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Absolute Black Granite Collection

Absolute Black Granite

Any true insider knows that granite is one of the most durable and elegant stones. An igneous rock, it's easily recognized by its characteristic large grains. However, our Absolute Black Granite collection stands out due to its much more homogenous, fine-grained appearance. This collection is perfect for a designer or homeowner in search of a sophisticated, modern atmosphere. There's a reason why black is considered to be a staple of contemporary interior design and high fashion.Our Absolute Black Granite is available in a wide range of sizes and as squares or rectangles. Due to its versatility, it's perfect for both walls and floors. We also offer slabs, which are ideal for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and other larger cut-to-size elements.
American Slate Collection

American Slate

The American Slate Collection captures the captivating depths of nature. Due to its uniform, deep gray color, slate is perfectly versatile. From modern monochromatic designs to natural earthy looks, slate is sure to suit any interior space.Slate slabs are perfect for those in search of a uniform design. Its color makes it highly adaptable to any space. It's truly a timeless piece. A slate slab will perfectly suit any color scheme or layout, even if you decide to change the room's design or layout.This collection is an ideal choice for floors, walls and backsplashes. Slate floors are often chosen for their natural and rustic aesthetic, but they also provide stability to sloped areas or uneven levels of the ground.
Atelier Mosaic Collection

Atelier Mosaic

From classic basketweaves and quilting stars to mid-century rhomboids and mysterious trompe l’oeil cubes, the Atelier Mosaic Collection has a mosaic pattern for every style. What they have in common is the material: they all consist of superb quality, beautifully finished marble.The Atelier Mosaic Collection offers a wide range of geometric patterns in alluring shapes. Additionally, they are available in warm, cool, or high-contrast color mixes. They'll be sure to create a highly-inventive, creative look in any home or commercial property.The expert stone artists at Marble Systems delicately construct each mosaic, ensuring you will receive the highest quality. The tiles are suitable for horizontal and vertical applications in residential or commercial design installations.
Atelier Porcelain Collection

Atelier Porcelain

The Atelier Porcelain Tile Collection offers a simple yet sophisticated style with elegant rectangular shapes. In neutral hues of grays and browns, these porcelain tiles suit both commercial and residential properties.An innovative product, porcelain is smooth, hard, and durable. Although similar to ceramic, porcelain is forged using thinner clay at higher temperatures. The result is a product that is harder and more durable. Additionally, it's moisture resistant with very low absorbency. Therefore, we recommend porcelain tiling and walls in high-traffic areas, kitchens, and bathrooms.The Atelier Porcelain Tile Collection is perfect for discerning homeowners and expert interior designers in search of an attractive yet durable floor or wall covering. 
Atlas Porcelain Collection

Atlas Porcelain

The Atlas Porcelain Collection offers six colors that mimic the chic, industrial look of honed concrete.This high-tech porcelain is durable and low-maintenance, making it ideal for high-traffic areas. It also suits those in search of a large-format tile with minimal grout lines. For more creative freedom, this collection also has architectural trims and a faux-mosaic option.An innovative product, porcelain is smooth, hard, and durable. Although similar to ceramic, porcelain is forged using thinner clay at higher temperatures. The result is a product that is harder and more durable. Additionally, it’s moisture resistant with very low absorbency. Therefore, we recommend porcelain tiling and walls in high-traffic areas, kitchens, and bathrooms.The Atlas Porcelain Collection is suitable for all interior and exterior commercial and residential vertical and horizontal applications.
Bella Muro Ceramic Tile Collection

Bella Muro Ceramic Tile

A beautiful wall of ceramic tile is the focal point of many fine residences. Hence the name of our new collection, Bella Muro Ceramic Tile.This collection of rectangular tiles offers countless opportunities for creative exploration. It has a wide range of colors, from earthy to vibrant, as well as matte and glossy finishes. It's perfect for a discerning homeowner or designer who wants to personalize their interior to their exact specifications.Made of ceramic, the tiles of the Bella Muro collection are durable, heat-resistant, and long-lasting. Due to their durability and beauty, ceramic tiles are a popular choice for wall coverings and floors. Moreover, they're non-porous and easy to clean, making them perfect for high-moisture areas like showers. 
Black & White Marble Collection

