Champagne Limestone Tiles

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Champagne&olive Green Honed Basket Weave Limestone Mosaics 12×12 Champagne, Bosphorus Honed Basket Weave 1×3 Limestone Mosaics 12 5/8×12 5/8 Champagne, Bosphorus Honed Cascade Limestone Mosaics 9 5/8×11 13/16 Champagne, Bosphorus Honed Lincoln Limestone Mosaics 10 1/4×12 13/16 Champagne, Bosphorus Honed Raya Basket Limestone Mosaics 11 13/16×12 3/16 Champagne, Bosphorus Honed Rhomboid Blend Limestone Mosaics 11×14 15/16 Champagne, Bosphorus Honed Maze Basket Limestone Mosaics 14 15/16×17 11/16 Champagne, Bosphorus, Seashell Honed Pillar Limestone Mosaics 13×13 Champagne, Seashell, Bosphorus Honed Diamond 3d Limestone Mosaics 15 3/8×13 3/4 Champagne, Seashell, Bosphorus Honed Steps 3d Limestone Mosaics 14 9/16×14 15/16 Champagne Textured 2×2 Limestone Mosaics 12×12 Champagne Textured 3d Hexagon Marble Mosaics 10 3/8×12 Champagne, Skyline, Britannia Multi Finish Braided Hexagon Marble Mosaics 9 11/16×16 7/16 Avenza, Palisandra, Champagne Multi Finish Classic Lattice Marble Mosaics 14 3/4×14 3/4 Champagne, Diana Royal Honed Large Lattice Marble Mosaics 13 7/8×13 7/8 Champagne, Skyline Multi Finish Large Lattice Marble Mosaics 13 7/8×13 7/8 Champagne Honed Mixed Herringbone Marble Mosaics 16 5/6×12 1/16 Champagne Honed Autumn Leaf Marble Mosaics 11 13/16×13 9/16 Champagne Honed Large Herringbone Marble Mosaics 12 7/8×8 9/16 Champagne Rock Face 1×2 Limestone Mosaics 12 5/8×12 5/8 Champagne Rock Face 2×6 Limestone Mosaics 12×14 Champagne Textured Hexagon Limestone Mosaics 10 3/8×12 Champagne&seashell&heartsmere Textured 2×2 Limestone Mosaics 12×12 Champagne Honed 2×2 Limestone Mosaics 12×12 Champagne Honed Hexagon Limestone Mosaics 10 3/8×12

The Champagne Limestone Tiles Collection blends the clean lines and modularity of the contemporary lifestyle. A wonderful color palette comprised of distinct yet neutral colorations and a finely honed/semi-polished surface sets the foundation for a unique design spectrum for residential and commercial applications. Embellishments to this collection include linear/geometric mosaics in blends from the color palette. For the finishing touch, one may select from mouldings in a variety of shapes. The Limestone Collection is a harmony of tonality and design for today’s lifestyles.

By way of definition, limestone is a sedimentary rock. It is has historically been used in Europe and throughout the world as a natural building material. The material has enjoyed a great deal of utility in architecture. Consider The Great Pyramid of Giza, for example. Elongated shapes, hexagonal mosaics and versatile elegant molding profiles bring this collection to life.





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Comm. Interior Floor

Comm. Interior Walls


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Res. Interior Walls


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