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Skyline Reclaimed Marble Pavers

Size: Ashlar PatternStock: 1,652.34 sq. ft.

Skyline Renaissance Marble Pavers

Size: Versailles PatternStock: 103.75 sq. ft.

Ivory Tumbled Travertine Pavers

Size: Versailles PatternStock: 94.14 sq. ft.

Diana Royal Renaissance Marble Pavers

Size: Versailles PatternStock: Temporarily out of stock.

Our Landscape Stone Collection is ideal for open patios, winding garden pathways, sunny poolsides, and soaring balconies. This selection of beautiful marble, limestone, and travertine is arranged in a pattern of irregular shapes, creating a natural feel.

We carefully designed this collection to suit the outdoors. In general, a natural stone suited for exteriors must be able to tolerate freeze-thaw cycles and extreme temperature changes. Additionally, it must tolerate constant water and have a relatively non-slippery finish.

These pavers are available in three finishes: reclaimed, renaissance, and tumbled. The stones come in a range of neutral greys and beiges that will seamlessly blend with both rural green gardens and modern city decks.

The Landscape Stone is only suitable for outdoor flooring.