Black & White Marble

The high contrast of black and white is iconic for a reason. Our Black & White Marble Collection will bring drama and glamor. Available in a range of graphic and geometric mosaics and tiles, this collection is perfect for anyone looking to make a statement.Endless combinations are available, with a selection of tiles in honed vivid black and snow-white marble. Inspired by the classic black and white designs throughout history, the collection ranges from the ancient to the modern. The Rubicon mosaic harkens back to the parquet floors of antiquity, while the Ponte Mosaic evokes a roaring-twenties sensibility. The Eames mosaic is a classic fit if you're searching for a mid-century homage. Finally, for a chic modern look, our hexagonal and square geometric tiles are perfect.We recommend this collection for interior wall coverings and floors, as well as showers.
Black Honed Marble Collection

Black Honed Marble

With subtle white veining in an ebony surface, the Black Honed Marble Collection is the definition of sophistication, elegance, and allure. Its reflective surface evokes impressions of classic to contemporary floors and walls.This collection has endless possibilities. There are options for precision-cut sizes and shapes as well as customizable mosaics. From penny-round to hexagonal shapes, the mosaics of this collection are highly varied. For a uniform, monochromatic look, class tiles are also available. 3-dimensional mouldings will create a rich finishing touch.The Black Honed Marble Collection is perfect for coordinated floors, walls, and countertop applications in both residential and commercial settings. We particularly recommend this product for backsplashes, interior walls and floors, and showers. With such variation, there are endless possibilities available.  
Black Polished Marble Collection

Black Polished Marble

With subtle white veining in an ebony surface, the Black Polished Marble Collection is the definition of sophistication, elegance, and allure. Its brillant surface evokes impressions of classic to contemporary floors and walls.This collection has endless possibilities. There are options for precision-cut sizes and shapes as well as customizable mosaics. From penny-round to hexagonal shapes, the mosaics of this collection are highly varied. For a uniform, monochromatic look, class tiles are also available. 3-dimensional mouldings will create a rich finishing touch.The Black Polished Marble Collection is perfect for coordinated floors, walls, and countertop applications in both residential and commercial settings. We particularly recommend this product for backsplashes, interior walls and floors, and showers. With such variation, there are endless possibilities available.
Cambria Quartz Collection

Cambria Quartz

Our Cambria Quartz is sure to make a statement in any kitchen with its bold, distinctive veining. Available in a range of nature-inspired colors, it's the perfect material for countertops due to its durability, strength, and practicality. By mimicking natural stone, it offers the same beauty without the high maintenance.A manufactured material, quartz is engineered from quartz fragments bound with an industrial-grade binder. It's an innovative material that's non-porous, anti-bacterial, and stain-resistant. Moreover, it's extremely hard and durable, making it unlikely to scratch or chip. Therefore, it's particularly ideal for busy kitchens that require a durable kitchen countertop.With our Cambria Quartz, you don't have to sacrifice beauty for practicality.  
Chelsea Brick Collection

Chelsea Brick

Our Chelsea Brick Collection is an homage to the rich cultural history of the Chelsea neighborhood in New York City. Past and present, Chelsea is one of NYC's most eclectic and stylish locations. Its renaissance has been distinguished by incredible architecture that is unabashedly individualistic.The ceramic tiles of this collection mimic the classic brick buildings of Chelsea. Available in 31 artisanal glazes in rustic, plain, or striated profiles, the collection is ideal for chic and stylish residential and commercial interiors. From rustic kitchen backsplashes to trendy café walls, it's the perfect statement wall.The diversity of our Chelsea Brick Collection will appeal to anyone’s innate desire to express themselves personally.For more information and design inspiration, download our Brick Blends PDF.
Cottage Stone Tiles Collection

Cottage Stone Tiles

Radiating pure charm, our Cottage Stone Tile Collection consists of subtly chiselled stones. These marle tiles will create a beautiful foundation to adorn any natural interior. The rustic finish of these tiles, paired with the natural luminosity of marble, forms a warm, organic atmosphere.Marble is a metamorphic stone with a timeless history as a flooring, wall covering, paving material and sculptural medium. Some of the world's most sublime sights, like the Taj Mahal, the statue of David, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Washington Monument are made of marble. By choosing marble, you'll be bringing a fragment of this rich history into your home or commercial property.The Cottage Stone Tile Collection is available in six soft shades in a grand 16″x24″ format and free-length pattern. It's ideal for both horizontal and vertical applications in residential or commercial properties.
Designer's Choice Collection

