Best Travertine Tile Ideas for the Outdoors

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Ivory honed travertine for outdoor patio

Travertine tile is a form of uniquely squired natural stone that’s perfect for the outdoors. Not only is outdoor travertine tile durable, but it also fits in seamlessly with exterior landscapes and poolsides.

Travertine is a variation of veined limestone that’s formed from the buildup of mineral deposits in limestone over long periods of time. The result is a striking and distinctive appearance that works well in areas such as patios, pools, bathrooms, and even kitchens. 

Here are some design ideas that feature the lovely look of travertine floor tile and travertine wall tile. Get inspired by these outdoor looks that are sure to spark creativity for your pool deck or patio remodel. 

Modern Travertine Tile Styles for Your Pool Deck

Your pool deck will look exquisite with travertine tile. The natural aesthetic of travertine is only outshined by its long-lasting durability. Enjoy fun in the sun for years on end with a white travertine tile for your pool.

Travertine tile pool deck
Ivory Antiqued Travertine Patterns Versailles Pattern by Marble Systems.

Ivory Tumbled Travertine Pavers Versailles Pattern

This white travertine tile has a matte textured finish that works well for exteriors. The Ivory Tumbled Travertine Pavers are fantastic for the pool deck and offer anti-slip properties with their rougher texture. With green grass and wood accents, your travertine pool deck can look like an outdoor paradise.

The Pool and Patio Combination

Travertine tile is a classy choice for your outdoor landscape. It’s a nice alternative to stone-only pool decks and looks great against the grass and other plant life. Consider marrying nature and elegance together with this inviting combination. The pairing of tumbled white travertine with lush greenery gives the best of both worlds. 

Ivory Tumbled Travertine Pool Copings 

Beige ivory travertine pool coping
Ivory Tumbled Travertine Pool Coping by Marble Systems.

Travertine pool copings make a lovely addition to the pool deck and patio flooring. These lovely pieces of natural stone complement travertine tiles by separating the shell of the pool area from the surrounding flooring. Not only do travertine tile pool copings create a seamless, unified look, but the coping protects the structure of the pool. Go the extra mile with this addition to your outdoor pool area to enhance durability and style.

Let Your Patio Glow With Travertine Tiles

Your patio will have an organic glow for years when you install travertine tile. This durable natural stone tile is truly a luxury addition to outdoor spaces, and your patio is no exception. Travertine looks really good installed along patio floors. Here are some tile ideas to help you envision how to install travertine outdoors.  

Ivory Honed Filled Travertine Tile

Ivory honed travertine for outdoor patio
Ivory Honed Filled Travertine Tile by Marble Systems.

Another suggestion from the Ivory Travertine Collection is the Ivory Honed Filled Travertine Tile in 2 ¾ x5 ½. This tile bridges the outdoors to the indoors when installed on patios. The sun will bounce off this bright stone outdoor travertine patio tile and light up every relaxing day spent outside. 

Ivory Antiqued Travertine Tile

Outdoor travertine tile for patios
Ivory Antiqued Travertine Tile by Marble Systems.

This beautiful antique-style patio features our Ivory Antiqued Travertine Tile. This 12×12” tile comes in two shades: a classic light-hued travertine and a more aged-looking walnut-hued brown travertine. The combination of both colors adds an intriguing dimension to spaces that would otherwise look bland with a monochrome tile. 

Add Some Elegance to Your Interior Design

That’s right, travertine tile is also lovely inside the home. Use the following examples as inspiration for your travertine tile kitchen, travertine tile bathroom, or travertine tile entryway. 

Ivory Vein Cut Honed Filled Travertine Tile

Silver Shadow Honed Lattice Marble Mosaic by Marble Systems.

Ivory travertine tile has an undeniable appeal. This exquisite color has a regalness that’s hard to achieve with other shades, making it perfect for brightening bathrooms and kitchen floors. The Ivory Vein Cut Honed Filled Travertine Tile makes even the smallest bathrooms look like they belong in Buckingham Palace. Enjoy the elegance of this tile when you place it inside the interior of your home. 

Ivory Rock Face Travertine Mosaic

Ivory Rock Face Travertine Mosaic by Marble Systems.

This rough-textured, white travertine tile is a gorgeous choice for interior spaces. The Ivory Rock Face Travertine Mosaic has a hint of warmth that makes it appealing to designers that enjoy white furniture. This travertine wall tile makes for a great monochrome statement wall in a kitchen, bathroom, or living room.

Honed Filled Travertine Waterjet Decos

Azalea Ivory, Silverado, R010 Honed Filled Travertine Waterjet Decos by Marble Systems.

Travertine mosaic tiles may be unusual, but they’re certainly exquisite. The Azalea Ivory, