A volcanic natural stone, basalt tiles and flooring bring elegance and simplicity to any home with their sleek, unique style. Natural stone tile, like basalt tile, is perfect for modern, contemporary spaces seeking a touch of sophistication. Basalt flooring is highly sought after for its durability and aesthetic appeal.

Formed in a high-temperature volcanic environment, basalt tiles are long-lasting, difficult to corrode, and ageless. Hard and durable, they are ideal for high-traffic areas of the home.

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Basalto Stone Collection

Basalto Stone

With its rich dark hues, the Basalto Stone Collection will create a refined and stately atmosphere in any interior. It comes in a range of tiles, mosaics, moldings, and decorative elements with three irresistible finishes: honed, chiselled, and bush hammered.  The variety of field and mosaic blend options of this collection generates a modern but sophisticated look to any wall or floor application in your upcoming project.An igneous rock, basalt stone often forms from lava flows. A preferred choice among Roman architects and engineers, it has adorned many classic ancient buildings. From theaters to streets, basalt was a common sight in the ancient world. The Romans prized the material for its rich grays and blacks as well as its incredible density. With the Basalto Stone Collection, you can bring a piece of this classical strength to your project.