Designer's Choice

Our Designer's Choice Slab Collection offers a selection of rare and unique natural stone slabs. We created this exclusive collection based on our one-of-a-kind slabs with striking and alluring characteristics.Selected with careful precision based on our customers’ preferences, this rare slab selection will enhance any of your upcoming architectural projects. It's a collection designed for the utmost creative freedom and experimentation. If you know you want to make a statement with your interior design, this is the collection for you.The Designer's Choice Slab Collection comes in a range of designs and materials. Ranging from sophisticated neutrals to vivid jewel tones, it has a wide variety of color stories available. Moreover, there's a slab fit for every budget, from porcelain to marble options available.
Dimensions Waterjet Marble Collection

Dimensions Waterjet Marble

Explore color, texture, pattern and form with our beautiful Dimensions Waterjet Marble Collection. This collection features intricate interlocking mosaic tiles that form together to create curvaceous geometric patterns. With such striking patterns, these mosaics are the perfect finishing detail to elevate your design to the next level.This collection is guaranteed to elevate any bath, kitchen, or entryway. It offers a selection of varied shapes, from organic arabesque designs to sharp chevrons. The mosaics are available in a wide range of hues, including white, cream, blue, grey, brown, and olive green. They're also available in a selection of honed, multi, or polished finishes. With so many options, the Dimensions Waterjet Marble Collection yields endless possibilities.  
Ecocem Porcelain Tile Collection

Ecocem Porcelain Tile

Rugged and edgy, Ecocem Porcelain Tile Collection from Marble Systems upgrades porcelain to an urban contemporary design. These porcelain tiles are available in four subtle yet gorgeous color options. Due to their neutral color scheme, they will effortlessly fit into any pre-existing design scheme or be the starting point for a new creative outlook.In recent years, porcelain has evolved to become one of the most innovative and practical materials available. Denser and harder than ceramic, it's resistant to most daily wear and tear. It also has low porosity, making it impervious to staining. Therefore, it's the ideal material for any busy household or popular commercial property.The Ecocem Porcelain Tile Collection suits interior floors and wall coverings.
Made In North America Elements Collection


There's beautiful rhythm and repetition abound in our Elements Collection. We designed twelve unique patterns in organic shapes, sizes, and color blends to harmoniously suit the most discriminating sensibilities.These striking waterjet decos will certainly become the focal point of any room. They're available in white, blue, grey, and black patterns, these marble tiles offer their own unique glow. With twisting illusionary designs, they're a piece of art themselves.The Elements Collection is available by template or made to measure on a special order basis. It's fully customizable from our expansive collection of stones. It's suitable for interior and residential and commercial wall and floor applications.
Fluted Tile Collection

Fluted Tile

Our Fluted Tile Collection consists of carved stone tiles with a modern edge. They're a novel way to bring a dramatic look to contemporary rooms. "Flute" refers to a statement-making reeded style that is deeply carved.These marble tiles create a visual tour de force of modern design. Our design team curated an assortment of nine of the brand’s most popular classic and exotic marbles. Due to their clean lines, they make an amazing field tile, especially when flipped vertically to create a continuous reeded wall of natural stone.Intended for use as modern moldings, the Fluted Tile Collection is a clean but luxurious way to finish a field of smooth stone tiles.
Forte Brick Terracotta Collection

Forte Brick Terracotta

With the Forte Brick Terracotta Collection, we've created a new iteration of the authentic, substantial, original form of baked earth known as terracotta. This collection is simultaneously sophisticated yet grounded. It combines the sleek and the tactile, the cool and the casual, the urban and the agrarian.We've perfectly tempered these tiles to form dynamic mottled colorations close to nature. Our Staccato tiles offer a more textured finish. These tiles have an almost imperceptibly undulating flat surface that's just right for classic, country or contemporary interiors.In a just-right proportion of 2 1/4"x7 7/8"x3/8", these terra cotta tiles gleam with a high-gloss glaze. The Forte Brick Collection is suitable for residential and commercial horizontal and vertical applications.
French Parquet Marble Collection

French Parquet Marble

Our luxuriously designed French Parquet Marble Collection is a nod to the 18th century when hand-hewn wood floors were crafted for discriminating aristocracy. By constructing a parquet pattern out of marble, we've updated an old-school design with a contemporary twist.Nothing in a design plan stands out more readily than an element that appears to be custom in nature. In our view, this is where this collection truly distinguishes itself. With this collection, homeowners and interior designers can truly customize an interior.We've crafted these uniquely designed parquetry and marquetry patterns in three gorgeous stones. They deliver a unique revival of a beloved classic with a unique appeal.For an antique feel, choose our French Parquet Marble Collection. It's suitable for residential and commercial horizontal and vertical applications, from backsplashes to shower floors.
Haisa Black Marble Collection

