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9 Landscape Stone That Will Beautify Your Garden

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There are many alternatives to use as flagstone or landscape stone. The first natural stones come to mind are marble, limestone and travertine. Flagstone is an interesting term. Its root goes back to old English, possibly from Old Norse word “flaga” which can be translated as piece or chip.

landscape stone

Today, these natural stones are used near pool sides, on the pathways, gardens and on wall surfaces. There are many terrific uses all-natural stone however an under used one is as landscape rock.

Benefits of Landscape Stone

What can make an item of all-natural rock beneficial as a landscape rock. Generally, a natural stone that is going to be put in a landscape setup should have the ability to endure freeze-thaw cycles as well as severe temperature level adjustments.

landscape stone

The constant existence of water have to additionally be tolerable. Last but not least, the product should have a coating that is relatively non-slip.

It is obvious that flowers are are indispensable for the yards, however one more crucial material is the travertines utilized on the pathways, poolside, garden wall surfaces. Same can be said for marble and limestone. River rock is also used as landscape stone but we’ll not discuss this today about it as part of garden stones.

Diana Royal Tumbled Marble Patterns

Size: Versailles PatternStock: 184.06 sq. ft.

Diana Royal Renaissance Marble Pavers

Size: Versailles PatternStock: 231.72 sq. ft.

Travertine is a beautiful, textured material that is used in flooring as well as wall covering. You can color your indoor and outdoor spaces with the aged travertines that we produce in various colors.

Travertine Landscape Stone

We have three different travertine patterns for you. These are:

  • Ivory Tumbled Travertine Patterns Versailles Pattern
  • Scabas Tumbled Travertine Patterns Versailles Pattern
  • Walnut Dark 1 1/4 Tumbled Travertine Patterns Versailles Pattern

Ivory Tumbled Travertine Pavers

Size: Versailles PatternStock: 8-10 Weeks lead time

You can use other materials than natural stone in your garden or yard. But enjoyment of any other material cannot provide this pure and refined naturalness that natural stones give us. In short, with its resilience, natural stones always add color to life as the most economical products in landscape architecture. Check these marble landscape stone alternatives.

Marble Landscape Stone

  • Champagne Tumbled Marble Patterns Versailles Pattern
  • Diana Royal Reclaimed Marble Patterns Ashlar Pattern
  • Diana Royal Renaissance Marble Patterns Versailles Pattern
  • Diana Royal Tumbled Marble Patterns Versailles Pattern
  • Silverado Tumbled Marble Patterns Versailles Pattern
  • Skyline Reclaimed Marble Patterns Ashlar Pattern

Skyline Reclaimed Marble Pavers

Size: Ashlar PatternStock: 1,648.28 sq. ft.

All these materials are part of our “Landscape Stone Collection.” You can check out the details here and order a free sample. Usage recommendation must be confirmed by your installer and depends on application, installation methods and general suitability. Each pattern in this collection has a unique direction about how to apply and best suitable surface to use. So we recommend these instructions before ordering any sample or the actual product.

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