Glass tiles are perfect for kitchen backsplashes, bathroom walls, and pool floorings. They are soft to the touch, with a smooth, organic edge. If you're looking for something different from natural stone tiles in your home, glass tiles can be an intriguing alternative.

Whether you use glass subway tiles or glass mosaic tiles, a glass backsplash will softly illuminate your kitchen or bathroom. Here at Marble Systems, we offer an extensive selection of modern glass mosaics and tiles.

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Antique Mirror Tiles Collection

Antique Mirror Tiles

Our Antique Mirror Tile collection harkens back to a rich history. Venetian glassmakers introduced the process of making mirrors out of plates in the early 15th century on the island of Murano. They soon became a luxury product, renowned as the finest mirrors in the world. Their appeal came from a special technique utilized by Venetian glassmakers. To create an alluring glimmer, they inserted gold leaf into the glass before it solidified.Inspired by this classic antiquing process, Marble Systems has created a rich, artfully aged selection of patterns and tiles. The resulting collection delivers an old-world look with a new-world style.The Antique Mirror Tile collection is ideal for interior wall use. Our glass tiles are the perfect surface for any decorative application, from kitchen backsplashes to bathroom wall tiles. They're impervious to oil and acid stains, so they'll always look beautiful in your home or business. Glass is also affordable with a wide variety of colors available; it's easy to clean and maintain too.With a wide range of coordinating wall tiles, floor tiles, and mosaic tile options available, your walls will certainly be the centerpiece of any room.