Terracotta tile, can be very easily defined as “baked earth”, and has a history dating back centuries. These handmade tiles are truly an artisan creation in which no two pieces are exactly alike. Suitable for interior wall and floor use.

Terracotta gets its name from the old Latin word "terra cocta" which was transferred to Italian as "terra cotta". Its literal meaning is "baked earth" or "cooked earth" which explains what is terracotta tile.

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Antico Thin Brick Terracotta Collection

Antico Thin Brick Terracotta

Antique Tile Collection

Antique Tile

The Antique Tile Collection features over 35 carefully created motifs. Some are reproduced from traditional Portuguese and Spanish patterns. Others are fun contemporary designs. These glazed terracotta tiles are at home in any interior wall application and a perfect fit if you are looking to create a focal point in a room.
Antiqued Mallorca Terracotta Collection

Antiqued Mallorca Terracotta

Antiqued Mallorca Terracotta Collection is an artistic interpretation of the famous “Lenguas Mallorquinas” fabrics. Crafted by Spanish textile weavers and perfected by French artisans since the mid-1800s. This beautiful collection delivers six exciting patterns, featuring a sun-bathed vintage linen look and a cool indigo wash. This collection is produced on our own 6×6 terracotta tiles and is suitable for any interior wall applications.
Baba Chic Collection

Baba Chic

The Baba Chic Mosaics Collection showcases the cultural heritage and skilled craftsmanship of Tunisian artisans. These intricately designed mosaic patterns use a combination of limestones and even terracotta in bold color combinations, shape, and sizes.Each piece is cut and mounted on a mesh backing, insuring an easy installation. Situated in the cradle of the Pan-Mediterranean world that spawned Western Civilization, the history of Tunisia is one of change. In fact, the rulers and occupiers of this land reads like a Rolodex of history.Berbers, Phoenicians, Romans, Vandals, Arabs, Bedouins, Ottomans and French all strutted and fretted their “hour upon the stage” that was Tunisia. These mosaic tiles will make a dramatic statement for any wall or floor application. Use for a kitchen backsplash, a study or wine room, accent wall, fireplace surround, powder room floor, or entry foyer.
Chelsea Brick Collection

Chelsea Brick

Today, Chelsea Brick s characterized as one of the most eclectic and stylish neighborhoods in New York City. Past and present, its renaissance has been distinguished by incredible Architecture, famous resident Artists, along with notable Restaurants and Gallery’s that are unabashedly individualistic.Brick as building material has been used, through out history, to create walls, paving and other aspects of masonry. Typically, the word  brick referred to a unit composed of clay. However, today it may be used anecdotally to indicate rectangular items set in mortar. As such, brick can be composed of clay-bearing soil, sand, and lime, or concrete materials.The diversity of our Chelsea Brick Collection will appeal to anyone’s innate desire to express themselves personally; 31 artisanal glazes available in Rustic, Plain or Striated profiles.Please download Brick Blends PDF.
Cotto Med Terracotta Tiles Collection

Cotto Med Terracotta Tiles

Our Cotto Med Terracotta Tiles Collection of artisan terracotta tiles have an antiqued appearance offering the look and allure of centuries old Terracotta. Available in 5 “stocked” patterns, these tiles are richly textured and boast a wonderful variation in hue ranging from henna, ochre to peach. These handmade tiles are truly an artisan creation in which no two pieces are exactly alike. Suitable for interior wall and floor use. Our Cotto Med Collection is the perfect adornment for you kitchen, bath, wine cellar or grand entry way.Terracotta, can be very easily defined as “baked earth”, and has a history dating back centuries, as previously noted. The typical uses over time have included tiles, mosaics, potteries of all types, roof tiles, drainage pipes and more. The body is usually relatively porous and may have been literally baked in the sun or fired in a kiln.
Cotto Rio Terracotta Collection

Cotto Rio Terracotta

Forte Brick Terracotta Collection

Forte Brick Terracotta

We never tire of creating new iterations of this authentic, substantial, original form of baked earth. Forte Brick is a tile that's sophisticated yet feels grounded, combining the sleek and the tactile, the cool and the casual, the urban and the agrarian.In a just-right proportion of 2 1/4"x7 7/8"x3/8" these terra cotta tiles gleam with a high-gloss glaze, perfectly tempered by dynamic mottled colorations that we've kept close to nature. An almost imperceptibly undulating flat surface that's just right for classic, country or contemporary interiors.
Las Palmas Glazed Tile Collection

