Ceramic tile is often used as wall tile and flooring material from the past to the present with their technical features and especially their aesthetic appearance. Ceramic tile flooring gives impressive results especially in bathroom applications with its brightness, stain repellency, and high abrasion resistance.

Ceramic is the ideal flooring material to create a unique atmosphere in bathrooms with attractive colors. Marble Systems Ceramic tile collections offer you what you need to color your bathrooms, kitchens or living rooms.

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Antique Tile Collection

Antique Tile

The Antique Tile Collection features over 35 carefully created motifs. Some are reproduced from traditional Portuguese and Spanish patterns. Others are fun contemporary designs. These glazed terracotta tiles are at home in any interior wall application and a perfect fit if you are looking to create a focal point in a room.
Antiqued Mallorca Terracotta Collection

Antiqued Mallorca Terracotta

Antiqued Mallorca Terracotta Collection is an artistic interpretation of the famous “Lenguas Mallorquinas” fabrics. Crafted by Spanish textile weavers and perfected by French artisans since the mid-1800s. This beautiful collection delivers six exciting patterns, featuring a sun-bathed vintage linen look and a cool indigo wash. This collection is produced on our own 6×6 terracotta tiles and is suitable for any interior wall applications.
Bella Muro Ceramic Tile Collection

Bella Muro Ceramic Tile

A beautiful wall of ceramic tile is the focal point of many fine residences. Hence the name of our new collection, Bella Muro Ceramic Tile. An easy definition of a ceramic glaze is offered  by Merriam-Webster: “a mixture of powdered materials that often includes a premelted glass made into a slip and applied to a ceramic body by spraying or dipping and capable of fusing to glassy coating when dried and fired.”This collection features over a dozen color ways; some are in an easy to design with matte finish and others are classically glossy. In addition, the rectangular shape opens lots of possibilities for creative flow.
Chelsea Brick Collection

Chelsea Brick

Today, Chelsea Brick s characterized as one of the most eclectic and stylish neighborhoods in New York City. Past and present, its renaissance has been distinguished by incredible Architecture, famous resident Artists, along with notable Restaurants and Gallery’s that are unabashedly individualistic.Brick as building material has been used, through out history, to create walls, paving and other aspects of masonry. Typically, the word  brick referred to a unit composed of clay. However, today it may be used anecdotally to indicate rectangular items set in mortar. As such, brick can be composed of clay-bearing soil, sand, and lime, or concrete materials.The diversity of our Chelsea Brick Collection will appeal to anyone’s innate desire to express themselves personally; 31 artisanal glazes available in Rustic, Plain or Striated profiles.Please download Brick Blends PDF.
Chez Monet Ceramic Collection

Chez Monet Ceramic

It’s true what they say – blue and white really is forever. This particular version of the storied color combo is like a postcard from France, inspired by the very tiles in Monet’s own kitchen at Giverny. Motifs from the garden recall the gentle silhouettes of leaves, petals, iron gates and latticework. The subtly wavy surface of the tiles lends a handcrafted feel similar to zellige, and the white ground is flavored with a soothing creamy tone, yet the deep marine blue patterns are perfectly crisp, and the glaze is glossy. This thoughtful and intentional juxtaposition creates a tile surface that feels clean yet warm, with a hint of the old-world and a dash of the new. Chez Monet is a 21st century update of a documentary Country Floors signature collection, newly refreshed as a versatile solution to bring the charm and panache of blue and white to interiors classic and modern, city and country, residential and hospitality.
Desert Wildflowers Ceramic Collection

