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Terrazzo might be loosely defined as an aggregate material that can be poured in place onsite or precast offsite, then delivered, and installed. Typically, this material is a flooring but is also viable as a wall covering. The aggregate is composed of bits of marble, granite, quartz, glass, or other elements. These pieces are then poured along with some type of binder or matrix and usually polished. Historically, that binder would have been cementitious but may now be more chemical (epoxy) in nature. Our Venetian Style Terrazzo Tile Collection offers many benefits via the tile format. Let’s take a look.
 Terrazzo Tile
The design visual  of terrazzo is undeniable. Here are a few reasons for that:
Durability –  There  are terrazzo floors in place worldwide and have been there for centuries. We all know nothing is entirely indestructible or bulletproof, but terrazzo certainly comes close.
Italian is Cool –  Like it or not, Italian design is cool, hip and almost always trending in some way. Terrazzo is inexorably linked to Italian culture and style and as such speaks loudly in a design plan.
Patterning –  Venetian Style Terrazzo Tile presents an almost infinite number of patterning possibilities. This has long one of the allures of terrazzo.
Design Adaptability – Terrazzo plays well with others, so to speak. Our friends at Houzz say, “Even though it’s an antique style of flooring, terrazzo works well in today’s interiors — eclectic, minimalist, rustic and everything in between.” We have nothing else to offer to that very succinct observation.
Terrazzo Tile
A final point to consider is the advantage of terrazzo tile over poured-in-place installations.  In the process of traditionally pouring terrazzo, there are form-up expenses, elongated time schedules, and perhaps more construction mess than many folks are willing to entertain. That said, in tile format, terrazzo is more adaptable to smaller spaces, and to smaller scope renovations.
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