Add Another Dimension To Surfaces With Textured Tiles

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Do you want to add another dimension to your surface with textured tiles?

We know that smooth, glossy tiles can make for a seamless, modern space, but if the design scheme isn’t up to scratch that simplicity quickly becomes dull, but textured tiles can help.

textured tiles

 One way to craft a minimal, modern space with personality is to use Marble Systems’ textured tiles, which add sensuality to any floor and wall.

How and why you should use textured tiles

There are many reasons you might want to opt for textured tiles over plain tiles. Better still, you may want to use textures sparingly in combination with other tiles.

Take design inspiration from the Continent

Diana Royal Textured  Marble Tile 16x24

Diana Royal Textured Marble Tile

Avalon Textured  Marble Tile 16x24

Avalon Textured Marble Tile

Bosphorus Textured  Limestone Tile 16x24

Bosphorus Textured Limestone Tile


Texture tiles are part of the design of many European homes and commercial spaces, which makes them synonymous with sensuous clean, modern and light spaces.

Have you ever been on holiday to Spain and stayed in a hotel or villa which doesn’t have textured tiles in the bathroom?

Many of the designs in our textured tile collection are white or off-white – including tones such as champagne – which helps to enhance the light quality in even the smallest of spaces.

Add a premium allure to your property

High-end hotels are big fans of textured tiles, such as marble mosaic tiles. That’s because, when it comes to luxury design, the devil really is in the detail, and the more detail there is, the more decadent the finish.

If you’re renovating your kitchen or bathroom and installing a new high-end natural stone, or even a bespoke suit, a textured surround is an absolute must.

Embrace practical but beautiful design

Smooth ceramic and water create a slip hazard, but these tiles provide enough grip even when wet. This means that, with textures, you can ensure your bathroom is safe for the entire family.

Also, with these tiles, it’s not necessary to clutter your bathroom with mats and extra furnishings, which will enhance your modern design even further.

If you are removing mats and other accessories, make sure you have suitable floor drainage in your bathroom.

Ditch color in favor of neutral patterns with textured tiles

To keep your design as parred-back as possible, be sure to avoid using bold, distracting colors and patterns. That doesn’t mean you can’t still embrace patterns in other ways.

Marble Systems’ Arabesque Marble Tiles can be laid in an intricate pattern to create a sandy, statement feature wall in any bathroom, all the while keeping your minimal aesthetic intact.

A Note From Marble Systems Design Team :

Leathered or full-grain tiles are particularly impactful in wet rooms or when laid floor-to-ceiling. Even though it’s best not to overdo it with any kind of pattern, don’t think that you must stick to just one type of tile.

You can use neutral limestone on the floor and marble on the walls for a clean-cut contrast, which will also allow you to benefit from the practical qualities of textured tiles, such as their non-slip properties. By doing this, you will create what is ultimately a relaxing and cool yet functional interior.

Discover our full range of texture tiles, from limestone to marble, here.

Speaking of textured tiles, it is worth noting our Leathered Stone Tile Collection. Tile textures in this collection capture the reclaimed stone of your imagination in an almost perfect manner.

Skyline Cross Cut Textured  Marble Tile 16x24

Skyline Cross Cut Textured Marble Tile

Diana Royal Textured  Marble Tile 16x24

Diana Royal Textured Marble Tile


The technique of “leathering” the stone creates a texture-rich visual in all cases and an enhance slip resistance in flooring applications. This brings an ancient feel to a modern space. Since this luxury element is worked from marble, a bit of background is in order. 

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