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Kitchen Backsplash

We’ve got a very talented design team at our disposal at Marble Systems, and we work with some of the best interior designers with our floor and wall tile products which helps a lot when it comes to cooking up brand new and exciting projects. We love being able to turn out some beautiful ideas, so we give them a pretty wide berth, which means that we often get unique, engaging, and interesting ideas that come out of the fabulous designers we’ve got on hand. For example, the incredibly talented interior designer talented Juliana has turned out something fantastic. Let’s take a look at what she’s been doing so that you can appreciate the amazing interior design kitchen backsplash that has been cooked up here with a beautiful interior designer tile.

What Kind of Kitchen is This?

You can’t easily ignore the stunning sets of designs brought to this entire interior design project. Juliana has outdone herself with our marble here.

We are always a fan of new design projects because they give us a chance to take a look at a broad range of stylistic choices, and every person has their unique perspective on design, but there is a lot to appreciate about this. If you stop and look at it, you can begin to understand what we understand so much. There are many amazing things here, and all of them look fantastic.

You’ve got that clean, efficient design that so many people like. There are many fun colors, modern fittings with more classic textures, and the bronze and silver coloration that is so prominent in the pipework looks fantastic. 

It’s a very timeless design because it doesn’t belong to any particular period. It’s more kind of a celebration of multiple periods packed into one. The result is something extraordinary, and it’s one that we do like a lot.

What Tiles Are On Offer Here?

So, without an excellent interior tile design, you can’t hope to see the best results. The interior designer tile in question used was this kitchen backsplash tile, White Carrara, Thassos White Multi Finish Helena Marble Waterjet Decos. 

There’s a lot to appreciate about a tile like this because it fits in with the room’s aesthetic. It looks impressive, but it also has many different choices for you to take advantage of. It’s neat, it’s elegant, but it serves a practical purpose as a backsplash tile. 

Kitchen Backsplash

You can tell that something like this was created to blend in with the specific design that was put together here. It fits well with that timeless classic look because it doesn’t have a particular era. This makes it a great choice and one that people should look at. 

When it comes to interior design, it’s important to remember that there is no one correct answer. This is an excellent backsplash tile, and in many cases, it looks fantastic, but it’s essential to experiment with what’s on offer to get the best results. If you can do this, you’ll see why this is such a good time because there are many unique elements at play here.

Final Thoughts 

So, this is an outstanding tile. It looks impressive, it has a lot of benefits, and it’s one that we enjoy. We love the whole design choice that’s going on here because it does defy any particular classification and era and instead settles for something truly unique. It’s a beautiful example of proper design philosophy, and we love talking about it. There is no doubt that the design went above and beyond this time! 

Thassos White, White Carrara Multi Finish Marina Chevron Marble Mosaic 8x8 1/16

Thassos White, White Carrara Multi Finish Marina Chevron Marble Mosaic

Hishi Dark Matte Ceramic Tile 6x6

Hishi Dark Matte Ceramic Tile

Allure, Black Multi Finish York Marble Mosaic 11 15/16x11 15/16

Allure, Black Multi Finish York Marble Mosaic

Snow White, Allure, Glacier Multi Finish Kent Marble Mosaic 13 9/16x13 9/16

Snow White, Allure, Glacier Multi Finish Kent Marble Mosaic

Sakura Matte Ceramic Tile 6x6

Sakura Matte Ceramic Tile

Black, Britannia, Snow White Honed Penny Round Diamond 1 Marble Mosaic 11 27/64x10 15/64

Black, Britannia, Snow White Honed Penny Round Diamond 1 Marble Mosaic


It’s a stunning kitchen, and it looks fantastic, and it just goes to show that you can do pretty much anything with the right experimentation. You have a lot of unique choices, so it’s ultimately up to you to work out exactly what’s going to be best. At the end of the day, you are free to experiment and pick and choose what works for you, and that’s amazing. You can’t put a price on that. 

We love this kitchen backsplash, and we can’t wait to design more like it in the future. It’s a beautiful, specific kind of space, but it works well. There are so many unique elements to appreciate here, and, amazingly, they’ve all come together in such great harmony. 

We have many inspiring uses of our materials used by interior designers, like Spaces by Juliana, which you can explore by flicking through our project gallery. Get in touch with our design team for your interior design project today and order tile samples delivered to your location!

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