Varying in shades of reds and browns, terracotta tiles are truly an artisan creation in which no two pieces are exactly alike. They are suitable for interior and exterior wall and floor use.

In Latin, "terra cotta" means "baked earth" or "cooked earth." Produced by firing clay-containing substances, it's a resource that comes straight from the earth. Since ancient times, terracotta has been used widely in both architecture and art. In ancient Anatolia, terracotta was the main construction material for buildings. In China, it was used to form the famous terracotta army consisting of 8000 soldier sculptures.

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Antico Thin Brick Terracotta Collection

Antico Thin Brick Terracotta

Our Antico Thin Brick Terracotta collection is ideal for those in search of a rustic, earthy look for their home or commercial property. Available in rich hues of brown and red, these thin tiles invoke the warmth of nature.The word "terracotta" originates from the Latin word meaning "baked earth." It has a long and varied history throughout the world. From ancient China to the Italian Renaissance, many great artists and architects chose to create their sublime creations out of terracotta.The Antico Thin Brick Terracotta collection is ideal for wall coverings. Its selection of thin bricks creates the perfect rustic layout.
Antique Tile Collection

Antique Tile

The Antique Tile Collection features over 35 glazed ceramic tiles with exquisitely designed motifs. Perfect for kitchen backsplashes or bathroom walls, these tiles will undoubtedly become the focal point of any room.The collection draws from a wide range of traditional and modern inspirations. Some of the tiles invoke classic Portuguese and Spanish patterns. Others have creative contemporary designs. With a large selection of geometric patterns and bright colors to choose from, the collection suits both rustic and modern spaces.All the tiles in this collection are made of glazed ceramic. As a fired clay product, ceramic is a durable and practical material. Glazed ceramic, and some unglazed varieties, are moisture and UV-resistant, making them ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. Additionally, they're easy to clean and don't require any special cleaning products. They also don't typically absorb odors or smoke. Therefore, you can enjoy the beauty of this collection without worrying about maintenance or upkeep.
Antiqued Mallorca Terracotta Collection

Antiqued Mallorca Terracotta

The Antiqued Mallorca Terracotta Collection draws inspiration from the artisan craftsmanship of the famous Lenguas Mallorquinas fabrics. Traditionally crafted by Spanish textile weavers on the island of Majorca, these fabrics are known for their bright colors and geometric patterns.This beautiful collection updates traditional artisan craftsmanship with modern technology. Featuring six exciting patterns, the tiles have a sun-bathed vintage linen look and an indigo wash.The Antiqued Mallorca Terracotta Collection consists of our own 6×6 glossy terracotta tiles. They are suitable for any interior wall application. They have moisture and UV-resistance. We recommend terracotta tiles for kitchen backsplashes and bathroom wall coverings.
Baba Chic Collection

Baba Chic

The Baba Chic Mosaics Collection showcases the cultural heritage and skilled craftsmanship of Tunisian artisans. These intricately designed mosaic patterns use a combination of limestone and terracotta in bold color combinations, shape, and sizes.Situated in the cradle of the Pan-Mediterranean world, Tunisia has a rich cultural history. Historically, its art draws on influences from Spain, Persia, and China. Particularly, the country is renowned for its mosaics and pottery. Traditionally decorated in Arabesque style, Tunisian mosaics have rich, bright colors and bold geometric patterns.These mosaic tiles will make a dramatic statement for any wall or floor application. They're highly versatile and suit almost any interior. Kitchen backsplashes, wine rooms, accent walls, fireplace surrounds, powder room floors, and entry foyers are only a few of the possibilities available.Each piece of the Baba Chic Collection has a mesh backing, insuring an easy installation.
Cotto Med Terracotta Collection

