Travertine Tile Has Retained Timeless Popularity: Our Designers Explain Why

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Although some trends can come and go, others stay around for the long term. Despite the abundance of choices available regarding tiles, one of the most popular has always been and will continue to be the travertine tile, but why is this?

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What Is Travertine?

Although there are always new additions being embraced regarding tiles, the popularity of travertine has always been present. In its natural form, travertine is heavy and porous limestone and is one of the easier stones to care for. However, using natural travertine can mean significant upkeep in the home or business.

However, there are iterations of travertine that ensure the same beautiful aesthetic is retained while offering robust and affordable material. As such, there is a constant demand for travertine in both commercial and domestic dwellings, with its universal beauty.

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The Reason Travertine Has Never Become Dated

Depending on whom you speak to, the reason travertine is so popular can vary. The fact is that travertine has several benefits, including but not limited to the following.


Travertine is Readily Available

Regardless of how you want to introduce travertine into the home, an option will be available, be it facades or outdoor floor tiles. The availability and simplicity of travertine make it a popular choice, as it can be used alone, in conjunction with other stones, for a bespoke finish that aligns with your personality.


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Durable and Cost-Effective

Although many would like to work with an infinite budget, this is rarely the case. As such, those wanting to make a difference to their home or business can always rely on travertine regarding value for money.
What’s more, by choosing a tile specialist like Marble Systems, you can ensure that introducing travertine into the home is simple and offers even more value for money. Come to our tile store in Anaheim and find the best quality tiles at the best prices. 


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