Foliation may not correspond to the original sedimentary layering, but instead is in planes perpendicular to the direction of metamorphic compression.

What is Slate Tile?

Slate is a metamorphic stone. It is usually quite fine-grained and can be found in basic grays, greens, and blacks. Also, more exotic color ranges exist that bring to space a uniqueness of spirit rarely found elsewhere.

Slate has been found in nature for millions of years and is still popular despite current building technologies. It is a natural stone extracted with a special application in the quarries. This stone, which creates wonders in terms of both functionally and aesthetically, is indispensable for places with its simplicity and elegance.

Today, there are many types under the name of decorative stones. But many are used structurally and are very expensive.

Slate tile is frequently used as floor and wall tile. It is commonly used in building interiors and exteriors such as pool edges, barbecues, and chimneys.

In construction, slate reduces the cost of the building when it is used with mortar on brick. It is one of the most effective methods of providing a more remarkable visual with less cost. It has an abrasion-resistant, anti-slippery structure on wet grounds and it is not affected by seasonal heat changes.

Well, if this explanation sounds a bit complicated, listen to this. Naturally, slate can be found in places such as rivers and streams. Slate tile has a protection capacity for years, has the feature of keeping it cold in summer and warm in winter. It has many different color shades and is lower in cost than other natural stones.

Advantages of Slate Floor Tile

Resilience: Among all other natural stones, slate has integral resilience that makes it immune to fractures, scratches, breaks, as well as chips. It is generally a great flooring product for heavy-traffic areas.

Special look: There are countless solid shades as well as shade combinations available. That makes slate tile floors unique with its very own special appearance. We can say that slate tile is a piece of earth-born artistry.

Value: Slate is regarded as a relatively upscale floor covering material. Its preliminary cost can be rather high, particularly for high-quality materials, slate generally will increase the worth of your estate.

Maintenance: In many cases, a tile may be harmed as a result of a fierce impact, natural damaging, weathering, or molting. Unlike various other natural rocks, you can replace easily the damaged slate tile. Since slate often tends to vary in shade and also look, it can be hard to match new tiles to the old ones.

Adaptability: Slate flooring are fantastic for radiating warmth. You can install heating systems beneath slate tiles. It is an excellent covering material for restrooms. It is also waterproof.

Disadvantage of Slate Tile

Cost: Slate can be costly when compared to other flooring materials. But this natural beauty is worth its price tag. The high price is a prime reason that slate is typically reserved for the most visible rooms in the residence.

Installation: Although the setup of the slate tile is similar to that of ceramic tile, the precise installment is crucial with slate due to its fragile nature. Slate, like other natural stones, is challenging to cut without unique devices. It is best that you leave the installation to professionals.

Slate is an extremely hefty material, and there are occasionally structural problems when installing it in upstairs areas. In some instances, you may even need to reinforce the flooring framework in order to sustain the floor covering.

Maintenance: There is a certain amount of maintenance that is required to maintain a slate tile floor looking appealing. Throughout setup, the floor tiles should be secured both with a permeating sealer to shut small pores in the rock,

You can reapply these sealants every year regularly. Of course, this depends on the area and the condition of the floor.

The grout lines on slate tile are additionally prone. Any type of movement on the flooring can create the cement lines to break, and they can be susceptible to stains, mold, as well as mildew, specifically in moist areas.

Cleft texture:

Slate tiles come in a number of different appearances. While the refined tiles are perfectly smooth, some forms of the slate may have rough and cleft texture. In various other settings, however, cleft slate can be awkward underfoot. Consider this when picking slate floor covering for a specific area.

Cold Surfaces: Although it is a wonderful floor covering if you are installing radiant heat, slate can be very cold underfoot without such a heater. The coolness might be desirable if you live in a warm climate yet is much less so in awesome environments. This can be certain trouble in rooms, bathrooms, and various other areas where you frequently walk barefoot. You can use a rug or carpets to diminish this disadvantage.

Slate is a very tough material. This means, if elderly people or kids fall onto slate, it may harm these people. Also, any materials made of glass and similar will easily break if fall onto slate flooring.

Lack of consistency: The exact same individuality that is just one of the slate's merits can likewise be a drawback. It can sometimes be challenging to obtain the accurate layout look you desire as a result of irregularity in the products, as well as future repair services can be challenging if you do not have a supply of extra floor tiles available. It is constantly best to buy plenty of added ceramic tiles to carry hand when you set up a slate floor.


Slate tile is a very sturdy, attractive, high-end flooring material that generally adds property value to your residence, specifically in shower rooms, kitchens, as well as entryways. Slate floor and wall tiles will add not only elegance and beauty but also increase the value of your residence.

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