Cotto Med Terracotta

A selection of artisan tiles, our Cotto Med Terracotta Tile Collection has the antiqued appearance of centuries-old terracotta.Available in a variety of inventive patterns, these tiles are richly textured and boast a wonderful variation in hues ranging from henna to peach. Handmade, they are truly artisan creations in which no two pieces are exactly alike.The Cotto Med Terracotta Tile Collection is suitable for interior wall and floor use. It's the perfect adornment for your kitchen, bath, wine cellar, or grand entryway.Known as “baked earth,” terracotta has a history dating back centuries. Typical uses over time have included tiles, mosaics, potteries of all types, roof tiles, drainage pipes, and more.
Cotto Rio Terracotta Collection

Cotto Rio Terracotta

Handcrafted by artisans, the Cotto Rio Terracotta Collection recalls the rich, rusty hues of the desert. Offered in square, herringbone, and genoa patterns, this collection has a range of geometric shapes available.Formed by firing clay, terracotta is truly a product of the earth. Since antiquity, it has remained one of the most popular building materials in the world. It's durable, long-lasting, and anti-bacterial. Moreover, its non-slippery and hardwearing, making it perfect for floors.No two products are alike. The reddish-brown coloring of terracotta is ideal for residential and commercial properties with a rustic, natural aesthetic.We recommend the Cotto Rio Terracotta Collection for interior walls and floors.
Forte Brick Terracotta Collection

Forte Brick Terracotta

With the Forte Brick Terracotta Collection, we've created a new iteration of the authentic, substantial, original form of baked earth known as terracotta. This collection is simultaneously sophisticated yet grounded. It combines the sleek and the tactile, the cool and the casual, the urban and the agrarian.We've perfectly tempered these tiles to form dynamic mottled colorations close to nature. Our Staccato tiles offer a more textured finish. These tiles have an almost imperceptibly undulating flat surface that's just right for classic, country or contemporary interiors.In a just-right proportion of 2 1/4"x7 7/8"x3/8", these terra cotta tiles gleam with a high-gloss glaze. The Forte Brick Collection is suitable for residential and commercial horizontal and vertical applications.
Kasbah Ceramic Collection

Kasbah Ceramic

Minimalism meets artisan craftsmanship with the Kasbah Ceramic Collection by Country Floors. With a pastel glaze over a pure white clay base, these ceramic tiles are both chic and homey. Inspired by the beauty of ancient Moroccan villas, they have an authentic rustic look.We recommend installing this collection with a tight grout joint to accentuate the tiles' imperfectly beautiful edges. The collection is ideal for creating a subtle elegant accent in a monochrome space or designing a colorful backsplash by mixing tones. It comes in glossy, semi-matte, and matte finishes.The Kasbah Ceramic Collection is suitable for vertical interior applications in both residential and commercial properties. It is not suitable for installation in wet areas.
Las Palmas Glazed Tile Collection

Las Palmas Glazed Tile

The Spanish island of Majorca inspired the exquisite ceramic tiles of our Las Palmas Glazed Tile Collection. The island is bejeweled with apricot, honey, and henna-colored stone from the broad waters of the Badia de Palma. Also known as Palma de Mallorca, the island is the capital of the Balearic Islands.Terracotta balconies with glazed tile accents are a common sight along Mediterranean alleys. This collection references the region's rich artistry in 7 historic patterns and lustrous glazes in over 30 different colors.Popular shapes from this collection include classic square and rectangular tiles, as well as arabesque, fan, and chevron shapes as well. Bar liners and moldings add finishing touches to complete the collection.Our Las Palmas Glazed Tile Collection is truly enchanting. It's applicable for both vertical and horizontal application in residential and commercial properties.
Leitmotif Terracotta Collection

Leitmotif Terracotta

Like a musical leitmotif, these pretty, hand decorated patterns are delightfully recurring. They’re recurring from antiquity and then joyfully repeating across a wall, a backsplash or a fireplace surround. Some bring to mind the garden, others evoke decorative ironwork or fretwork or woodwork, or even summon up the witty curves of a hot air balloon. There’s something familiar and comforting about each of these patterns, the way a favorite musical refrain that comes back around and around, at once soul-soothing and uplifting.
Mgm Terracotta Collection