Desert Wildflowers Ceramic

The Desert Wildflowers Collection of ceramic tiles is a collaboration between Country Floors and Julia Buckingham. A noted American interior designer and author whose eponymous studio is based in Chicago, Ms. Buckingham resides and designs for part of each year in Arizona. There, she found inspiration for the tile in the desert flora of the southwestern United States. The six-inch square tiles are modern, abstract watercolor interpretations of blooms found on wildflowers native to the great plains and desert southwest. In nature, the fragile, fleeting beauty and vibrant colors of these blooms often appear in striking contrast to the backdrop of their neutral, arid and roughly textured habitat. This is reflected in the movement and layering of the glaze colors across the tile. Each of the five tile colors is named after wildflower species that inspired it. The watery tones and bold movement of this tile would be complemented in an interior scheme by neutral material adjacencies that call for such a modernart sculpted color infusion. These might include limestone, terracotta, marble, stainless steel, aged brass or wood. Desert Wildflowers tiles are suitable for all vertical applications including wet areas.
Kasbah Ceramic Collection

Kasbah Ceramic

Where minimalist simplicity meets the warmth of handcraft, you’ll find Kasbah by Country Floors. In chic simple so-right now tones of pale neutral glaze over a pure white clay body, Kasbah is meant to be installed with a tight grout joint to accentuate its imperfectly beautiful edges. With Kasbah, you can create waves of subtle intrigue across a simple, monochrome wall or dive into the palette and create a lovely mix of tones. Kasbah brings all of the beauty of an ancient Moroccan villa. Suitable for vertical interior applications, not for use in wet areas.
Mallorca Ceramic Collection

Mallorca Ceramic

Mallorca, an artistic ceramic interpretation of the beautiful “Lenguas Mallorquinas”, a style created by Spanish textile weavers and perfected by French artisans.Our Mallorca Collection offers a wide range of decorative motifs, a cultural feast between East and West. This collection is perfect for those who love the beauty of classical decoration and for those who like exploring the endless boundaries of opulent and exotic patterns.The Mallorca collection consists of six 8x8 tiles exquisitely hand painted on our hand molded bisques. These tiles are applicable only for walls and must be sealed due to the crackled finish. This is not recommended for floors, pools or spas. This is suitable for exterior use subject to climate and method of installation.
Marsala Bianco Ceramic Collection

Marsala Bianco Ceramic

Marsala Bianco is for those who love traditional patterning but prefer to use it in an updated, more subtle fashion.Taking inspiration from a 19th and 20th Century Sicilian artistic genre, Marsala Bianco pays homage to the lively, unique, globally inspired pattern mix found in Sicily, with six decorative designs named after villages there. The feel of this tile is understated, with a mix of warm and cool neutral tones on white, so it fits with any décor.With whispered architectural undertones taken from the Roman, Arabic and Greek influences that are so much a part of history of Sicily, Marsala Bianco brings timeless beauty to interiors.Completing the line, a beautiful white field tile and choice of complementary trims makes Marsala Bianco simple to use. It is suitable for interior vertical applications including wet areas.
Marsala Classic Baldosa Tile Collection

Marsala Classic Baldosa Tile

Taking magnificent inspiration from a 19th and 20th Century Sicilian artistic genre, Marsala Classic Baldosa Tile pays homage to the lively, imperfect nature of the originals. Given the unique history of Sicily, which has been the epicenter for various cultures and populations, the architecture of this fabled island demonstrates various styles including Roman, Arabic, and Greek. Our Marsala Baldosa Style Tile delivers a rich crackle finish, hand painted detail and distressed beauty. This hand crafted and kiln fired selection offers 8 designs named after the Sicilian city’s that have inspired their beauty; Catania, Milazzo, Modica, Palermo, Rogusa, Syracuse, Taormina, and Tropiani.
Metro Wall Ceramic Collection

Metro Wall Ceramic

The Metro Wall Ceramic collection is a versatile backdrop for interiors in tones of black, white or grey. The shapes and styles of Metro along with their neutral tones are great for making retail merchandising pop or adding a subtle lift to restaurant or café walls. Choose from a cool, industrial matte finish or a clean, glossy one. Easy and economical to install, the 12”x 12” tiles have faux crosshatch (small rectangles) and faux 2”x 2” mosaic looks.
Miradouro Classic Ceramic Collection

