Terrazzo Tile Interior Floor Trend Is Here To Stay For 2023. Here’s our terrazzo floor edit at Marble Systems

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As an architect or interior designer, terrazzo floor tile is an easy all-rounder. This aggregate tiling is able to handle both interior and exterior applications if the right type of terrazzo tile is chosen. Terrazzo tiling is weather and waterproof, making it the perfect option for unique backsplash tiles, shower floor tiles, and kitchen countertops.

Today, we at Marble Systems want to acquaint you with our terrazzo tiling ranges, for both residential and commercial use. The natural stone tiles for sale within these collections perfectly embody why the terrazzo flooring trend is on the horizon.

Why Choose Terrazzo Tile?

So, it’s undeniably beautiful, but is terrazzo floor tile really the right choice for your interior design project? As well as being waterproof, terrazzo is the perfect flooring material thanks to its almost unbelievable durability. This stone flooring does not suffer from stains, chips, or cracking once the tiles are correctly sealed. The pavers last longer than most other natural stone tiling outside, so just imagine the longevity they hold when installed in the interior.

If you have difficult, high-traffic areas within your home or workplace, terrazzo floor tile is the sturdiest tile for sale. The perfect tile for a homeowner or designer looking to tile an entryway or hallway. But even more so, for architects and contractors working on commercial renovations and projects. After all, terrazzo was a common sight in public buildings from 1930 onwards. Not to mention, old terrazzo tiling is easy to refinish, to look as good as new. As affordable tiles go terrazzo really gives you bang for your buck.

How Does Terrazzo Benefit the Environment?

Terrazzo tiling outshines other natural stones in terms of longevity, and it’s one of the most sustainable flooring options. Even its origins in the 16th century point to terrazzo tile being used to recycle offcuts of various natural stones. Nowadays, terrazzo tiling finds use in much the same way, reusing scarce materials for the modern focus on sustainable design.

Concerning production practices, this beautiful wall and floor tile is simple to make. Creating terrazzo tile releases very few harmful gases, protecting our planet from pollution usually synonymous with mass-produced tiling. By choosing terrazzo tile you play a vital role in creating sustainable architecture, benefiting your interior, and the natural world.

With all this in mind, let’s dive into the Marble Systems collections of stunning terrazzo floor tile…

Venetian Style Terrazzo Tile

We’ve seen how resplendent terrazzo tiling can be, with a pop of added color. But now let’s return to the simple style that made terrazzo flooring such a favorite in the past. The Venetian Style Terrazzo tile collection from Marble Systems takes a simpler approach to this designer tile trend.

Orizzonte Polished Terrazzo Tile 24x24

Orizzonte Polished Terrazzo Tile

Steel Honed Terrazzo Tile 24x24

Steel Honed Terrazzo Tile


The muted Orrizonte and Steel colors let the gorgeous natural stone chippings embedded in the tiling take center stage. This understated approach to the intricate tile also makes them the perfect choice for sleek interiors, and commercial floor tiles. The Steel color takes command of a room, playing well with deep blues and full black tones. The Orrizonte tile color, on the other hand, is a bright and breezy foundation for the sweet speckling on top.

The Full Collection

To view the collection of designer terrazzo tiles available on our site or our range of beautiful natural stone tiling collections, click here! If you need any guidance on how and where to use natural stone tiling in your next project, please get in contact with our team, who will offer you invaluable tips and tricks for your terrazzo tiling application. Get your dream tile from our tile store Anaheim.

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