Varying in shades of reds and browns, terracotta tiles are truly an artisan creation in which no two pieces are exactly alike. They are suitable for interior and exterior wall and floor use.

In Latin, "terra cotta" means "baked earth" or "cooked earth." Produced by firing clay-containing substances, it's a resource that comes straight from the earth. Since ancient times, terracotta has been used widely in both architecture and art. In ancient Anatolia, terracotta was the main construction material for buildings. In China, it was used to form the famous terracotta army consisting of 8000 soldier sculptures.

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Cotto Med Terracotta Collection

Cotto Med Terracotta

A selection of artisan tiles, our Cotto Med Terracotta Tile Collection has the antiqued appearance of centuries-old terracotta.Available in a variety of inventive patterns, these tiles are richly textured and boast a wonderful variation in hues ranging from henna to peach. Handmade, they are truly artisan creations in which no two pieces are exactly alike.The Cotto Med Terracotta Tile Collection is suitable for interior wall and floor use. It's the perfect adornment for your kitchen, bath, wine cellar, or grand entryway.Known as “baked earth,” terracotta has a history dating back centuries. Typical uses over time have included tiles, mosaics, potteries of all types, roof tiles, drainage pipes, and more.
Handmade Terra Cotta Collection

Handmade Terra Cotta

Reclaimed Terracotta Collection

Reclaimed Terracotta

Our Reclaimed Terracotta Collection features antique floor tiles dating back 100 to 200 years ago from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Salvaged from farmhouses and historical buildings, each tile is truly unique. We tediously hand-recovered, hand-cleaned and hand-finished one tile at a time to ensure each is the highest quality.This rustic collection ranges from incredible reds and pinks to peaches and ochre. It includes tiles in our most popular shapes: rectangular, hexagon, parquet and square.The Reclaimed Terracotta Collection is suitable for exterior or interior use. It's perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and wine cellars. It can even be used for heated flooring options.