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White Collection


White is the almost universal symbol for cleanliness and overall hygiene. It is no wonder that white stone in the bathroom is as popular as it is year after year. Style and trends may come and go but white remains.
Beige Collection


Using beige stone in the bathroom allows for tremendous flexibility in design. This is the neutral color value that pairs very easily with gold toned fixtures, paints in the brown/tan family plus yellow and even orange accent colors.
Gray Collection


Gray stands as a modernist neutral. Then, from Bauhaus to your house gray stone in the bathroom stands for a subdued elegance that can be paired with a wide range of fixtures and soft goods.
Brown Collection


As a terra type color, brown stone in the bathroom implies s seriousness of purpose in the design plan. Especially in the case of brown, light and dark versions of the color bring such different context to the space.
Yellow Collection


Yellow is an emotional color and yellow stone in the bathroom is usually, but not always, an accent or feature wall color. On the other hand, pale versions of yellow can be the backdrop for other drama in the bath.
Green Collection


Green, per the psychologists, is the color of balance. Green stone in the bathroom can be used as a base color balanced with soft goods in white. Or, you can use green stone as a feature wall with a complementary colored stone elsewhere.
Multicolor Collection


Since stone is the ultimate product of nature, many colors are by definition multi-colored in their internal tones. As such, multicolor stone in the bathroom offers a great opportunity for blending with other elements present.
Black Collection


Black brings a sense of glamour and sophistication that is unmatched in fashion forward circles. A black stone in the bathroom may make a perfect vanity top or be coupled with white for timeless classicism.
Blue Collection


In a pale version, a blue stone in the bathroom acts as background for other more featured items in the space. In a darker, bolder hue blue makes a stronger more authoritative statement. Naturally, both sky and water themes are well served.
Red Collection


Red is a physical and blatantly intense color. In most cases, the use of red stone in the bathroom is mitigated by the paler versions of red that Mother Nature gives us geologically.
Purple Collection



Pink is currently a darling of fashion, interior design and of course Instagram. For the built environment, where a color needs to feel fresh for many years, the best of the new pinks are those in the pale, dusty or blush hues. Those matte, muted, subtle tones take pink out of its traditional feminine look and place it among a set of enduring new neutrals for the 2020s and beyond.
Bronze Collection


Bronze is a period in human history and a medal in serious competitions. Bronze stone in the bathroom functions very well in a featured fashion as an accent wall or a decorative liner piece.
Orange Collection


Orange is comfortable and yet brave to the point even audacious. Orange stone in the bathroom will make a statement as a feature and an accent and pair well with beige themed fixtures and soft goods.
Custom Collection