Mgm Terracotta

Our Mgm Terracotta Collection will create a natural, authentic feel in any interior or exterior. These 6x6" handmade and hand-pressed terracotta tiles have a natural finish and a bevelled, sloping edge. Their rich rusty brown coloring will add a warmth perfect for villas, rustic interiors, and outdoor patios.The tiles in this collection come in a subtle spectrum of red-brown hues. We offer light and dark terracotta colors and the option between natural and glossy finishes. Therefore, you can exactly match these tiles to the brightness of the space.Egypt, Mesopotamia, and many more of the world's most famous ancient civilizations used terracotta for their floor and wall coverings. Italian for "baked earth," terracotta comes straight from nature. Our terracotta collections offer natural auras and organic textures for residential and commercial spaces.The Mgm Terracotta Collection is applicable for both exterior and interior walls and floors of residential and commercial properties. It is also suitable for wet areas.
Novelty Tile Classic Ceramic Collection

Novelty Tile Classic Ceramic

Our new Novelty Tile Classic Ceramic Collection of glossy ceramic wall tiles is perfect for creating a lively interior with a modern twist. Designed by noted American tile artist Anamarie Kis, these tiles were carefully selected as part of her sleek, chic capsule collection. Country Floors manufactured them exclusively.This collection is perfect for someone with eclectic tastes or looking to make a statement in their design. It has three creative illusionary patterns in three colorways:Leaf – sinuous gingko leaf shapes woven into a seamless lattice. Twisted – a revelatory spiral flourish connected by a swish and a wave that's almost geometric. Diamonds – a whimsically interpretive update of antique quilting patterns. A cluster of diamond shapes conjures wheels, blossoms, and starbursts.We can’t wait to see the novel ways in which you will use the Novelty Tile Classic Ceramic Collection. Suitable for interior vertical applications, our ceramic tiles are durable and easy to care for with a very low absorption rate for easy cleaning and fast drying in wet areas. Ask a Country Floors expert anything, we’re excited to help you make your project awesome.
Reclaimed Terracotta Collection

Reclaimed Terracotta

Our Reclaimed Terracotta Collection features antique floor tiles dating back 100 to 200 years ago from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Salvaged from farmhouses and historical buildings, each tile is truly unique. We tediously hand-recovered, hand-cleaned and hand-finished one tile at a time to ensure each is the highest quality.This rustic collection ranges from incredible reds and pinks to peaches and ochre. It includes tiles in our most popular shapes: rectangular, hexagon, parquet and square.The Reclaimed Terracotta Collection is suitable for exterior or interior use. It's perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and wine cellars. It can even be used for heated flooring options.
Seaside Ceramic Collection

Seaside Ceramic

The sun, surf, and sand inspired renowned interior designer Sue Firestone to design the new Seaside Ceramic Collection of decorative wall tiles exclusively for Country Floors. The irresistible tidal pull of Ms. Firestone’s renowned California style defines this collection.The award-winning designer has translated her love of coastal living into designs. She channels a mix of sizzling 60s mod style and summer-of-love boho inspirations with a fresh and distinctive 21st-century vibe. As a result, the tiles' colors encompass a mix of sand, sea, sky and coral-tinged sunsets.Organic in spirit and beachy in the best way, this capsule collection centers on familiar themes in a new way. The conceptual ovals of Surf ’s Up are an homage to both the surf life and the spirit of mid-century patterning. What starts out as a whimsical double entendre of quotidian fishing supply and glam fashion statement in Fishnet Galore becomes a sophisticated abstract all-over pattern on a wall. Nautilus Cluster borrows the ageless spiral from the storied creature and uses it to great effect. Finally, the overlapping channeled fan shapes in Layered Coral conjure a reef of dreams.The Seaside Ceramic Collection is suitable for vertical applications in residential and commercial projects. It marks the second in an exclusive new series of Country Floors tiles in collaboration with leaders in design.
Sister Parish Design Ceramic Collection