Miradouro Classic Ceramic

Our Miradouro Collection inspired by the Portuguese tile tradition. Imagine yourself at a pretty terrace watching the beautiful views of a Portuguese town. You can see these beautiful patterns in places as varied restaurants and bars or in a traditional or modern home design. Our Miradouro Ceramic Collection, offers four gorgeous Portuguese patterns in 6x6 sizes ready to beautify any space.
Moresque Collection


Moresque Glazed Tile is luxury hand-made ceramic tile and decorative collection. There are endless combinations of unique tile shapes and pieces from field tile to Arabesque. An exquisite assemblage of stylized interlocking Arabesque patterns and intricate mosaics of enduring beauty and ancient American craftsmanship. Suitable for interior wall and light traffic floor applications, as well as commercial interior wall applications. Moresque’s majestic decorative tiles come along with various shapes and sizes of field tile, trim and architectural moldings.Moresque’s alluring spectrum is composed of beautiful timeless colors including four in stock. The moderate variation... The subtle variation within each of these artfully hand glazed ceramic tiles are a true testament that our Moresque Tile has taken on a life of its own!Please take a look at a few complementary collections in terracotta. These include: Reclaimed Terracotta, Cotto Med Terracotta Tile, Cotto Mielo Terracotta Tile.
Novelty Tile Classic Ceramic Collection

Novelty Tile Classic Ceramic

If ever there was a moment for pattern, this is it. It’s the must-have look - from style icons making patterned dresses their signature to interior designers and homeowners alike embracing the fun and fanciful look of pattern – and even pattern-on-pattern.Our new Novelty Classic Collection of glossy ceramic wall tiles is perfect for creating the richness of a layered interior with a modern twist. Beautifully edited down to a sleek, chic capsule collection by their designer, noted American tile artist Anamarie Kis and manufactured exclusively by Country Floors, there are three patterns, each in three colorways, ready to create a lasting impression in any room. There’s Leaf, sinuous gingko leaf shapes woven into a seamless lattice, Twisted, a revelatory spiral flourish connected by a swish and a wave that somehow add up to something almost geometric and finally Diamonds, a whimsically interpretive update of antique quilting patterns in which a cluster of diamond shapes can conjure wheels, blossoms or starbursts.We can’t wait to see the novel ways in which you will use Novelty. Suitable for interior vertical applications, our ceramic tiles are durable and easy to care for with a very low absorption rate for easy cleaning and fast drying in wet areas. Ask a Country Floors expert anything, we’re excited to help you make your project awesome.
Salaterra Ceramic Collection

Salaterra Ceramic

Salaterra is a new capsule collection by Erin Adams exclusively for Country Floors. It springs from the designer’s desire to create, “Something that feels of the earth.” On the wall, Salaterra creates a soothing, abstract, marbleized effect quite similar to that of natural stone. But a closer look reveals that the bold, glossy, ceramic hexagons and elongated rectangles bear the swirling shading and tinting that are hallmarks of topography, where natural features such as landforms, water courses and vegetation are charted from above. Haku was inspired by a Japanese mountain scape, Sedona by the high desert in Arizona and Saturn by the planet’s icy rings. Suitable for all interior vertical applications.
Scape Ceramic Collection

Scape Ceramic

Noted tile designer Erin Adams loves nature, art and pushing the boundaries of what materials can achieve. With SCAPE, a new capsule collection exclusively for Country Floors, she has created a contemporary wall tile that evokes nature in a uniquely painterly way. Her matte ceramic tiles awaken the senses, with washed watercolor glazes that create interpretive imagery. So, you may see a seascape, a landscape, clouds or rolling mist. SCAPE is offered in a cool, foggy grey called Storm or a fresh, saturated indigo called Mist. Within each tile the tone ranges from pale to intense, with a matte finish that underscores the watercolor art theme. Suitable for all interior vertical applications.
Seaside Ceramic Collection