Las Palmas Glazed Tile

Palma Glazed Tile collection  is  inspired from  Majorca area of Spain and the basis for our Las Palmas Glazed Tile Collection . The city rises atop hues of apricot, honey and henna colored stone from the broad waters of the Badia de Palma. It is also known as  Palma de Mallorca and is the capital and major of the Balearic Islands. In Mediterranean alleys, alongside terra cotta colored balconied homes, you will find beautifully glazed terra cotta accents on the exteriors and entryways that simply enchant! Our Las Palmas Tile Collection is rendered in 7 historically inspired patterns and lustrously glazed in over 30 different colors. Popular shapes of this collection is square and rectangular tiles, as well as arabesque, fan, and chevron. 
Mallorca Ceramic Collection

Mallorca Ceramic

Mallorca, an artistic ceramic interpretation of the beautiful “Lenguas Mallorquinas”, a style created by Spanish textile weavers and perfected by French artisans.Our Mallorca Collection offers a wide range of decorative motifs, a cultural feast between East and West. This collection is perfect for those who love the beauty of classical decoration and for those who like exploring the endless boundaries of opulent and exotic patterns.The Mallorca collection consists of six 8x8 tiles exquisitely hand painted on our hand molded bisques. These tiles are applicable only for walls and must be sealed due to the crackled finish. This is not recommended for floors, pools or spas. This is suitable for exterior use subject to climate and method of installation.
Marsala Classic Baldosa Tile Collection

Marsala Classic Baldosa Tile

Taking magnificent inspiration from a 19th and 20th Century Sicilian artistic genre, Marsala Classic Baldosa Tile pays homage to the lively, imperfect nature of the originals. Given the unique history of Sicily, which has been the epicenter for various cultures and populations, the architecture of this fabled island demonstrates various styles including Roman, Arabic, and Greek. Our Marsala Baldosa Style Tile delivers a rich crackle finish, hand painted detail and distressed beauty. This hand crafted and kiln fired selection offers 8 designs named after the Sicilian city’s that have inspired their beauty; Catania, Milazzo, Modica, Palermo, Rogusa, Syracuse, Taormina, and Tropiani.
Reclaimed Terracotta Flooring Collection

Reclaimed Terracotta Flooring

Our Reclaimed Terracotta Collection features antique floor tiles dating back from 100 to 200 years ago during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Salvaged from farmhouses and historical buildings, these tiles have been tediously hand recovered, hand cleaned and hand finished one tile at a time making each tile truly unique.This rustic collection, ranges from incredible reds, pink to peaches and ochre and are available in the most popular shapes (rectangular, hexagon, parquet and square).Reclaimed Terracotta is suitable for exterior or interior use and perfect for bathrooms, kitchens to wine cellars and even be used for heated flooring options.
Temple Brick Glazed Tile Collection

Temple Brick Glazed Tile

Thousands of years steeped in tradition have influenced the Zen of Japan’s architectural and interior culture. Add some peaceful simplicity to yours with our Temple Brick Glazed Tile Collection that takes inspiration from centuries-old Japanese Raku Pottery. Our artisans have layered in western innovation to deliver a gorgeous palette of brick tiles, each one delivering unique characteristics in glaze and surface variation.Brick as building material has been used, through out history, to create walls, paving and other aspects of masonry. Typically, the word  brick referred to a unit composed of clay. However, today it may be used anecdotally to indicate rectangular items set in mortar. As such, brick can be composed of clay-bearing soil, sand, and lime, or concrete materials.The Temple Brick Collection is designed to be used in interior residential or commercial applications, and is a custom order item.Temple Brick is made out of 18.5% recycled materials.Please download Brick Blends PDF.
Terra Branca Terracotta Collection

Terra Branca Terracotta

Terra Branca, a white-glazed terra cotta tile collection, embraces the power of white as a design element. The sheer force of will to keep an interior simple while embracing and even celebrating its nuance, such is the elegant discipline of Terra Branca. Letting the texture alone be a foil for the light and shadow in a space, such is the beauty of Terra Branca. These 4" square white tiles are suitable for vertical applications in residential and commercial interiors.

