Travertine is a natural stone with an earthy look. With a veined and perforated appearance and a brownish color, it suits any interior with a natural design. Perfect for your kitchen, patio, or yard, it’s both practical and attractive.

This special stone often decorated the exteriors and interiors of famous buildings throughout history. The Romans especially favored travertine and adorned many of their buildings with it. Most notably, they constructed the Colosseum in Rome mostly out of travertine. Today, travertine remains a popular choice for architects and interior designers alike. It is commonly used as indoor flooring, patios and garden paths, bathroom walls and façades.

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Designer's Choice

Our Designer's Choice Slab Collection offers a selection of rare and unique natural stone slabs. We created this exclusive collection based on our one-of-a-kind slabs with striking and alluring characteristics.Selected with careful precision based on our customers’ preferences, this rare slab selection will enhance any of your upcoming architectural projects. It's a collection designed for the utmost creative freedom and experimentation. If you know you want to make a statement with your interior design, this is the collection for you.The Designer's Choice Slab Collection comes in a range of designs and materials. Ranging from sophisticated neutrals to vivid jewel tones, it has a wide variety of color stories available. Moreover, there's a slab fit for every budget, from porcelain to marble options available.
Ivory Travertine Collection

Ivory Travertine

The Ivory Travertine Tile Collection offers a range of travertine tile finishes to perfectly suit your interior. Its warm ivory coloring emits a warm yet elegant aura.This collection is extremely versatile. It comes in honed, antiqued, filled, and tumbled finishes. We carefully crafted the filled finish to create a smooth surface perfect for interior floors and walls. The rougher texture of the tumbled finish is ideal for exterior patios and preventing slipping in wet areas, like showers and poolsides.The Ivory Travertine Tile Collection has a wide array of design options in several sizes, shapes, mosaics and decorative trim pieces. It will add a refined touch to any floor, wall, or backsplash in both residential and commercial applications.
Ivory Vein Cut Travertine Collection

Ivory Vein Cut Travertine

The Ivory Vein Cut Travertine Collection is sleek and contemporary. With a honed finish, this gorgeous beige travertine is available as mosaics and field tiles.The subtle warmth of this natural stone makes it ideal for both residential and commercial projects. Its vein-cut surface creates a soft texture that adds depth and complexity to any interior.This collection comes in a filled finish, ensuring a sleek and smooth surface for your walls or floors. Additional finishes–such as tumbled, honed unfilled, antiqued, and sawn–are available as a special order.The Ivory Vein Cut Travertine Collection is suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications.
Landscape Stone Collection

Landscape Stone

Our Landscape Stone Collection is ideal for open patios, winding garden pathways, sunny poolsides, and soaring balconies. This selection of beautiful marble, limestone, and travertine is arranged in a pattern of irregular shapes, creating a natural feel.We carefully designed this collection to suit the outdoors. In general, a natural stone suited for exteriors must be able to tolerate freeze-thaw cycles and extreme temperature changes. Additionally, it must tolerate constant water and have a relatively non-slippery finish.These pavers are available in three finishes: reclaimed, renaissance, and tumbled. The stones come in a range of neutral greys and beiges that will seamlessly blend with both rural green gardens and modern city decks.The Landscape Stone is only suitable for outdoor flooring.

Travertine Tile Usage

Travertine is a form of limestone. When water carries limestone particles, the natural stone encounters a pressure-free environment and precipitates calcium carbonate. This accumulation forms soft lines over time, creating travertine.

Popular in entryways, kitchens, and bathrooms, travertine tiles bring a natural elegance to any home. We particularly recommend them for kitchens; they can be used for both countertops and backsplashes.

Travertine tiles work well as garden pavements. Due to their harsh and rough surface, we also recommend them for poolsides. Kitchen floors, bathroom floors, and all other damp floors are suitable for travertine tiles.

Despite being porous, travertine is actually an extremely long-lasting stone. Due to its scratch resistance, it’s usually very durable and easy to maintain. Ideal for homes with pets or kids, it’s the type of stone that you don’t have to worry about after installing. For more information on how to clean travertine, check our care and maintenance page.


There are several types of travertine finishes on the market, such as tumbled, honed, brushed, filled, filled & honed, chiseled, bush hammered and polished. It comes in a variety of styles and colors.

Due to its porous nature, travertine tile has many holes that can be filled with cement. Unfilled travertine tiles create rugged surfaces perfect for the outdoors, while filled travertine tiles work well indoors. Before buying travertine, be sure to ask our professionals whether the stone is honed or filled. We can help you select the perfect flooring for your needs.