Slate Slabs & Countertops

With their unique texture, rich colors, and robustness, slate slabs are a dignified choice for your countertops. Due to its functionality and aesthetics, this stone is indispensable for any interior with a simple and elegant atmosphere.

Slate works well as countertops due to its scratch-resistance, heat-resistance, and low absorbency. Therefore, it's a more affordable and low-maintenance alternative to other natural stones like marble. We offer slate slabs in basic grays, greens, blacks, and even some more vibrant colors.

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Pietra Cardoso Honed Slate Slab

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Montauk Black Honed Slate Slab

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Slate Slab Advantages

Compared to many other natural stones, slate slabs are stain-resistant, heat-resistant, and less-porous. They're also anti-bacterial, making for a sanitary work surface. Therefore, they make for a practical and sophisticated kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity.

In addition to all of these benefits, slate costs less than marble or granite.

Slate Slab Disadvantages

Slate countertops do have slight disadvantages. There is a risk of scratching, so be sure to avoid placing direct metal objects in contact with the surface. Additionally, their corners can be slightly sharp and brittle. If you live in a household with children, we suggest rounding the corners.


Slate slabs are perfect for those in search of a uniform design. Available in rich shades of grays and blacks, it suits interiors with sleek, modern designs. Additionally, its color makes it highly adaptable to any space. It's truly a timeless piece. A slate slab will perfectly suit any color scheme or layout, even if you decide to change the room's design or layout.


Due to its density and low porosity, you do not need to seal slate.

To clean your slate slab, simply use a neutral pH cleaner and a sponge. Although slate is not as vulnerable to acid as marble, we still recommend avoiding harsh surface cleaners.

Although slate is heat-resistant, we always recommend safeguarding natural stone surfaces. When cooking, be sure to use mats, cutting boards, and coasters to ensure the pristine quality of your countertop lasts a long time.



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