Clean Living With Large Format Porcelain Tile

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large format porcelain tile

If you’re hoping to create a minimal home, you’ve probably already realized that smaller tiles can feel fussy. That’s why many of our customers are swapping out smaller tiles for large format porcelain tile in neutral tones.

large form porcelain tile

It is a way of embracing clean living in more ways than one with large format porcelain tile. But it’s not only for the clean lines design devotees, who opt for large format porcelain tiles just for their design aesthetic.

Practicality makes our large format porcelain tile a firm favorite for practicality with everyone. Large format, and especially large format porcelain tiles, ensure first-rate cleanliness with minimal upkeep thanks to their durability.

Combining large format and porcelain means that when it comes to cleaning, you don’t need to worry about endless nooks where grime and germs can hide. Cleaning is as effortless as wetting a cloth with warm, soapy water and wiping the tiles down.

That’s why at Marble Systems we designed our new Belvedere collection – a range of neutral 24×24” porcelain tiles. You may want to try sharp lines and smooth surfaces with Marble Systems Belvedere porcelain tile collection:

Modernistic bliss with the implied richness in a matte finished porcelain is what our Belvedere Porcelain Tile Collection is all about. In fact, a certain sense of Minimalism is expressed by this collection. What makes us see this? Is it the lack of clutter? The easy, unbroken visuals in subtle color themes? The lack of ornamentation that seems to focus your thoughts more keenly?  Whatever, the personal reasons you find, let us help you to express your thoughts on Minimalism.

Elephant Matte Concrete Look Porcelain Tile 24x24

Elephant Matte Concrete Look Porcelain Tile

$2.68 / sq ft

Where would you use large format tiles for maximum effect in an interior?

There are many benefits of large format porcelain tiles.

Open-plan kitchens with large format porcelain tile

One of the most popular uses for large-format tiles is in kitchens, where large, seam-free surfaces are sought after when it comes to cleaning. At the same time, neutral kitchens that embrace tiling for the floors, walls as well as coverings, including work surfaces, provide a cool, brutalist finish which, architecturally, is coming back on-trend, especially in modern city apartments.

Modern bathrooms and wet rooms

The great thing about using larger tiles is that they make smaller spaces look bigger and when isn’t that needed in the bathroom? Many bathroom suites are squeezed into relatively cozy spaces, which means it’s always desirable to make the room look a little bigger when renovating. Large format, floor-to-ceiling tiles accompanied by a rain shower will give your bathroom an of-the-moment edge.

Contemporary retail spaces

Businessowners out there will know only too well how frustrating it can be to keep up the maintenance of painted walls and vinyl floors. It’s not only exhausting but can also be costly if you need to call in help. That’s why many retail spaces are now opting for tiles on both the floor and walls – they’re easy to clean, hygienic and require next to no maintenance, while at the same time keeping your retail space looking cool and contemporary, which is particularly sought after if you’re selling luxury products.

A Note From Marble Systems Design Team :

By opting for large format porcelain tile, you’re choosing to adopt minimalism throughout your design. What that means is that you need to keep surfaces clear and clean and choose complimentary furniture in neutral hues. Large format tiles are particularly attractive in industrial settings – if your property fits the bill, you should browse antique shops for industrial fixtures and fittings, as well as upcycled statement pieces, to really set off and complete your aesthetic.

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