Haisa Black Marble

Natural black and white striations distinguish our exotic polished Haisa Black Marble. The complex natural pattern of this stone is sure to add a certain depth and richness to any room. Its stormy black color story particularly suits modern, contemporary designs.Available in a generous 24-inch square format, this stone is ideal for spacious interiors but can also make small spaces appear larger. It also comes in a range of beautifully crafted mosaics, from geometric to arabesque, for added creative opportunity.From powder rooms to ballrooms, our Haisa Black Marble is nature's own sophisticated finish. It is suitable for all horizontal and vertical indoor applications.
Iris Black Marble Collection

Iris Black Marble

Another addition to our collection of exotic natural stones, our Iris Black Marble exudes beauty and mystery in its pitch-black surface. For added drama, it has striking white lightning veining that will certainly make a statement.This collection has honed and leather finishes, both of which offer a more contemporary look than classic polished black stones. The honed finish is smooth and matte. The leather finish is subtly distressed, which creates a lighter charcoal tone that's less stark against the white veins.The Iris Black Marble Collection contains a selection of field tiles, mosaics, and moldings. It's suitable for all interior vertical, horizontal, and wet area applications.
La Roche Limestone Collection

La Roche Limestone

Our La Roche Limestone Collection is a finely curated selection of sophisticated limestone tiles. It immediately sparks the imagination of our clients and friends, calling to mind evocative and exotic settings.Through careful contemplation, we chose four distinct colorways that, in our view, will suit almost any current design plan. This collection has a range of neutral tones and finishes, including brushed, honed, chiselled, and tumbled. These wide-ranging options invite the opportunity to mix and match different sizes, finishes, and colors. Be adventurous!The La Roche Limestone Collection is applicable for both vertical and horizontal applications in residential and commercial properties. 
Las Palmas Glazed Tile Collection

Las Palmas Glazed Tile

The Spanish island of Majorca inspired the exquisite ceramic tiles of our Las Palmas Glazed Tile Collection. The island is bejeweled with apricot, honey, and henna-colored stone from the broad waters of the Badia de Palma. Also known as Palma de Mallorca, the island is the capital of the Balearic Islands.Terracotta balconies with glazed tile accents are a common sight along Mediterranean alleys. This collection references the region's rich artistry in 7 historic patterns and lustrous glazes in over 30 different colors.Popular shapes from this collection include classic square and rectangular tiles, as well as arabesque, fan, and chevron shapes as well. Bar liners and moldings add finishing touches to complete the collection.Our Las Palmas Glazed Tile Collection is truly enchanting. It's applicable for both vertical and horizontal application in residential and commercial properties.
Ledger Stone Collection

Ledger Stone

With its layered pattern, the Ledger Stone Collection is a selection of marble that will add a three-dimensional look to any wall design. The finish of this collection will seamlessly blend with the natural atmosphere of your garden or patio. It resembles the earthy texture of a cliff.This natural surface is available in three of our timeless marble shades: Diana Royal Avalon, and classic black. These three neutral shades are adaptable to any design scheme, from classic to rustic to modern.The Ledger Stone Collection is a perfect choice for an eye-catching wall design or roaring fireplace. It is only suitable for exterior walls in both residential and commercial properties.
Linea Porcelain Tile Collection

Linea Porcelain Tile

Classic and traditional, the Linea Porcelain Tile Collection is an elegant selection of matte porcelain in five neutral colors. These subtly veined tiles have the look of natural stone without the high maintenance.Porcelain works especially well in high-traffic environments like busy households or bustling commercial properties. Due to its durability and hardness, it will withstand daily wear and tear and last a long time. Porcelain is also scratch and stain resistant and moisture-repellant.This collection includes porcelain bases for a finishing touch to any wall applications.The Linea Porcelain Tile Collection effortlessly combines practicality with beauty. It's suitable for both residential and commercial flooring and wall applications.
Long Subway Marble Brick Collection

