A composite material, terrazzo consists of chips of marble, quartz, granite, glass, and other materials. Terrazzo means terrace in Italian, a reference to the tiles’ original usage for terraces. Art historians believe that Venetian construction workers originally created terrazzo tiles by using the remains of marble for their own homes. Today, terrazzo remains a popular choice that has been updated with modern technological advancements. One of its most popular uses is the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Colored epoxy terrazzo tile is particularly sought after due to its traditional beauty, durability, and low cost. Unlike tile, it does not crack. Additionally, unlike linoleum, it does not lose its shine. It's resistant to most chemical stains. Terrazzo gives designers the freedom to create eye-catching colors and amazing patterns. With epoxy terrazzo, you have the freedom to customize your design to the exact color-aggregate combination you desire.

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Arcobaleno Terrazzo Collection

Arcobaleno Terrazzo

The Arcobaleno Terrazzo Collection is a modern update on the long and illustrious history of terrazzo. Like many timeless materials, terrazzo can be traced back all the way to 15th-century Italy. A composite material, it consists of chips of marble, quartz, granite, glass, and other materials. According to art historians, Venetian construction workers invented the tile when they used remnants of marble to construct the flooring in their homes.This collection consists of pre-cast, 8-inch tiles in a sophisticated matte finish. Its name–Arcobaleno–means rainbow in Italian, a reference to the bright selection of colors available. It has nine pastel color variations inspired by the allure of nature.The Arcobaleno Terrazzo Collection brings all the strength and lasting beauty of poured terrazzo, but it's so much simpler to install. Interior designers prefer colored epoxy terrazzo tiles due to their traditional beauty, durability, and low cost. Unlike stone, they do not crack. Unlike linoleum, they do not lose their shine. It is resistant to most chemical stains.Ask your Marble Systems associate about creating patterns out of multiple colors to create feature walls and other interesting modular designs. The collection works well in all horizontal and vertical applications in residential and commercial interiors. It's particularly brilliant in the high-traffic spots of commercial properities. However, it suits quiet residences as well.
Venetian Style Terrazzo Tile Collection

Venetian Style Terrazzo Tile

Our Venetian Style Terrazzo Tile Collection is an innovative product that combines traditional architecture with modern technology. These terrazzo tiles are incredibly long-lasting and durable, making them ideal for high-traffic areas in businesses or busy households.An Italian invention, terrazzo was first created by Venetian stoneworkers who used leftover marble chips to form their terraces. An aggregate material, terrazzo is composed of bits of marble, granite, quartz, glass, or other elements bound together. Historically, that binder would have been cementitious but may now be more chemical (epoxy) in nature.The Venetian Style Terrazzo Tile Collection is suitable for vertical and horizontal application in residences and commercial properties. Typically, this material works well as flooring, but it is also viable as a wall covering.

Terrazzo Tile Usage

Today’s terrazzo flooring combines the beauty of traditional art with modern technological advancements of epoxy resin and recycled aggregate. Selected color combinations of natural marble and recycled glass or plastic chips are placed in pigmented cement or epoxy matrix and trowelled onto a prepared concrete plate.

One of the best advantages of terrazzo is its durability, which will save you money in the long term. It does not require many repairs. However, the initial cost of terrazzo per square foot may be a bit high for those seeking a budget-friendly option. At Marble Systems, we can help you find the best products in line with your budget.

Made of natural stone chips, terrazzo does not retain heat well. If you live in a cold climate and wish to walk barefoot in your residence, we recommend laying down carpets or rugs.


Divider strips offer countless color options and the ability to easily create shapes. Our terrazzo is entirely customizable to your personal preferences. Your imagination is the limit!

We have two beautiful terrazzo tile collections:

Installation & Maintenance

Compared to other tiles, terrazzo installation can be complex. Therefore, we recommend hiring a professional terrazzo installer to lay your tiles perfectly. This will increase your costs.

Moreover, modern epoxy terrazzo is easy to clean because it’s not porous. Its surface does not support bacterial growth. To clean it, all you need is a vacuum, broom, or mop.