Seaside Ceramic

Designed by Sue Firestone Sun, surf and sand inspire the new Seaside Collection of decorative wall tile by renowned interior designer Sue Firestone exclusively for Country Floors. The irresistible tidal pull of California style, for which Ms. Firestone’s interiors firm is renowned, imbues these decorative ceramic tiles. Channeling a mix of sizzling 60s mod style and summer-of-love boho inspirations, the award-winning designer has translated her love of coastal living into designs with a fresh and distinctive 21st century vibe. Colors encompass a mix of sand, sea, sky and coral-tinged sunsets. Organic in spirit and beachy in the best way, this thoughtfully edited capsule collection centers on familiar themes in a new way. The conceptual ovals of Surf ’s Up are an homage to both the surf life and the spirit of mid-century patterning. What starts out as a whimsical double entendre of quotidian fishing supply and glam fashion statement in Fishnet Galore becomes a sophisticated abstract all-over pattern on a wall. Nautilus Cluster borrows the ageless spiral from the storied creature and uses it to great effect, while the overlapping channeled fan shapes in Layered Coral conjure a reef of dreams. Suitable for vertical applications in residential and commercial projects, The Seaside Collection marks the second in an exclusive new series of Country Floors tiles in collaboration with top thought leaders in design.
Sister Parish Design Ceramic Collection

Sister Parish Design Ceramic

The Sister Parish Design collection for Country Floors presents a lively and colorful range of hand crafted tiles that express a fresh and modern attitude toward classic design. Made famous by the venerable firm of Parish Hadley and designed by Albert Hadley, these unconventional graphic designs represent Albert’s original take on color and composition.
Status Ceramic Collection

Status Ceramic

The Status Ceramic Collection is a beautiful ceramic assemblage featuring beautifully designed patterns combined with a wonderful palette of versatile colors.This glossy ceramic tile is a perfect choice for a focal point in a chic space. At home in any interior wall application this collection is a great fit for bath, kitchen and living room areas seeking character and charm.
Status Special Order Ceramic Collection

Status Special Order Ceramic

The Status Collection is a beautiful ceramic line made up of field tiles and sophisticated reliefs with matching trims for a flawless design.With its stunning finishes, this line offers a variety of lovely glazes from vibrant greens to neutrals and even a beautiful rose pink. Status Collection is incredibly versatile and lends itself to both contemporary and traditional spaces.
Temple Brick Glazed Tile Collection

Temple Brick Glazed Tile

Thousands of years steeped in tradition have influenced the Zen of Japan’s architectural and interior culture. Add some peaceful simplicity to yours with our Temple Brick Glazed Tile Collection that takes inspiration from centuries-old Japanese Raku Pottery. Our artisans have layered in western innovation to deliver a gorgeous palette of brick tiles, each one delivering unique characteristics in glaze and surface variation.Brick as building material has been used, through out history, to create walls, paving and other aspects of masonry. Typically, the word  brick referred to a unit composed of clay. However, today it may be used anecdotally to indicate rectangular items set in mortar. As such, brick can be composed of clay-bearing soil, sand, and lime, or concrete materials.The Temple Brick Collection is designed to be used in interior residential or commercial applications, and is a custom order item.Temple Brick is made out of 18.5% recycled materials.Please download Brick Blends PDF.
Terra Branca Terracotta Collection

Terra Branca Terracotta

Terra Branca, a white-glazed terra cotta tile collection, embraces the power of white as a design element. The sheer force of will to keep an interior simple while embracing and even celebrating its nuance, such is the elegant discipline of Terra Branca. Letting the texture alone be a foil for the light and shadow in a space, such is the beauty of Terra Branca. These 4" square white tiles are suitable for vertical applications in residential and commercial interiors.
Wagara Ceramic Collection

Wagara Ceramic

Wagara, the traditional Japanese patterns, are drawn from historic textile documents. Today, the intriguing dialect of these designs is reinterpreted in tile exclusively by Country Floors in the Wagara ceramic wall tile collection. The 6-inch square tiles are offered in 8 different Wagara patterns in a choice of 7 colors on a clean, white ground. The floral, sinuous and geometric motifs are as beautiful today as they were in 8th century Japan, ensuring a truly timeless, artful and beautiful interior. Wagara tile is suitable for vertical interior applications.
Zanzibar Ceramic Collection

Zanzibar Ceramic

Our Zanzibar Ceramic Collection pays homage to the tradition and a culture of crafting beautiful textiles created by woodblock-printed patterns, then subtly colored with indigo, henna and other natural tree dyes.These 9 patterns are rendered in a matte finish suitable for interior wall and wet area usage. Perfect for adding an “on-trend” tribal note to your wall!*This collection pairs beautifully with our stunning assortment of stocked stones and terra cottas.

What is Ceramic Tile?

Ceramic Tile is a material that can work in any room of your home. It is a floor and wall covering material produced from ceramic in various sizes. It is widely used in kitchens and bathrooms as floor covering or backsplash.

The term "ceramic" defines the material that forms the ceramic tile. Ceramic is basically a mixture of clay, sand and other natural materials. After the proper treatment, these mixtures are molded as desired and baked at high temperatures.

The word "Ceramic" itself has roots from ancient Greek. The origin of the word was "Keramos" which can be translated as "Pottery".

Ceramic Tile Usage

There are many different ceramic products in the market today such as kitchen utensils, bathroom elements, brick-type materials, etc. Ceramic Tile is also one of the oldest man-made products on earth.

Similar to terra-cotta, it was used almost since the birth of humanity. Despite its age, ceramic is also one of the most contemporary and innovative materials. Aside from floor and wall covering, special ceramic materials are used in the electronic, mechanical, nuclear and chemical industries.

Ceramic is Hygienic and Easy to Maintain

We can easily say that ceramic tile is a hard material. Nonetheless, this hardness gives the ceramic tile its hygienic nature. It doesn't hold dirt, dust, pollen, and other allergens.

If you are sensitive to dust and have allergies, ceramic tile is just for you. Because it is easy to clean and maintain. The hardness of ceramic makes it very resistant to damages and cracks.

Ceramic tiles do not change shape or twist. They are very strong and solid. They can easily bear heavy loads. That is why it is usually used in heavy foot traffic areas of a house.

Glazed and Non-Glazed Ceramic

Ceramic tiles are generally glazed tiles. Most of the tiles come with glazing which is a coating surface. But there are some other ceramic tiles which are not glazed ceramic. A well known ceramic tile without glaze is traditional Mexican Saltillo tiles.

If the tiles are not glazed, then they must be sealed properly before using them. Normally, well-cared ceramic tiles can last 100 years in a house.

As you know, the spaces we live in have lines that express us. The most important point of decoration is to choose the right material for your physical and aesthetic needs. Aesthetic, hygienic, durable and long-lasting ceramic tiles are indispensable for living spaces.

Is Ceramic Tile Installation Easy?

Ceramic tiles are usually cheaper than many natural stone tiles. But ceramic tile flooring may be costly depending on the quality of the tile and difficulty of installation. You can DIY the ceramic tiles to save some money but don't forget that is a labor-intensive process.

Most of the time, you have to level the surface with the cement board. Doing this extra layer means extra time, cost and labor for your project. It is better to ask before buying about the ceramic tile you choose. At Marble Systems, our professionals will give you proper information about installation.

Order More Than You Need

It is a good idea to order more than you need. Because if any of the tiles are cracked somehow, you can easily change them. Replacing cracked pieces is relatively easy. The tiles are often glued down to the board using an adhesive which is cementitious in nature.

And filling the gaps between tiles with grout will finalize the installation process.

There are hundreds of different colors, sizes and patterns of ceramic tiles today that you can use in bathroom, kitchen or as a ceramic wall tile. Color or patterns of ceramic do not fade away easily. They are robust and don't require much maintenance.

Pro tip:

Order a few boxes more than you need. When ordering your ceramic tile, order a few boxes more than you need. You can use these extra tiles for future repairs or regeneration of your tiles. Don't forget to pay attention to color and size coding in the packaging of the products.