Long Subway Marble Brick

Thanks to its movement and tone, versatility and variation, the Long Subway Marble Brick Collection is quite literally a force of nature in any interior. It epitomizes biophilic design, the harmony between contemporary interior design and mother nature.The marble tiles in this collection come in a choice of finishes, including polished, honed, or leather. The leather finish creates a subtle texture ideal for earthy, natural interiors. This collection includes some of our most popular stones. Shades include warm grey Silver Shadow, boldly striated Skyline, warm neutral Diana Royal, and decadent Iris Black.These 2" x 8" bricks may be installed in a single or double herringbone pattern, stacked or staggered. The Long Subway Marble Brick Collection is suitable for all interior horizontal and vertical applications.
Metallic Porcelain Tile Collection

Metallic Porcelain Tile

The Metallic Porcelain Tile Collection from Marble Systems is a showcase of our glazed porcelain in an ultra-modern finish. With a metallic sheen on a wood-like surface, this collection will transform any ordinary room into something absolutely stunning and chicIt's available in a selection of neutral colors and sizes as well as mosaics.In addition to being sleek and sophisticated, porcelain is a practical material. It's incredibly durable and hard, making it well-suited for high-traffic areas. It's also scratch and stain-resistant. Therefore, we recommend this collection for busy commercial properties or households with young children and pets.With the Metallic Porcelain Tile Collection, you can have both style and durability. This collection is suitable for commercial and residential horizontal and vertical applications as well as wet areas.  
Metro Wall Ceramic Collection

Metro Wall Ceramic

The Metro Wall Ceramic Collection is a versatile backdrop for interiors in tones of black, white or grey. Mix and match these tiles for a Parisian look with a contemporary finish.The shapes and styles of these tiles, along with their neutral tones, will suit a multitude of trendy interiors. They're great for making retail merchandising pop or adding a subtle lift to restaurant or café walls. The selection of mosaics–such as hexagon, herringbone, and crosshatch–allow for a range of creative wall designs.Choose either an industrial matte or a clean glossy finish. These tiles are easy and economical to install.The Metro Wall Ceramic Collection is suitable for both residential and commercial vertical applications. It can also be installed in showers. We do not recommend this collection for floor installations.
Made In North America Mod Glam Decorative Marble Collection

Mod Glam Decorative Marble

The mid-twentieth century is renowned as one of the most iconic design eras in United States history. Our Mod Glam Decorative Marble Collection honors this renowned period with a selection of glamorous black-and-white mosaics with gold accents.Celebrated by scholars, museums and art aficionados, mid-century modern style has touched all of our lives. This collection has elements from interior and architectural developments from this era. It includes six unique water jet patterns, named after the master influencers of this design period.The Mod Glam Decorative Marble Collection is available by template or made to measure on a special order basis. It's fully customizable with options from our expansive collection of stones. It's suitable for interior residential and commercial wall and floor applications. The mosaics with brass are suitable for dry applications only.
Moresque Glazed Tile Collection

Moresque Glazed Tile

The Moresque Glazed Tile Collection includes luxury hand-made ceramic tiles and decorative moldings. It has endless combinations of unique tile shapes and pieces from classic field tiles to elaborate arabesque shapes.Moresque refers to a Renaissance art style influenced by the arabesque patterns of Islamic designs. This collection offers an exquisite assembly of stylized interlocking arabesque patterns and intricate mosaics. The tiles are crafted with the enduring beauty of American craftsmanship.The collection has an alluring spectrum of timeless colors, including four in stock. These decorative tiles are available in various shapes and sizes of field tile, as well as trims and architectural moldings. Each of these artful hand-glazed ceramic tiles has a subtle, unique variation.The Moresque Glazed Tile Collection is suitable for interior wall and light traffic floor applications, as well as commercial interior wall applications.
Neolith Sintered Stone Collection

Neolith Sintered Stone

Neolith Sintered Stones are the slabs of tomorrow. This highly-advanced manufactured stone is flawless, stunning, and practical.Sintering is the process of combining raw materials and compacting them using heat, compression, and vibrations to engineer the perfect stone. Due to the purity of elements, we can achieve a range of hues that are simply unobtainable with preexisting engineered stone technologies. Nothing muddy here; the whitest white, the cleanest greys and the blackest blacks are all possible.This next-gen countertop innovation is a surface that withstands direct cutting without leaving a mark. You can also place hot pans and dishes directly on the surface without damaging it. The stone also has a through-body seal that can't be worn off like applied sealers. It also serves as a natural antibacterial barrier, making any work surface hygienic.We designed our Neolith Sintered Stone Collection for your most demanding projects. This is a material that will endure both use and abuse with the utmost elegance.Note: This product line is available only in Virginia, Washington, DC and Maryland.
Novelty Tile Classic Ceramic Collection