Sister Parish Design Ceramic

The Sister Parish Design Ceramic Collection for Country Floors presents a lively and colorful range of hand-crafted tiles that express a fresh and modern attitude toward classic design. Made famous by the venerable firm of Parish Hadley and designed by Albert Hadley, these unconventional graphic designs represent Albert’s original take on color and composition.This collection includes a range of fun, boldly patterned tiles in shades of white, blue, red, green, and purple. They're the perfect backsplash for a shabby-chic kitchen, cozy café, or rustic bathroom. The glossy finish of these ceramic tiles adds a certain refined touch. Whatever the interior you choose to install these tiles, they're sure to be a striking and bold design element.The Sister Parish Design Ceramic Collection is suitable for wall applications in residential and commercial properties. They can also be installed on the floors of light-traffic areas in residences. 
Status Ceramic Collection

Status Ceramic

The Status Ceramic Collection is a ceramic assemblage featuring beautifully designed patterns in a wonderful palette of versatile colors. These glossy ceramic wall decos and field tiles are a perfect choice to create an artistic focal point in a chic space.At home in any interior wall application, this collection is a great fit for bath, kitchen and living room areas seeking character and charm. It features a large selection of uniquely shaped ceramic tiles, ranging from geometric hexagons to delicate tear field tiles. Moreover, it includes a wide variety of colors, from soft pastel to ebony black tiles. It allows for ultimate artistic license, with options to mix and match colors and shapes.The Status Ceramic Collection is suitable for vertical applications in residences and commercial properties, including wet areas. It's also applicable in light-traffic areas of residences.
Terra Branca Terracotta Collection

Terra Branca Terracotta

Terra Branca, a white-glazed terracotta tile collection, embraces the power of white as a design element. It's incredibly difficult to keep an interior simple while embracing its nuance. You can achieve it with the elegant discipline of Terra Branca.The beauty of this collection lies in its subtle texture that plays with light and shadow in space. It creates an atmosphere that's simultaneously rustic yet sophisticated.The collection consists of two terracotta tiles: one a dark blend with a glossy finish and the other a light blend with a multi finish. The collection also offers a selection of moldings for the perfect finishing touch.These 4" square white tiles are suitable for vertical applications in residential and commercial interiors.

Terracotta Tile Usage

Today, terracotta is generally used in outdoor floor coverings. However, we also recommend it for interior flooring as well. It's hard-wearing and very resilient, making it an excellent choice for kitchen floors, outside areas, bedrooms, and conservatories.

Terracotta has many benefits. It’s non-slippery and ideal for wet floors. Additionally, it’s anti-bacterial and provides heat and sound insulation. When used indoors, terracotta can be applied to heating systems.

Additionally, terracotta is very long-lasting, durable, and tough. These tiles can hold up against abuse without damaging, fading or breaking. Their durability will save you a lot of money on future replacements and repairs. Furthermore, you can increase their resistance by applying stain resistance features. You can mount terracotta floor tiles in any space in your home without worrying about them wearing out. Your flooring will look new and beautiful for years to come.

Our Reclaimed Terracotta Flooring Collection consists of tiles salvaged from farmhouses and historical buildings. They have been hand-recovered carefully, cleaned, and finished for reuse.

Producing terracotta tiles is relatively easy, which makes it hard to find high-quality terracotta tiles on the market. Luckily, at Marble Systems, we have top-notch tile professionals who will help you to select the best-in-class premium terracotta tiles. We provide different collections for every different taste.


You must seal terracotta to enhance its lifetime and hygiene. This is especially true for kitchen use.

If left unsealed, terracotta can be vulnerable to moisture. To avoid microbial development on your floors, you must use well-secured and properly sealed terracotta tiles. When sealed, terracotta tiles are incredibly easy to clean, as they do not soak up water.

Likewise, properly secured terracotta tiles are resistant to mold, mildew, and bacteria, even if they remain uncleaned for a long period of time. As a result, there is no risk of fungi and mold breeding in your home.