Basalt tiles are a volcanic natural stone used in architecture for centuries. Basalt is a solid stone and offers a very homogeneous color distribution.

The variety of field and mosaic blend options of this collection generates a modern but sophisticated look to any wall or floor application in your upcoming project.

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Basalto Stone Collection

Basalto Stone

Marble Systems unique symphony of Basalto Stone Collection is offered in three irresistible finishes; honed, chiseled and bush hammered. The variety of field and mosaic blend options of this collection generates a modern but sophisticated look to any wall or floor application in your upcoming project.Basalt stone is the most common volcanic rock type on Earth and other terrestrial planets (those closest to the sun) like Mercury, Venus and Mars. In Rome architects and engineers selected Basalt stone to create the Theatre and pave the streets. They prized the rich range of charcoal grey to black colorization of this unique material along with its incredible density.
Designers Choice Collection

Designers Choice

Introducing our Designers Choice slab collection, a beautiful collection of Marble Systems rare and unique natural stone slabs. This collection has been exclusively created based on Marble Systems’ one of a kind slabs from foreign countries, attractive and eye-catching characteristics. Selected with absolute perfection and based on our costumers’ requirements this rare slab selection will enhance any of your upcoming architectural projects.Per Wikipedia, "Natural stone is used as architectural stone (construction, flooring, cladding, counter tops, curbing, etc.) and as raw block and monument stone for the funerary trade. Natural stone is also used in custom stone engraving. The engraved stone can be either decorative or functional. Natural memorial stones are used as natural burial markers."

Basalt tile is a volcanic rock that is mined in certain areas of China, the United States, Mexico, and the Sicily area in Italy. Basalt tiles come mostly in gray colors and have varying degrees of light and dark grays. Uniform background and some mineral deposits are desired in high quality Basalt tiles; they should be very clear in color and selection. Basalt also should not have large big mineral deposits.

Good quality in basalt tiles must consist of uniform in color and precise cut by a double cutting machine to get accurate sizing. Basalt has a relatively high absorption rate, but basalt tiles can be used in intermittent wet areas. We do not recommend using these tiles in completely submerged areas. However, these tiles or slabs are functional and practical flooring material. Basalt stone can be cut thin, has suitable durability for a variety of commercial applications, and can be honed, polished, or finished in a variety of other ways to create unique products personalized to the buyers wants and needs.

Basalt tiles and mosaics can be made easier by various shapes of Mosaics such as penny round mosaics, straight joint mosaics, and 2 x 2 mosaics, making it the perfect stone to create a stylistic addition to your home. If the buyer needs to cover fireplaces or tub decks with longer pieces of basalt, we recommend a fabricator who can cut bigger pieces of slabs to give a uniform look.

Many large entertaining areas, such as dining halls or kitchens, use basalt considering its low-maintenance and durable qualities. Unlike other stones, this specific tiling has a shorter range of coloring, which actually can enhance the buyer’s color scheme and style within the desired space.

Pros and Cons of Basalt Tiles

With the peak of the modern styled homes and buildings, basalt tiles remain the best choice for a sleek, unique style within the buyers space. Basalt tiling is simple, durable, and natural.

Differing from comparing natural stones, such as granite or marble, basalt has a neutral coloring and can tie into other colored stones throughout the space without clashing. The lighter and darker gray colors offer a neutral variation of tiling that offer comfort and availability for introducing any color to the space. If the buyer eventually gets tired of the color scheme within their home, basalt tiling is one addition of the space that never needs to be altered.

Basalt is hard and durable

Considering the manufacturing of basalt, these tiles are hard and durable. The high temperature volcanic environment and the cooling principle ensure that basalt tiles are long-lasting, difficult to corrode, and ageless.

In order to make sure that your basalt tiling stays as good as new, common mechanical cleaning is needed, but this surface is dust-free. Therefore, cleaning is not needed often.

To make the decision even easier, basalt tiles are sold at a low cost, helping to make your space all-natural and enduring without breaking the bank.

Disadvantages of Basalt Tile

As all things do, basalt tiles have some negative aspects to their usage.

Basalt tiles have anti-fouling properties, meaning that it is porous and can dye easily, which is much more noticeable on a darker-colored surface.