With its soft beige color, limestone evokes a sense of cleanliness, comfort, and elegance in living spaces. It’s a great choice for creating a rustic or Mediterranean style, and it brings a warm atmosphere to homes. Compared to other high-end natural stones like marble or granite, limestone is a more budget-friendly covering material.

Each limestone tile is one of a kind because it comes directly from the earth. A chemical sedimentary rock made up of calcium carbonate salt, limestone is a natural stone that forms after millions of years of metamorphosis under the sea. As a result, it sometimes contains small fossils. From the Great Pyramids of Giza to the US Pentagon, limestone has remained an iconic natural stone for thousands of years.

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Baba Chic Collection

Baba Chic

The Baba Chic Mosaics Collection showcases the cultural heritage and skilled craftsmanship of Tunisian artisans. These intricately designed mosaic patterns use a combination of limestone and terracotta in bold color combinations, shape, and sizes.Situated in the cradle of the Pan-Mediterranean world, Tunisia has a rich cultural history. Historically, its art draws on influences from Spain, Persia, and China. Particularly, the country is renowned for its mosaics and pottery. Traditionally decorated in Arabesque style, Tunisian mosaics have rich, bright colors and bold geometric patterns.These mosaic tiles will make a dramatic statement for any wall or floor application. They're highly versatile and suit almost any interior. Kitchen backsplashes, wine rooms, accent walls, fireplace surrounds, powder room floors, and entry foyers are only a few of the possibilities available.Each piece of the Baba Chic Collection has a mesh backing, insuring an easy installation.
Bosphorus Limestone Tile Collection

Bosphorus Limestone Tile

The Bosphorus Limestone Tile Collection is a finely-crafted blend of contemporary designs and ancient materials. Elongated shapes, hexagonal mosaics and versatile elegant moldings bring this collection to life. Our Bosphorus tiles have a deeply rich color meant to enhance steady and strong design themes.A reference to the iconic Bosphorus strait of Istanbul, the rich deep brown of this collection evokes history and antiquity. Located between the continents of Europe and Asia, this iconic strait has been the foundation for many civilizations and cultural traditions.A sedimentary rock, limestone has long been a mainstay in architecture due to its beauty and utility. From the Pyramids of Giza to the Lincoln Memorial, it has formed some of the most iconic buildings in the world.The Bosphorus Limestone Tile Collection is perfect for backsplashes and all interior walls and floors.
Britannia Limestone Tile Collection

Britannia Limestone Tile

The Britannia Limestone Tile Collection is a finely crafted blend of versatile tiles, elongated shapes, hexagonal mosaics, and elegant moldings. The rich variation of this collection creates endless creative possibilities.With such a wide range of shapes, this collection has the perfect option for any interior. The mosaics offer customizable patterns and colors to create the design of your dreams. The unique Autumn Leaf Mosaic mirrors the earthy look of a leaf-strewn forest floor, while the Herringbone Mosaic evokes the simple classiness of mid-century interiors. In turn, the Textured 3d Hexagon Mosaic makes a bold, graphic statement for cutting-edge compositions.The Britannia Limestone Tile Collection is ideal for customers that want ultimate creative freedom with endless possibilities. This product is suitable for interior walls, floorings, and showers.
Champagne Limestone Tiles Collection

Champagne Limestone Tiles

The Champagne Limestone Tiles Collection blends the clean lines and modularity of the contemporary lifestyle. A wonderful color palette comprised of distinct yet neutral colorations and a finely honed/semi-polished surface sets the foundation for a unique design spectrum for residential and commercial applications. Embellishments to this collection include linear/geometric mosaics in blends from the color palette. For the finishing touch, one may select from mouldings in a variety of shapes. The Limestone Collection is a harmony of tonality and design for today’s lifestyles.By way of definition, limestone is a sedimentary rock. It is has historically been used in Europe and throughout the world as a natural building material. The material has enjoyed a great deal of utility in architecture. Consider The Great Pyramid of Giza, for example. Elongated shapes, hexagonal mosaics and versatile elegant molding profiles bring this collection to life.
Cottage Stone Tiles Collection

Cottage Stone Tiles

Radiating pure charm, our Cottage Stone Tile Collection consists of subtly chiselled stones. These marle tiles will create a beautiful foundation to adorn any natural interior. The rustic finish of these tiles, paired with the natural luminosity of marble, forms a warm, organic atmosphere.Marble is a metamorphic stone with a timeless history as a flooring, wall covering, paving material and sculptural medium. Some of the world's most sublime sights, like the Taj Mahal, the statue of David, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Washington Monument are made of marble. By choosing marble, you'll be bringing a fragment of this rich history into your home or commercial property.The Cottage Stone Tile Collection is available in six soft shades in a grand 16″x24″ format and free-length pattern. It's ideal for both horizontal and vertical applications in residential or commercial properties.

