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Get the warmth of wood and practicality of a porcelain tile with wood look tile. Embrace the latest in contemporary living with Marble System’s Boise collection of wood-look porcelain tiles.

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Boise Wood-Look Porcelain Tiles

If you have a penchant for style trends touted by the likes of Elle Décor, you’ll already know that wood-look porcelain tiles are very much now, in part because of what they mean for tomorrow: long-lived, durable style for every home and commercial interior.

Wood Look Tile Collection

These wood-inspired tiles provide an effortless solution to attaining a versatile, Scandi-inspired interior – a sought-after finish for those that want to embrace the minimalism and mindfulness of indoor-outdoor living. 

 Product : Boise wood-look porcelain tile Nuage Natural Porcelain Tile

 What are the main reasons you might look to wood-effect porcelain tiles over more traditional alternatives?

Ultra-durable and long-lived

Porcelain is incredibly hard-wearing, which makes it ideal for high-traffic areas such as reception areas, restaurants, and kitchens. Despite the attractive finish of these porcelain tiles, they do not scratch easily, unlike traditional wood flooring. Similarly, porcelain tiles do not suffer the same issues as natural stone, such as efflorescence, and as a result, keep their visual appeal for years.

Effortless to maintain

An attractive quality of most porcelain tiles is that they do not need to be sealed, unlike natural stone. Porcelain is also easy to clean and keep hygienic – you simply need to use warm, soapy water. There’s no need for special solutions that, in some cases, can be costly and time-consuming to apply.

wood look tile

A versatile style sensation

The widely consistent thickness and weight of wood-look porcelain tiles mean that they can be used for floors and walls, which makes them ideal for bathrooms, wet rooms and, in the commercial sector, spas and leisure facilities. Better still, our new Boise range comes in a variety of colors and patterns, from light grey through to dark brown, so you can coordinate your choice of tile to the rest of your property’s interior, or use it as a foundation when designing your palette.

Wood-look porcelain is Green-minded

One of the many reason’s interior designers, homeowners and commercial businesses alike choose wood-effect porcelain tiles over natural wood tiles is simple. Because this wood-look porcelain tile variant doesn’t require the destruction of woodland and forests, which are becoming increasingly difficult to maintain. Porcelain tiles are entirely man-made, so your money isn’t furthering the ecological destruction of forests.


A Note From Marble Systems Design Team:

”When designing an interior, it’s crucial that you think about the foundation materials before turning to the details. The tiles you choose to place at the heart of your room will determine what you do with the rest of the interior.

If you’re choosing a darker finish, such as Tabac Natural, consider warm, complementary accompaniments, like red and plush purple, and fabrics like velvet.

In contrast, for lighter tones that evoke more of a spring palette, such as  Atalier Natural, we’d recommend looking to natural fibers like linen and defined details: pleats, angular lighting, and natural wood furniture.”

Browse our Boise collection now to discover our full selection of wood-look tiles. Marble Systems is the go-to tile store San Francisco for the best selection of tiles and slabs.

 Product : Boise wood-look porcelain tile Atalier Natural Porcelain Tile

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