Novelty Tile Classic Ceramic

Our new Novelty Tile Classic Ceramic Collection of glossy ceramic wall tiles is perfect for creating a lively interior with a modern twist. Designed by noted American tile artist Anamarie Kis, these tiles were carefully selected as part of her sleek, chic capsule collection. Country Floors manufactured them exclusively.This collection is perfect for someone with eclectic tastes or looking to make a statement in their design. It has three creative illusionary patterns in three colorways:Leaf – sinuous gingko leaf shapes woven into a seamless lattice. Twisted – a revelatory spiral flourish connected by a swish and a wave that's almost geometric. Diamonds – a whimsically interpretive update of antique quilting patterns. A cluster of diamond shapes conjures wheels, blossoms, and starbursts.We can’t wait to see the novel ways in which you will use the Novelty Tile Classic Ceramic Collection. Suitable for interior vertical applications, our ceramic tiles are durable and easy to care for with a very low absorption rate for easy cleaning and fast drying in wet areas. Ask a Country Floors expert anything, we’re excited to help you make your project awesome.
Oceanside Glass Collection

Oceanside Glass

Step onto an azure seaside with our Oceanside Glass Collection. This selection of iridescent, non-iridescent, and matte glass wall tiles is inspired by the vivid hues of a sandy beach in a tranquil seaside town.The color scheme of this collection has everything from snow white to iridescent blue to inky black. We drew inspiration from the entire color spectrum to highlight the ocean's extraordinary range of hues from sunrise to sunset. The iridescent finish has a slight rainbow glimmer in reference to glimmering shells. This collection works particularly well as a shining accent in mosaics.The tiles of the Oceanside Glass Collection come in a 10x10" size with a bevelled edge. This collection is only suitable for wall applications in residential and commercial properties as well as wet areas. 
Penny Round Mosaic Collection

Penny Round Mosaic

A twist on a classic, our Penny Round Mosaic Collection is the humble mosaic made more luxurious. Instead of ceramic, these little circles have been reinterpreted in pure, natural marble.Choose from solid colors of field mosaic or whimsical patterns including diamond, honeycomb and even plaid. These mosaics are available in white, grey, and black marble tiles. We carefully designed this mosaic to be closely-set in order to ensure the pieces won't be swarmed in a field of grout. Instead, the focal point remains on the mosaics' playful patterns and organic, neutral colors.This collection is suitable for all interior horizontal, vertical, and wet area applications.For even more options, see our Penny Round Mosaic 2.0 Collection.
Penny Round Mosaic 2.0 Collection

Penny Round Mosaic 2.0

A must-have mosaic for modern makeovers, the Penny Round Mosaic 2.0 Collection is right on the money. A modern classic marble mosaic range designed for creative versatility for residential and commercial interiors, including wet areas. The quirky marble penny round mosaic is available in black, white, grey, and eco-neutral tone natural marbles. This fun mosaic collection creates a stunning mosaic on walls and floors, with endless possibilities. Jazz up boring kitchen backsplashes and floor areas with the penny round mosaic. Rest assured, your money will definitely not go down the drain when you tile your wet room or shower with these charming marble pennies. You can bank on it! The Penny Round Mosaic 2.0 Collection is suitable for horizontal and vertical applications in commercial and residential properties.
Piedra Norge Porcelain Collection

Piedra Norge Porcelain

The Piedra Norge Porcelain Collection offers a rich selection of surfaces for contemporary indoor and outdoor designs. It includes tasteful yet high-impact tile surfaces that are environment-friendly, frostproof, and immune to mold and verdigris.These tiles are ideal for outdoor surfaces like patios or garden paths. Made out of porcelain, they are highly durable and impervious to outdoor elements. Their subtle texture resembles natural stone to seamlessly blend in with the outdoors.This collection has a range of field tiles, mosaics, base, and wall decor to deliver perfect harmony for your indoor or outdoor space. It comes in a selection of neutral shades, such as grey, ivory, taupe, and natural slate.The Piedra Norge Porcelain Collection is suitable for exterior and interior vertical and horizontal applications, including wet areas. 
Snow White Honed Marble (Premium Bianco Dolomiti) Collection