What is Terracotta Tile?

It has been used in many parts of the buildings since the dawn of humanity. Especially in Anatolia, terracotta was the number one construction material. It is basically produced by firing clay-containing substances that are readily available in nature under high temperatures and bringing a new perspective to the floor covering.

Terracotta is also a very famous word because of the terracotta army that was found in China. This incredible sculpture army consists of 8000 soldiers and numerous horse sculptures etc.

Today, we use the terracotta tile as an aesthetic wall and floor covering material.

Where is Terracotta Tile used?

It is a natural building material and generally used in outdoor floor coverings. However, it is also involved in floor covering applications in the interior.

There are many benefits of this earthy material. First of all, it is a non-slippery material and suitable for wet floors. It is also anti-bacterial.

It provides heat and sound insulation and sensitive to the environment. Terracotta is 100% recyclable. At Marble Systems, we have "Reclaimed Terracotta Flooring" tile collection. These tiles were salvaged from farmhouses an historical buildings.

They have been hand-recovered carefully, cleaned and finished for re-use.

You can easily transport and carry them in a short time with low cost. When used indoors, it can be applied to the heating system as well.

Terracotta tiles are a natural appeal. They are hardwearing and very resilient and excellent choice for your kitchen floorings, outside areas, bedrooms as well as the conservatory.

Benefits of Terracotta Tile

Terracotta is a ceramic made by shooting fine-tuned clay mixes at heats in kilns. What makes it an optimal selection for floor covering materials in residences is its ability to add a traditional and extravagant appeal to your house.

There are many other benefits of this natural product. It is very long-lasting. We know that terracotta flooring tiles are durable and tough. These tiles can hold up against abuse without damaging, fading or breaking.

This helps you save huge dollars on replacements and also repair services in the future. Your flooring continues to look all new and preserve their visual charm for years to come.

Durable, Adaptable and Inexpensive

They are very adaptable. You can easily secure them to boost their dampness and also stain resistance features. This makes it an excellent choice for outdoor along with indoor use.

You can mount terracotta floor tiles in any type of space in your home and in your patio area or path without stressing over the ceramic tiles weakening with time as well as usage.

Terracotta naturally has earthy tones that vary from natural red to brown. This color range gives tiles a rustic and all-natural look. It will certainly increase the appeal of your residence by giving an aesthetic look and feel.

Since terracotta tiles are composed of clay, you can make them right into various forms and also layouts, enabling to create unique designs for your floors.

Terra-cotta is one of the earliest ceramic tile materials around. In the early days of its usage, people sun-dried them rather than oven-fired. People typically utilize it, polished or unglazed, when they desire a rustic, weather-beaten look.

To produce terracotta tiles are relatively easy. unfortunately, this makes it hard to find high-quality terracotta tiles in the market. It is difficult to distinguish premium terracotta from low-quality ones even for the tile professionals.

Luckily, at Marble Systems we have the top-notch tile professionals who will help you to select the best-in-class premium terracotta tiles. We have different collections for every different taste.

Disadvantages of Terracotta

Terracotta like other natural stone materials must be sealed to enhance the lifetime of the material. If it is for kitchen use, you must secure it especially well.

When sealed, terracotta tiles are incredibly easy to clean. Secured ceramic tiles do not soak up water. You can clean up the tiles by just wiping down the flooring with an item of fabric and soapy water. This will remove all discolorations and also debris that has developed over the moment.

Properly secured terracotta tiles are likewise resistant to the development of mold and mildew. In addition, secured terracotta also does not let the development of bacteria as well as other pathogens even if the spots remain on the floor for a long period of time.

As a result, there is no risk of fungi and also mold breeding in your home and also no possible wellness risks.

To summarize, terracotta tiles come with a variety of advantages. You can reach the optimum advantage by sealing the tiles. If not sealed, this earthy material will be vulnerable to moisture because of its porous surface.

If you want to avoid microbial development on your floors, you must definitely use a well-secured and properly sealed terracotta tile.