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Bella Muro Ceramic Tile Collection

Bella Muro Ceramic Tile

A beautiful wall of ceramic tile is the focal point of many fine residences. Hence the name of our new collection, Bella Muro Ceramic Tile.This collection of rectangular tiles offers countless opportunities for creative exploration. It has a wide range of colors, from earthy to vibrant, as well as matte and glossy finishes. It's perfect for a discerning homeowner or designer who wants to personalize their interior to their exact specifications.Made of ceramic, the tiles of the Bella Muro collection are durable, heat-resistant, and long-lasting. Due to their durability and beauty, ceramic tiles are a popular choice for wall coverings and floors. Moreover, they're non-porous and easy to clean, making them perfect for high-moisture areas like showers.
Designer's Choice Collection

Designer's Choice

Our Designer's Choice Slab Collection offers a selection of rare and unique natural stone slabs. We created this exclusive collection based on our one-of-a-kind slabs with striking and alluring characteristics.Selected with careful precision based on our customers’ preferences, this rare slab selection will enhance any of your upcoming architectural projects. It's a collection designed for the utmost creative freedom and experimentation. If you know you want to make a statement with your interior design, this is the collection for you.The Designer's Choice Slab Collection comes in a range of designs and materials. Ranging from sophisticated neutrals to vivid jewel tones, it has a wide variety of color stories available. Moreover, there's a slab fit for every budget, from porcelain to marble options available.
Forte Brick Studio Collection

Forte Brick Studio

With the Forte Brick Terracotta Collection, we've created a new iteration of the authentic, substantial, original form of baked earth known as terracotta. This collection is simultaneously sophisticated yet grounded. It combines the sleek and the tactile, the cool and the casual, the urban and the agrarian.We've perfectly tempered these tiles to form dynamic mottled colorations close to nature. Our Staccato tiles offer a more textured finish. These tiles have an almost imperceptibly undulating flat surface that's just right for classic, country or contemporary interiors.In a just-right proportion of 2 1/4"x7 7/8"x3/8", these terra cotta tiles gleam with a high-gloss glaze. The Forte Brick Collection is suitable for residential and commercial horizontal and vertical applications.
Golden Onyx Tile Collection

Golden Onyx Tile

The Golden Onyx Tile Collection is a magnificent gift of nature. It has an incredible depth of color with gold glimmering hues. This kind of natural beauty stands for the epitome of luxury, complexity, and royalty.The translucent layers of marble in this stone create a truly complex and sophisticated image sure to make a statement. The onyx's color palette ranges from soft neutral hues to rich depths of color.This collection is precision cut for use on floors, walls, and countertops. It suits both residential and commercial properties.With the Golden Onyx Tile Collection, define your space with natural luxury.
White Carrara Honed Marble Collection

White Carrara Honed Marble

The White Carrara Honed Marble Tile Collection transcends time. The combination of natural marble with classic shades of white and gray results in a design that's been iconic for centuries.These tiles are available in several sizes to flawlessly fit the design of your dreams. From shower walls, kitchen backsplashes, bathroom floors, and more, this collection will be a harmonious addition to any interior. Its finely honed surface makes the possibilities endless. Stately, refined and versatile, this collection is destined to be a mainstay in traditional to minimalistic environments.The White Carrara Honed Marble Tile Collection is suitable for horizontal and vertical applications in residential and commercial properties.