Snow White Honed Marble (Premium Bianco Dolomiti)

The Snow White Honed Marble Collection transcends time. Stately, refined and versatile, this collection will be a mainstay in any environment, from traditional to minimalistic. It's also known as Premium Bianco Dolomiti.There are a variety of honed field tiles, interesting mosaics, and moldings available in this collection. Many of the mosaics combine this gorgeous natural white marble with grey elements for an understated yet engrossing look. This classic color combination, available in a range of contemporary shapes, creates an immemorial mosaic design. The delightful array of metro tile shapes offers almost endless opportunities.The Snow White Honed Marble Collection is suitable for vertical and horizontal applications in both commercial properties and residences.
Status Ceramic Collection

Status Ceramic

The Status Ceramic Collection is a ceramic assemblage featuring beautifully designed patterns in a wonderful palette of versatile colors. These glossy ceramic wall decos and field tiles are a perfect choice to create an artistic focal point in a chic space.At home in any interior wall application, this collection is a great fit for bath, kitchen and living room areas seeking character and charm. It features a large selection of uniquely shaped ceramic tiles, ranging from geometric hexagons to delicate tear field tiles. Moreover, it includes a wide variety of colors, from soft pastel to ebony black tiles. It allows for ultimate artistic license, with options to mix and match colors and shapes.The Status Ceramic Collection is suitable for vertical applications in residences and commercial properties, including wet areas. It's also applicable in light-traffic areas of residences.
Status Special Order Ceramic Collection

Status Special Order Ceramic

The Status Special Order Ceramic Collection is a beautiful ceramic line consisting of field tiles and sophisticated reliefs with matching trims for a flawless design.This selection of made-to-order tiles expands the collection with even more artistic tiles to choose from. Particularly, it includes more wall decos that will create gorgeously textured statement walls. With its stunning finishes, this line offers a variety of lovely glazes, such as vibrant greens, simple neutrals, and rosy pinks. This collection is perfect for kitchen backsplashes, offering the opportunity to add a personal touch to your interior.The Status Special Order Ceramic Collection is incredibly versatile and lends itself to both contemporary and traditional spaces. It's suitable for vertical applications in residences and commercial properties. It can also be installed on light-traffic floors of residences.
Stoneware Porcelain Collection

Stoneware Porcelain

In a range of stone-like finishes, the Stoneware Porcelain Collection offers natural sophistication. Suitable in both interior and exterior environments, it's ideal for outdoor patios, sunny poolsides, and busy business interiors.This collection features 24" x 24" porcelain pavers in six neutral colors that resemble natural stone. Hard and non-porous, it's durable and long-lasting. Moreover, it's UV-resistant and not susceptible to staining, scratching, or chipping. Therefore, it will hold up to harsh weather and the wear and tear of exterior pavements. Its durability also makes it ideal for high-traffic areas of commercial properties.The Stoneware Porcelain Collection is ideal for horizontal applications in residential and commercial exteriors as well as commercial interiors.
Studio Mosaic Tile Collection

Studio Mosaic Tile

Our Studio Mosaic Tile Collection contains exquisitely designed geometric waterjet patterns. It draws from a variety of English, French Bistro, Deco, and Mid-Century Modern motifs re-designed with fresh interpretations.This collection includes several tone-on-tone shades and textural variations to suit a multitude of individual visions. The range of unassuming gray, white, black, and beige shades perfectly balances out the complex patterns to deliver a design that is intricate yet not flashy. This selection of field stones, trims, moldings, and slabs allows for a complete, uniform look to any interior. With so many options, we've got you covered!The Studio Mosaic Tile Collection is suitable for horizontal and vertical applications in residential and commercial properties.
Made In North America Talya Decorative Marble Collection

Talya Decorative Marble

Designed by Sara Baldwin, the Talya Decorative Marble Collection features a beautiful, lyrical mix of water jet designs that are at home in any bath, kitchen or grand entry.The Talya Collection is a refined study of design. It consists of marble and stone intertwining into bold lacework and modern geometries. With its minimal palette of greys and ivories, the collection is formal yet casual, elegant yet understated. Its soothing palette has a nuance that makes it easily adaptable to fit easily into any traditional or modern environment. In addition to classic field tiles, it also includes trims and bull noses.The Talya Decorative Marble Collection is applicable for floors and wall treatments in medium to heavy-traffic areas. It's suitable for wet environments, like master baths and kitchens.
Telluride Porcelain Collection

