Ardex has been the quality leader for an entire industry, [...]

Avenza Marble

Premium honed white marble tiles, slabs, and decorative [...]

Boise Porcelain Tile

Introducing our new Boise Porcelain Tile Collection [...]

Champagne Limestone Tiles

The Champagne Limestone Tiles Collection blends the clean [...]

Cottage Stone Tiles

Artless Simplicity. Radiating pure charm, our Cottage Stone [...]

Cotto Med Terracotta Tiles

Our Cotto Med Terracotta Tiles Collection of artisan [...]

Diana Royal Honed Marble

Exploring new ways to uncover your meaning of elegance. [...]

Diana Royal Tumbled & Antiqued Marble

Antiqued and tumbled stone for all walks of life. The Diana [...]

Fantasy White Honed Marble


Fila Cleaners for Marble

Our selection of Fila Cleaners are “state of the art” [...]

Ivory Travertine Tile

The Ivory Travertine Tile Collection combines art and [...]

La Roche Limestone

Our La Roche Limestone Collection is a carefully assembled [...]

Landscape Stone

There are many great uses of natural stone but an under [...]

Ledger Stone

With its layered pattern, the Ledger Stone Collection is a [...]

Reclaimed Terracotta Flooring

Our Reclaimed Terracotta Collection features antique floor [...]