Pennies On The Bathroom Wall? You Can With Penny Round Mosaic Tiles From Marble Systems

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The History of the Iconic Penny Round Tile

Penny round mosaics had their start at the beginning of the 20th century. The original penny rounds were white to signify cleanliness and hygiene, and have always been used as a bathroom tile. As the tiling industry took off, these tiles gained popularity for ease of customization. This meant that traditional penny tiles were on their way to becoming the beautiful penny round tiles we love today.

Designers and architects continued to experiment with colorful penny round mosaic tiles, and different patterns too. The most well-off patrons of the penny round tile opted for bespoke designs in intricate mosaics. These mosaic floor and wall tiles were eventually found throughout the home, and bordered by a simple white penny round tile. These gorgeous mosaics are the inspiration for the Marble Systems Penny Round Mosaic Tile for sale now.

The Marble Systems Penny Round Collection

Playing on the timeless classic that is penny round tiles, the Marble Systems collection adds shades of elegant, modern marble. These tones are organic but still make use of the classic white and black penny round tile. The subsequent penny round mosaics are quaint, and tasteful, perfect as a bathroom wall or floor tile. The intimate setting means your penny-round bathroom floor or wall will have very little visible grout. The focus is entirely on the graceful patterns that these penny-round tiles can create.

The options for suave interior design are endless. You can use the Marble Systems penny rounds as both wall tiles and penny-round mosaic floor tiles. Of course, these marble penny rounds are suitable for application in wet areas too. Say goodbye to a generic ceramic tile bathroom. It’s so easy to add some panache to your interior with these ready-made marble mosaics. For a unique and modern look, try adding your penny round mosaic tile around the bathroom mirror. Or they look simply stunning as a penny round shower floor.

A Quick Look at the Penny Round Mosaics Collection

Black, Britannia, Snow White Honed

This eye-catching pattern looks incredible as a penny-round floor tile. The geometric line-work of white and black penny round tiles helps to elongate a room. As well as this, the marble penny round tiles sparkle in natural light, giving the installation a sense of grandeur. As a penny round tile floor, the Britannia marble also helps to frame the pattern. This set gives the mosaic an added splash of art-deco style.


A simple, full black penny round mosaic, this option is intense and alluring. For a darker interior, this penny-round mosaic tile sets the mood of the space perfectly. They look stunning as a penny-round shower floor, a unique choice to make your home stand out. For an added touch of interior style, the black penny rounds can create beautiful patterns. Pair the Black set with a white penny round tile for a cosmopolitan monochrome design.

Black, Britannia, Snow White Honed Penny Round Offset 1 Marble Mosaic 11 1/32x12 13/64

Black, Britannia, Snow White Honed Penny Round Offset 1 Marble Mosaic

Black Honed Penny Round Marble Mosaic 11 1/4x11 3/4

Black Honed Penny Round Marble Mosaic


Snow White, Allure Light

This assortment of marble penny tiles forms a subtle hexagon. The Snow White marble penny round tiles play perfectly against the sophisticated Allure Light stone. In the bathroom, this mosaic tile blends perfectly with traditional porcelain features. You can imagine how gorgeous this tile would look throughout the home, perhaps even as a distinguished penny-round backsplash.

Snow White

The shimmering Snow White marble is a timeless choice for a penny-round bathroom floor. On the wall, this marble mosaic tile blends into the space. This allows you to design your perfect room on its opulent foundation. A great choice for a penny round tile shower floor, or wet room, providing a trendy take on practical tile. As above, a pairing with a stark black penny round tile can yield some fabulous results. Check out our New York marble tile shop for more.

Black, Britannia, Snow White Plaid

This geometric penny round mosaic tile utilizes small circles to create larger square patterns. The contrasting colors of Black, Britannia, and Snow White penny round tile play the marbles against each other expertly. An undeniably eye-catching penny round floor tile, the tri-color pattern fits right into an eclectic style bathroom.

Snow White, Allure Light Honed Penny Round 7 Marble Mosaic 8 7/16x10 1/16

Snow White, Allure Light Honed Penny Round 7 Marble Mosaic

Snow White Honed Penny Round Marble Mosaic 11 1/4x11 3/4

Snow White Honed Penny Round Marble Mosaic

Black, Britannia, Snow White Honed Penny Round Plaid 1 Marble Mosaic 9 27/32x9 27/32

Black, Britannia, Snow White Honed Penny Round Plaid 1 Marble Mosaic


The Full Collection

To view the collection of designer penny round tiles available on our site or our range of beautiful natural stone tiling collections, click here! Why settle for less when you can find excellence at our tile store? If you need any guidance on how and where to use designer marble tiling in your next project, please get in contact with our team, who will offer you invaluable tips and tricks for your marble tiling application.

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