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Ivory honed travertine for outdoor patio

Best Travertine Tile Ideas for the Outdoors

Travertine tile is a form of uniquely squired natural stone that's perfect for the outdoors. Not only is outdoor travertine tile durable, but it also fits in seamlessly with exterior landscapes and poolsides.Travertine is a variation of veined limestone that’s formed from the buildup of [...]

Natural Stone Is A Sustainable Interior Design Trend and Conscious Living Choice

When it comes to interior design, sometimes you want decorative surfaces made from sustainable materials—some of the tiles made from much more sustainable components, making them a very conscious living decoration.We have a range of natural stone tiles that would be very good for you to [...]
travertine tile backsplash

Travertine Tile Has Retained Timeless Popularity: Our Designers Explain Why

Although some trends can come and go, others stay around for the long term. Despite the abundance of choices available regarding tiles, one of the most popular has always been and will continue to be the travertine tile, but why is this?What Is Travertine?Although there [...]
timeless travertine

Timeless Travertine

What Makes Natural Travertine Tiling so Timeless? The demand for natural stone tiling is at an all-time high, as what once was reserved for royalty has, over the centuries, become far more widely available to just about anyone who wants to add another dimension of beauty to their interior [...]
how to clean a travertine floor

Cleaning and Protecting a Travertine Floor: A few tips from a pro!

How to clean a travertine floor? If you have a beautiful travertine floor that has been in your family for generations, it is important to know how to care for and protect this natural stone. Travertine tile is porous which makes it susceptible to dirt and staining. This blog post will teach [...]