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Fairfax Terrazzo Tile

Our thoughts on Fairfax Terrazzo Tile were reinforced recently by a great online piece in the authoritative site, InteriorZine.com. Their thoughts echoed ours almost perfectly.Here is what they have to say: ”The dynamic and intriguing nature of [...]

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Northern Virginia Split Faced Stone

Our local topic for today is Northern Virginia Split Faced Stone. Since “buy local” is quite a thing today, our wonderful showroom in Fairfax, Virginia is a prime spot for your buying local ideas.Typically, the term “split-face” or “split-faced” [...]

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Quartz Kitchen Countertops Fairfax Virginia

There are a few things that we know about Quartz Kitchen Countertops Fairfax Virginia. Let’s start with the production process. Basically, natural quartz crystals are quarried and then ground into an aggregate that is essentially dust at that point. This [...]

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Black Natural Stone Fairfax Virginia

Black is the most resolute of colors. Yes, yes, we know that black in science is the absence of color or all visible light. However, in the world of stone, tile, and design it is a prominent color for many reasons. Hence, our post for the day Black [...]

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Soapstone Slabs Fairfax Virginia

Soapstone is a remarkable material to work with for a fabricator of kitchen countertops. Let’s chat about that in this post on: Soapstone Slabs Fairfax Virginia.Why is this so wonderful for a fabricator. First, is the lasting popularity of the [...]

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