Designer's Choice

Our Designer's Choice Slab Collection offers a selection of rare and unique natural stone slabs. We created this exclusive collection based on our one-of-a-kind slabs with striking and alluring characteristics.Selected with careful precision based on our customers’ preferences, this rare slab selection will enhance any of your upcoming architectural projects. It's a collection designed for the utmost creative freedom and experimentation. If you know you want to make a statement with your interior design, this is the collection for you.The Designer's Choice Slab Collection comes in a range of designs and materials. Ranging from sophisticated neutrals to vivid jewel tones, it has a wide variety of color stories available. Moreover, there's a slab fit for every budget, from porcelain to marble options available.
Full Grain Stone Collection

Full Grain Stone

Our full grain stone tiles are textured products ideal for exterior surfaces and beyond. They're also perfect for creative professionals and homeowners looking to add textured accents to their interiors.With such a unique product, the possibilities are endless. When designing a layout, an expert interior designer will consider color, light, scale, and texture. An unusually textured wall or flooring is sure to transform any interior into a remarkable and innovative space.The Full Grained Stone Collection includes both marble and limestone, two of the most popular natural stones in the world. We believe that offering such an inventive collection places us in a unique and advantageous position over other natural stone producers.
La Roche Limestone Collection

La Roche Limestone

Our La Roche Limestone Collection is a finely curated selection of sophisticated limestone tiles. It immediately sparks the imagination of our clients and friends, calling to mind evocative and exotic settings.Through careful contemplation, we chose four distinct colorways that, in our view, will suit almost any current design plan. This collection has a range of neutral tones and finishes, including brushed, honed, chiselled, and tumbled. These wide-ranging options invite the opportunity to mix and match different sizes, finishes, and colors. Be adventurous!The La Roche Limestone Collection is applicable for both vertical and horizontal applications in residential and commercial properties. 
Penny Round Mosaic 2.0 Collection

Penny Round Mosaic 2.0

A must-have mosaic for modern makeovers, the Penny Round Mosaic 2.0 Collection is right on the money. A modern classic marble mosaic range designed for creative versatility for residential and commercial interiors, including wet areas. The quirky marble penny round mosaic is available in black, white, grey, and eco-neutral tone natural marbles. This fun mosaic collection creates a stunning mosaic on walls and floors, with endless possibilities. Jazz up boring kitchen backsplashes and floor areas with the penny round mosaic. Rest assured, your money will definitely not go down the drain when you tile your wet room or shower with these charming marble pennies. You can bank on it! The Penny Round Mosaic 2.0 Collection is suitable for horizontal and vertical applications in commercial and residential properties.
Studio Mosaic Tile Collection

Studio Mosaic Tile

Our Studio Mosaic Tile Collection contains exquisitely designed geometric waterjet patterns. It draws from a variety of English, French Bistro, Deco, and Mid-Century Modern motifs re-designed with fresh interpretations.This collection includes several tone-on-tone shades and textural variations to suit a multitude of individual visions. The range of unassuming gray, white, black, and beige shades perfectly balances out the complex patterns to deliver a design that is intricate yet not flashy. This selection of field stones, trims, moldings, and slabs allows for a complete, uniform look to any interior. With so many options, we've got you covered!The Studio Mosaic Tile Collection is suitable for horizontal and vertical applications in residential and commercial properties.
Made In USA Talya Decorative Marble Collection

Talya Decorative Marble

Designed by Sara Baldwin, the Talya Decorative Marble Collection features a beautiful, lyrical mix of water jet designs that are at home in any bath, kitchen or grand entry.The Talya Collection is a refined study of design. It consists of marble and stone intertwining into bold lacework and modern geometries. With its minimal palette of greys and ivories, the collection is formal yet casual, elegant yet understated. Its soothing palette has a nuance that makes it easily adaptable to fit easily into any traditional or modern environment. In addition to classic field tiles, it also includes trims and bull noses.The Talya Decorative Marble Collection is applicable for floors and wall treatments in medium to heavy-traffic areas. It's suitable for wet environments, like master baths and kitchens.

Limestone Tile Usage

Sedimentary rock tiles look amazing everywhere. Most commonly, limestone is used as an exterior surface element. However, with the proper maintenance, it's suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and interiors with light, airy atmospheres. We particularly recommend limestone tiles for shower rooms.

Due to its soft and porous nature, limestone does have its disadvantages. It’s not as hard and as tough as marble. Therefore, it’s not very suitable for high-traffic areas. Of course, you can use it anywhere you like, but be careful to prevent breaking, scratching, and splitting. Be especially mindful if you are planning to place big, heavy structures or furniture on a limestone floor. You can fix some small damages by yourself, but you may need a specialist replacement for a substantial crack or a broken floor tile.

Generally, limestone tile is an amazing selection for a home. There are some downsides to take into consideration, but this product is affordable compared to other types of all-natural rocks and can substantially boost your residence's value.


Currently, at Marble Systems, we carry eight different limestone tile collections. All of these collections have different features and attributes that make them very special and unique.

Limestone is surprisingly versatile, with a broad range of prices and shades. Although all limestone has a natural tone, we offer dazzling hues of beige, cream, white, and grey.

We also offer patterned limestone tiles and mosaics:

  • The Baba Chic Collection showcases the cultural heritage and skilled craftsmanship of Tunisian artisans. A combination of limestone and terracotta, these mosaics are intricately designed patterns offered in bold color combinations, shapes, and sizes.
  • The Penny Round Mosaic 2.0 Collection is a modern classic limestone and marble range designed for residential and commercial interiors, including wet areas. These quirky marble penny round mosaics are available in black, white, grey, and eco-neutral tone natural marbles.

Installation & Maintenance

Limestone is a timeless beauty. If you want to keep it that way, you have to preserve its top quality.

Generally speaking, natural stones are not suitable for DIY installations. Bear in mind the additional cost of installation before buying limestone tiles. However, natural stone will certainly increase your residence’s value.

Your limestone tiles need to be secured right away once they're set up. Since they have a porous structure, we recommend sealing them. Regular sealing upkeep every two years is also recommended. If your tiles start to soak in water, it’s time to re-seal. On a sealed limestone tile, the water will bead on the surface.

Sedimentary rocks are prone to acidity, which means you can't use any product to clean them. pH-neutral cleaners are ideal for all natural stones. Avoid chemical detergents if you want to extend your tiles' lifetime. Be careful when using a vacuum cleaner, as you can easily scratch the surface. We suggest using a broom and a mop instead.