A volcanic natural stone, basalt tiles bring elegance and simplicity to any home with their sleek, unique style. They are perfect for modern, contemporary spaces.

Formed in a high-temperature volcanic environment, the tiles are long-lasting, difficult to corrode, and ageless. Hard and durable, they are ideal for high-traffic areas of the home.

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Basalto Stone Collection

Basalto Stone

With its rich dark hues, the Basalto Stone Collection will create a refined and stately atmosphere in any interior. It comes in a range of tiles, mosaics, moldings, and decorative elements with three irresistible finishes: honed, chiselled, and bush hammered.  The variety of field and mosaic blend options of this collection generates a modern but sophisticated look to any wall or floor application in your upcoming project.An igneous rock, basalt stone often forms from lava flows. A preferred choice among Roman architects and engineers, it has adorned many classic ancient buildings. From theaters to streets, basalt was a common sight in the ancient world. The Romans prized the material for its rich grays and blacks as well as its incredible density. With the Basalto Stone Collection, you can bring a piece of this classical strength to your project.
Designer's Choice Collection

Designer's Choice

Our Designer's Choice Slab Collection offers a selection of rare and unique natural stone slabs. We created this exclusive collection based on our one-of-a-kind slabs with striking and alluring characteristics.Selected with careful precision based on our customers’ preferences, this rare slab selection will enhance any of your upcoming architectural projects. It's a collection designed for the utmost creative freedom and experimentation. If you know you want to make a statement with your interior design, this is the collection for you.The Designer's Choice Slab Collection comes in a range of designs and materials. Ranging from sophisticated neutrals to vivid jewel tones, it has a wide variety of color stories available. Moreover, there's a slab fit for every budget, from porcelain to marble options available.

Basalt Tile Usage

Basalt tiles or slabs are functional and practical flooring materials. They are thin, have suitable durability for commercial applications, and can be finished to create products personalized to your wants and needs.

Although basalt has a relatively high absorption rate, you can install it in intermittent wet areas. However, we do not recommend using these tiles in completely submerged areas.

To make the decision even easier, we sell basalt tiles at a lower cost than other natural stones, which means you can achieve an all-natural, beautiful home without breaking the bank.


Basalt is mostly available in shades of gray. Our basalt is high-quality, which means it has a uniform background and few mineral deposits.

Many large entertaining areas, such as dining halls or kitchens, have basalt flooring due to its low-maintenance and durable qualities. Unlike other stones, basalt’s neutrality and simplicity make it perfectly adaptable to any space. Its various shades of gray will never clash with other colored stones in the same space. It’s timeless.

We offer basalt tiles and mosaics in a wide variety of shapes, including penny round mosaics, straight joint mosaics, 2 x 2 mosaics.

If you wish to cover a fireplace or tub decks with longer pieces of basalt, we recommend using a fabricator that can cut bigger pieces of slabs to give a uniform look.


To ensure your basalt tiles remain pristine, we recommend common mechanical cleaning. However, basalt is dust-free, so you don't have to clean often.