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Outdoor Living in Mediterranean Style with the Cotto Med Terracotta

Posted On August 11, 2021

Terracotta tile is an affordable and versatile option for flooring, backsplashes, and more. It’s also a great choice for people who want to bring the warmth of natural materials into their homes without paying top dollar. When we speak of terracotta, we have to look at the Mediterranean region closely.

The Mediterranean is a region with several member states. So it should come as no surprise that the styles it produces can evoke several influences.

When many people think of the Mediterranean, they are left with a vision of terracotta patterns that can be observed in abundance when visiting destinations like Greece, France, and Portugal.

If you believed that giving your home a Mediterranean makeover was difficult and expensive, then think again.

Mediterranean Style with the Cotto Med Terracotta
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There can be times when there seems to be a lack of choice regarding inspired terracotta designs. But you can easily overcome this by using a reliable and reputable tile provider like Marble Systems

Marble Systems can offer a range of tiles that capture the essence of the Mediterranean perfectly. We can offer a robust and affordable flooring solution in every instance.

The following is a mere snapshot of some of the alluring and unique tiles that you can purchase from us.

Square Natural Terracotta Tile

When giving the home a makeover, a simple design does not mean a routine design. When using high-quality terracotta tile, they can be mixed with other styles that still celebrate the lure of the Mediterranean. Thus you can deliver an aesthetic that reflects your passion and personality.

The Square Natural Terracotta Tile is a simple but effective tile. It is the ideal starting point for those searching for inspiration regarding their Mediterranean-inspired abode.

Square Natural Terracotta Tile


Regardless of whether you are aiming for a classic rustic design or want to experiment with other tiles from Marble Systems, you can be confident of a tile that is the perfect foundation for many design goals.

Hexagon Natural Terracotta Tile

The Hexagon Natural Terracotta Tile is a flexible tile. You can use it outdoors and indoors and deliver a simple smooth aesthetic that perfectly represents the sunny climates of the Mediterranean.

Hexagon Natural Terracotta Tile


The Hexagon Natural Terracotta Tile is the perfect application for residential properties. You can use it to instill a modern rustic theme into commercial properties.

Arabesque Natural Terracotta Tile

It is not only the alluring textures of Mediterranean-inspired tiles that make them so alluring but also the many shapes available.

Regardless of the project, you are working on, you can be confident of a bespoke design that evokes the sunny climates of the Mediterranean without conforming to conventional decor.

Arabesque Natural Terracotta Tile

Size:8 3/4x8

The perfect example of this is the Arabesque Natural Terracotta Tiles, which offers a beautiful terracotta tone and can be used to create unique floors with a rustic essence that can align with any project goals with ease.

Chevron Natural Terracotta Tiles

Despite the chevron design being older than other design trends, it has a simple but alluring design. This tile has retained its popularity over the years with ease.

Chevron Natural Terracotta Tile


Picket Shape Natural Terracotta Tile

The Picket Shape Natural Terracotta Tiles are another example of the many variations available when searching for premium tiles that evoke feelings of evening sunsets and timeless architecture.

The Picket Shape Natural Terracotta Tile is a sleek and uniformed tile. It can introduce elegance into the home that is warm, welcoming, and robust.

Picket Shape Natural Terracotta Tile


It would be easy to assume that capturing the aesthetic of lands afar would be an expensive endeavor. But this is not the case when shopping with Marble Systems.

San Felipe Natural Terracotta Tiles

Another excellent addition to the wide range of Terracotta tiles is the San Felipe Natural Terracotta Tiles. If you have visited the sunny locations in the Mediterranean, you can often find that both the interior and exterior of the properties complement the sunny climate with their aesthetics.

The weather at home may be out of our control. But this does not mean that fans of the Mediterranean cannot capture the allure of this sunny climate when making over the home. Thus the San Felipe Natural Terracotta Tiles are the perfect representation of bliss and relaxation.

San Felipe Natural Terracotta Tile

Size:8 3/4x11 3/4

Regardless of whether they are used in residential or commercial properties, you can be confident of a natural-looking tile that can be combined with other applications to combine the benefits of modern design with the aesthetic appeal of nostalgic décor.

Are you planning a makeover or simply want to enquire about arranging a sample of a tile? Then why not get in touch with Marble System to discuss your requirements in more detail?

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