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timeless travertine

What Makes Natural Travertine Tiling so Timeless? The demand for natural stone tiling is at an all-time high, as what once was reserved for royalty has, over the centuries, become far more widely available to just about anyone who wants to add another dimension of beauty to their interior spaces. Travertine, in particular, is one of the oldest building materials. The fact that it’s still being used today should give you an idea of its boundless popularity among architects, interior designers, and anyone looking to add a grand nature to their living space.

timeless travertine

As a form of limestone, heralded for its texture, akin to marble, and gorgeous warm earth tones, everything from lighter beige hues, down to the dark and red-tinted rust coloring is available when travertine tiling is concerned. We use these tints throughout a variety of styles. To name a few; the rustic, minimalist, modern, opulent, bohemian, and art deco usage. These features make travertine the tile of choice for designers working to curate a range of atmospheres, within a range of tastes. Not to mention, when you properly seal it, cleaning travertine tiling couldn’t be easier.

Elevate Any Interior with Nature’s Most Prestigious Material

Such a statement as is made by using travertine tiling can sometimes bring more uncertainty as to where it should be made, than the rightful rejoicing over style that should be taking place. Of course, once you’ve selected your space and desired tile, there is often little room for alteration. This can bring on stress, nerves, and unnecessary self-doubt. But there is little need for this. Because travertine has an uncanny ability to fit into just about any interior you can think of.

timeless travertine tiles

However, that is not to say that it does not thrive in certain rooms. As flooring, travertine is one of a kind and creates a sense of prestige in space, and this boldness means it’s no stranger to being the flooring of the main rooms in any home. The living room, family rooms, and entrance halls can all benefit from travertine’s classic appeal. However, its subtle handsomeness means it’s perfect for more unusual and modern solutions, And it looks right at home in kitchens and bathrooms alike, to assert an elegant dominance over space.


How Our Timeless Travertine Collections can Enrich your Home

Below you can find summaries of the travertine available in the Marble Systems collection, to get some ideas as to how they can be used in your home, to master the traditions of interior design.

Ivory Travertine Tiles

Ivory Travertine Tile

Ivory Honed Filled Travertine Tile 18x18

Ivory Honed Filled Travertine Tile

Ivory Honed Filled Travertine Tile 12x12

Ivory Honed Filled Travertine Tile

Ivory Antiqued Travertine Tile 18x18

Ivory Antiqued Travertine Tile


The undeniably beautiful Ivory Travertine Tiles available through Marble Systems are of the highest guaranteed quality available on the market. The light and soft ivory color create a heavenly atmosphere. And also the choices of texture can generate both rustic and polished accentuation in a room when used as both flooring and wall material. The honed and filled travertine tiling is a gorgeous choice to lay a unique sense of style on a space.

Ivory Vein Cut

travertine bathroom

Ivory Vein Cut Honed Filled 1 1/4x6 Travertine Mosaic 12x12

Ivory Vein Cut Honed Filled 1 1/4x6 Travertine Mosaic

Ivory Vein Cut Honed Filled Travertine Tile 12x24

Ivory Vein Cut Honed Filled Travertine Tile


The Ivory Vein Cut Travertine Tiles take the ivory tiling to the next level of class. The highlighted and curved veining stands out in a radiant silver and white sheen, against a warm gold and light beige background of fine stone. This collection is perfect for use, particularly in wet rooms. It creates a rare sense of space and grandness, especially in rooms that may suffer from slightly too much shadow.

Landscape Stone

landscape travertine

Timeless travertine fares exceptionally well in differing temperatures. It is especially resistant to heat and humidity. This resilience makes it a fine choice for outdoor use too. Garden pathways, pool decks, and patios can each benefit from travertine’s timeless lawlessness. This helps you claim your exterior as well as the interior. The Marble Systems collection of Travertine Landscape Tiling includes a divine range of pavers to suit every taste. The reclaimed marble pavers offer a more organic feel, while the tumbled pavers don a gentle shimmer.

Silverado Travertine Tile

The Silverado Travertine tile design is one of grey and white marbled veining, that evokes the richness of precious gems, and possesses the natural charm that can only come from using the best stone, alongside expert curation and craftsmanship by our designers. This tiling is best when used in half, or fully tiled walls, floors, and smaller installations such as splash-back boards. It also stands out well with more quirky uses, such as a trim for a bath or fireplace.

A Note From Our Designers

Earthy palettes can create a warm and relaxing living space; however, using too many similar tones can make your room feel a little drab. To avoid this, balance out space with a combination of warm and cool tones. And also break up dark colors with accent shades. Indoor plants are ideal for adding a pop of color while still keeping that natural vibe. Finish the look with plenty of textured soft furnishings and accessories.

View our full collection of timeless travertine tiles here or get in touch with our design and sales team to assist you.

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