cleaning tile floors with brush

How to Clean Tile Floors: Porcelain, Ceramic & Marble Floors

How to Clean Tile Floors: Porcelain, Ceramic & Marble Floors Do you have tile flooring? Or are you thinking of installing flooring with ceramic tile, porcelain tile, and marble tile? If so you may naturally be curious to know how to clean tile floors. Knowing how to properly clean tile [...]
honey oak cabinets, backsplash ideas for wood cabinets

5 Best Backsplash Styles for Honey Oak Cabinets

Today’s honey oak kitchen cabinets are not the cabinets that were widely popular in the 1980s and 90s. Modern-day honey oak kitchen cabinets feature cooler tones that are less orange so they will blend much better with a variety of unique design elements.If you want to know which [...]
quartz vs granite

Quartz vs. Granite Countertops: Which is Better?

It can be difficult to narrow down the choices when it comes to selecting a countertop. However, many homeowners find themselves choosing between quartz countertops and granite countertops. Deciding between the two premium materials is not always easy, especially if you don't know the pros and [...]

Quartzite vs. Granite: Which is Right for You?

There are so many crucial decisions to make when renovating our homes. The never-ending list of materials, patterns, and applications can make the process lengthy. If you wish to use natural stone, the choices here too can be overwhelming. Quartzite and granite are two of the best natural [...]
Gray marble tile floor for restaurant kitchen

The Best Flooring for a Restaurant Kitchen

What To Consider When Choosing Flooring for a Restaurant KitchenHave you thought about what it will take to select the optimal flooring for your restaurant kitchen? If not, we have done most of the heavy lifting for you. It is crucial to decide what elements you desire most when looking to [...]

15 Marble Kitchen Island Ideas to Elevate Your Space

Marble never fails to add a feeling of luxury to living spaces. In the kitchen, marble can be creatively infused into various aspects of the space to elevate the aesthetic to new heights.Incorporating marble into your kitchen is sure to add class and elegance. When it comes to designing [...]
Ivory honed travertine for outdoor patio

Best Travertine Tile Ideas for the Outdoors

Travertine tile is a form of uniquely squired natural stone that's perfect for the outdoors. Not only is outdoor travertine tile durable, but it also fits in seamlessly with exterior landscapes and poolsides.Travertine is a variation of veined limestone that’s formed from the buildup of [...]

Laundry Room Tile Design Ideas for 2023

2023 Laundry Room Tile Design TrendsWho says laundry rooms have to be boring? Although they might be one of the most functional rooms of the house, they can still be a space to let your creativity shine. In 2023, consider transforming your laundry room with a unique laundry room backsplash [...]

Porcelain vs Quartz Countertops: Which is Best For Your Home?

Selecting the perfect countertops for your home is a highly personal decision. Your countertops will be a showpiece in the home as well as where you will prepare meals and make memories. Two of the most popular options are quartz countertops and porcelain countertops. These two materials make [...]