If you'll ship your products by your own vehicle, be sure that boxes are aligned upright and fixed to the vehicle like on a pallet. Otherwise, there may be breaks.

Why Ceramics Should Be Preferred in the Bathroom?

Ceramic tile is a material that has been in human life for thousands of years and has become more and more popular. Ceramic obtained by shaping and cooking clay and various materials in nature is widely preferred in homes, offices, and restaurants today.

The bathroom is one of the most suitable areas for ceramic use. The bathroom, which is a warm and wet area during the day, benefits from all the blessings of the ceramic coating. With the ceramics you choose, you can have a bathroom that looks very stylish and does not get dirty easily. The only downside of ceramic is that is is always cold.

Pros and Cons Of Ceramic Tile

If you are living in a cold city, your ceramic tiles will be very cold in the mornings. You can use rugs over ceramics to isolate the cold if you are sensitive to heat a lot. They are ideal for the bathroom because they are hygienic, water-resistant and can be cleaned easily with only a simple mob.

It is a completely antibacterial material consisting of ceramic, baked clay, clay, and various special materials. Since its surface does not absorb the liquid and leaves it outside, it prevents problems such as moisture, mold, and bacteria. It is easily washed and does not wear out during daily cleaning.

Given all these reasons, the first thing you need to do is to choose a quality ceramic. You should not forget that even if the production of ceramics seems relatively simple, the slightest production error or poor quality will affect the whole structure. For this reason, you can choose Marble Systems' Ceramic Collection which was produced with high quality.

Comfort and Convenience

If you have a small bathroom, ceramic tiles with the right color and patterns will make your bathroom more spacious. Pastel and light shades will add a very different atmosphere to your bathroom. Although the glossy ceramic will look much more flashy than its matte version, it may not be a good choice for the bathroom floor.

The fact that the ceramic you choose is a bright ceramic that can cause it to be harder to clean and less durable. Abrasive cleaning materials, which we often use in bathrooms, can destroy this gloss over time. However, matte ceramics, which are very suitable for bathroom use, are both easier to clean and last longer.

You should definitely examine the ceramic you think of for bathroom decoration, you should master its technical details, and it should be kept in mind that a bright ceramic will make the bathroom showier.

Disadvantage of Ceramic Tile

There is only one caveat about ceramic tile. Due to its hardness, it may not be suitable to use in certain areas of a home. If there are elderly people living, they might suffer when they fall onto ceramic tile.

The ceramic tile doesn't have any flexibility. Nonetheless, when an object hits the ceramic ground, most likely the object or the ceramic will break.

In the case of a human being fall on the ground without any protection, there is a chance that an elderly person might hurt himself or herself. The same is true for babies. As a precaution, you can use soft carpets or rugs if you want to prevent such accidents.

Technical Details of Ceramic

If you are into more technical details of ceramic, you can read further. Ceramic is an inorganic, non-metallic solid prepared by heat action and subsequently cooling. Ceramic materials can be crystalline or partially crystalline or can be amorphous.

Since the most common ceramics are crystals, the definition of ceramics is often limited to inorganic crystal materials as opposed to non-crystalline glasses.

The oldest ceramics are pottery pieces, which were mixed with themselves or other materials, covered with fire hard. The ceramics were then glazed and fired to create a colorful, smooth surface. Ceramics now contains local, industrial and decorative products and art objects.


Ceramic tile is often used as wall tile and flooring material from the past to the present with their technical features and especially their aesthetic appearance. The flooring of ceramic gives impressive results especially in bathroom applications with its brightness, stain repellency, and high abrasion resistance.

It is the ideal flooring material to create a unique atmosphere in bathrooms with attractive colors. Marble Systems Ceramic tile collections offer you what you need to color your bathrooms, kitchens or living rooms.

There are hundreds of different colors and shapes in these collections. I am pretty sure one of them will be an answer to your needs.