The Champagne Limestone Tiles Collection blends the clean lines and modularity of the contemporary lifestyle. A wonderful color palette comprised of distinct yet neutral colorations and a finely honed/semi-polished surface sets the foundation for a unique design spectrum for residential and commercial applications. Embellishments to this collection include linear/geometric mosaics in blends from the color palette. For the finishing touch, one may select from mouldings in a variety of shapes. The Limestone Collection is a harmony of tonality and design for today’s lifestyles. By way of definition, limestone is a sedimentary rock. It is has historically been used in Europe and throughout the world as a natural building material. The material has enjoyed a great deal of utility in architecture. Consider The Great Pyramid of Giza, for example. Elongated shapes, hexagonal mosaics and versatile elegant molding profiles bring this collection to life.


Usage information's may vary by product.

Bath Floors/walls

Comm. Interior Floor

Comm. Interior Walls

Res. Interior Floors

Res. Interior Walls

Shower Floors

Champagne&olive Green Honed Basket Weave Limestone Mosaics 12×12 Champagne, Bosphorus Honed Raya Basket Limestone Mosaics 11 13/16×12 3/16 Champagne, Bosphorus Honed Rhomboid Blend Limestone Mosaics 11×14 15/16 Champagne, Bosphorus Honed Maze Basket Limestone Mosaics 14 15/16×17 11/16 Champagne, Bosphorus, Seashell Honed Pillar Limestone Mosaics 13×13 Champagne, Seashell, Bosphorus Honed Diamond 3d Limestone Mosaics 15 3/8×13 3/4 Champagne, Seashell, Bosphorus Honed Steps 3d Limestone Mosaics 14 9/16×14 15/16 Champagne, Bosphorus Honed Basket Weave 1×3 Limestone Mosaics 12 5/8×12 5/8 Champagne, Bosphorus Honed Cascade Limestone Mosaics 9 5/8×11 13/16 Champagne, Bosphorus Honed Lincoln Limestone Mosaics 10 1/4×12 13/16 Champagne Textured 2×2 Limestone Mosaics 12×12 Champagne Textured 3d Hexagon Marble Mosaics 10 3/8×12 Champagne, Skyline, Britannia Multi Finish Braided Hexagon Marble Mosaics 9 11/16×16 7/16 Avenza, Palisandra, Champagne Multi Finish Classic Lattice Marble Mosaics 14 3/4×14 3/4 Champagne, Diana Royal Honed Large Lattice Marble Mosaics 13 7/8×13 7/8 Champagne, Skyline Multi Finish Large Lattice Marble Mosaics 13 7/8×13 7/8 Champagne Honed Mixed Herringbone Marble Mosaics 16 5/6×12 1/16 Champagne Honed Autumn Leaf Marble Mosaics 11 13/16×13 9/16 Champagne Honed Large Herringbone Marble Mosaics 12 7/8×8 9/16 Champagne Rock Face 2×6 Limestone Mosaics 12×14 Champagne Textured Hexagon Limestone Mosaics 10 3/8×12 Champagne&seashell&heartsmere Textured 2×2 Limestone Mosaics 12×12 Champagne Rock Face 1×2 Limestone Mosaics 12 5/8×12 5/8 Champagne Honed Hexagon Limestone Mosaics 10 3/8×12 Champagne Honed 2×2 Limestone Mosaics 12×12