Telluride Porcelain

The Telluride Porcelain Collection has beautiful earthy tones that will provide your outdoor living areas with a sense of harmony. From the inspirational Rock Matte Tiles to the calming Sand Moon Struttura grooves, there's something for everyone to enjoy as you create a more livable home.This porcelain tile collection includes six different textured, hand-crafted colors designed to pair with any existing traditional or contemporary décor. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications because it’s stain-, heat-, and scratch-resistant.Telluride Porcelain is as versatile as it is beautiful. It's durable and elegant, giving you just the perfect amount of flair. It's suitable for vertical and horizontal applications in residential and commercial interiors and exteriors.
Temple Brick Glazed Tile Collection

Temple Brick Glazed Tile

Inspired by centuries-old Japanese Raku Pottery, our Temple Brick Glazed Tile Collection will add some peaceful simplicity to your life. Thousands of years steeped in tradition determined the zen style of Japan’s architectural and interior culture. Our artisans incorporated western innovation to deliver a gorgeous palette of brick tiles, each one with unique characteristics in glaze and surface variation.This collection contains a variety of ceramic tiles in glossy and matte finishes. The tiles come in both square and rectangular shapes for the ultimate choice. A selection of rich hues and classic neutrals are sure to suit any interior design scheme.Throughout history, architects and builders utilised brick as a building material to create walls, pavings, and other aspects of masonry. Historically, the word brick referred to a unit composed of clay. However, today we use it anecdotally to indicate rectangular items set in mortar. As such, brick consists of clay-bearing soil, sand, and lime, or concrete materials.We designed the Temple Brick Glazed Tile Collection to be used in interior residential or commercial applications. It's a custom order item.Please download Brick Blends PDF.
Terrazzo Notiva Collection

Terrazzo Notiva

What’s black and white and cool all over? These large, precast terrazzo tiles, 15.75 inches square, form luxe expanse of a timeless material. For fans of the fi ner things, this collection offers a fi eld of petite marble chips in generous, glittering pave across the smooth cementitious body. A fl oor in this tile can set the foundation for interiors from mid-century minimalist to modern industrial, from farmhouse fabulous to boho bold. Suitable for residential or commercial interiors, horizontal or vertical indoor applications including wet areas
Textura Paver Collection

Textura Paver

The Textura Paver Collection offers a range of textured marble mosaics in irregular sizes. It's ideal for exterior applications, such as garden paths, walkways, and patios.This collection includes 12 different marble patterns. It highlights the timeless look and versatility of igneous rock timeless with a color palette inspired by the impressive variety of nature's minerals. The irregular sizes of the tiles create an organic look with intriguing variation for added complexity.The Textura Paver Collection can applied to interior and exterior residential and commercial projects. Due to their rough texture, the tiles have a non-slip finish perfect for wet areas like poolsides.
Thassos White Honed Marble Collection

Thassos White Honed Marble

We named our White Thassos Honed Marble Tile Collection after the beautiful Greek island. This collection’s bright white colors will convey a feeling of tranquility and comfort to your interior design project.We carefully crafted this collection to suit a timeless yet modern look. It features honed field tiles and a range of unique and striking mosaics. The color story encompasses a range of cool tones, from brilliant whites to stormy grays. It evokes the classic white architectural style of Greece, calling to mind rocky shores and azure coastlines.The White Thassos Honed Marble Tile Collection is applicable for both walls and floors. The possibilities are endless.
Wagara Ceramic Collection

Wagara Ceramic

The Wagara Ceramic Collection takes inspiration from the eponymous traditional Japanese patterns. Country Floors exclusively developed and reinterpreted this intriguing dialect of designs.The tradition of Wagara originated in the eighth-century Heian period in Japan. Artists drew inspiration from brush calligraphy, mimicking natural motifs to form geometric patterns with classic Japanese color schemes.These 6-inch square tiles are available in eight different Wagara patterns in a choice of seven colors on a clean, white background. The floral, sinuous, and geometric motifs are as beautiful today as they were in 8th-century Japan, ensuring a truly timeless, artful and beautiful interior.The Wagara Ceramic Collection is suitable for vertical interior applications.
Waterfall Collection


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Checkerboard Marble

Zellige Handmade Moroccan Tile Collection

Zellige Handmade Moroccan Tile