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The marble kitchen backsplash trend is still very hot. If you’re planning a full renovation of your kitchen, or just seeking out new designs to put a fresh twist on your existing fixtures and fittings, you will certainly want to consider incorporating natural stone as your backsplash material. You’ll do it not only for a crisp new aesthetic approach and use of the most lustrous natural stones but as a pristine yet practical solution to a necessary part of your kitchen.

Claim Extreme Beauty, and Guaranteed Practicality in an All-New Way

marble kitchen backsplash

Marble kitchen backsplashes are not famous for their status as talking points. They have far more potential. We can use this potential usually simply blending into the white or grey tiling of their wider culinary surroundings. While we’re certainly not condemning the sleek and cohesive look achieved through soft tiling color choices, and the same material for backsplash use, marble’s eye-catching beauty can make even an area so small as a backsplash stand out as a statement in your kitchen.

Coupled with the fact that it is largely waterproof, easy to wipe clean, and heatproof, marble is emerging as the material of choice for backsplash boards in 2021. Not to mention, since the Marble Systems marble backsplash tiling is so easy to install efficiently, if you feel you want a new twist, you can choose a brand new stone for an all-new look whenever you please.

How to Use a Marble Kitchen Backsplash in Your Interior

For a subtle statement, that is durable enough for its beauty to last, and to protect your walls from moisture and heat, marble tiling is the obvious choice, and has been that of designers for many years. But the delicate gleam of natural stone can be overshadowed when partnered with bolder materials, especially when used in smaller installations such as a splash-back. Having said this, the beautiful white and grey tones available at Marble Systems offer a range of sumptuous yet simple hues that look at home, when styled with natural and bright furniture, and all-metal fixtures.

Sumptuous Marble Kitchen Backsplashes to Top the Trend

Avalon Marble

marble kitchen backsplash

Avalon Polished Marble Tile

Size: 12x24Stock: 9,221.47 sq. ft.

Snow White, Avalon Multi Finish Cambridge Marble Mosaic

Size: 12 7/8x12 7/8Stock: 616.00 pcs.

Avalon Polished Hexagon Marble Mosaic

Size: 10 3/8x12Stock: 668.00 pcs.

The Avalon polished marble is an extremely popular choice. It is an extension of a worktop to create an effortless flow on a wall. On top of the gorgeous properties of the stone, the variety of designs means any surface covered with the Avalon marble has an added level of exquisite personality. In particular, the subway tiles are a favorite of designers, to truly combine a modern kitchen aesthetic, with the prestige of natural tiling materials.

White Carrara Polished Marble

marble kitchen backsplash

White Carrara Polished Herringbone Marble Mosaic

Size: 12 1/8x13 3/8Stock: 805.00 pcs.

White Carrara C Polished 1x1 Marble Mosaic

Size: 12x12Stock: 766.00 pcs.

White Carrara C Polished Marble Tile

Size: 18x18Stock: 1,353.25 sq. ft.

A statement stone, the sumptuous grey veining draws and holds the eye, set against a stunning white natural backdrop. The cool tones work wonderfully in a kitchen with more bold colors, or next to darker toned fittings. The application of the white Carrara polished marble in mosaic patterns offers another option for elegance and style. However, this tile can certainly hold its own in more traditional and simple cuts.

Thassos White Honed Marble

marble kitchen backsplash

Thassos, Thassos White Honed Basket Weave Marble Mosaic

Size: 12x12Stock: 608.00 pcs.

Thassos, Thassos White Honed Herringbone Marble Mosaic

Size: 12 1/8x13 3/8Stock: 154.00 pcs.

Thassos, Thassos White Honed Marble Tile

Size: 12x12Stock: 273.00 sq. ft.

The Thassos White Honed marble is perfect in a kitchen, with its connotations of cleanliness and lustrously smooth appearance. It is the perfect choice for a kitchen backsplash that blends seamlessly into its surroundings. In particular, the hexagonal mosaic pattern offered in the marble systems collection is a quirky complement to what is already a beautiful stone to use. It has been a favorite for kitchens since the Ancient Greeks.

Taos Decorative Stone


Taza Allure, Snow White, Indigo Ottoman Texti Multi Finish Marble Waterjet Decos

Size: 8 8/32x10 1/16Stock: 3-5 Weeks lead time

Linon White Carrara, Avenza, Black Multi Finish Marble Waterjet Decos

Size: 8 1/4x12 11/32Stock: 3-5 Weeks lead time

Rya Aspen White, Carrara Multi Finish Marble Waterjet Decos

Size: 8 7/16x11 1/4Stock: 3-5 Weeks lead time

The Taos decorative stone is truly a standout within the collection. It is perfect as a marble baçksplash to enhance your kitchen. It is truly a joy to get lost in the warm and earthy tones and intricate patterning. The fine work of Spanish and Pueblo artisans, the Marble Systems designs play with the typical yet stunning range of colors. This work transforms the problem areas of your kitchen into something you can be proud of.

Calacatta Bella Marble

marble backsplash

Calacatta Bella Polished Penny Round Marble Mosaic

Size: 11 1/2x11 1/2Stock: 650.00 pcs.

Calacatta Bella Polished Basket Weave Marble Mosaic

Size: 12x12Stock: 574.00 pcs.

Calacatta Bella Polished Marble Tile

Size: 12x12Stock: 745.00 sq. ft.

The Calacatta Bella Marble is the epitome of elegance. It has a clouded yet bold veining, producing organic shapes set by a pristine and quintessential white on natural marble. Yet, it is certainly versatile enough to be paired with a multitude of kitchen styles. This is why the Calacatta Bella Marble is the perfect choice for a backsplash that sits against statement fixtures, or subtler decoration while it takes center stage.

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A Note From our Designers

Earthy palettes can create a warm and relaxing living space. However, using too many similar tones can make your room feel a little drab. To avoid this, balance out the space with a combination of warm and cool tones. And break up dark colors with accent shades. Indoor plants are ideal for adding a pop of color while still keeping that natural vibe. Finish the look with plenty of textured soft furnishings and accessories.

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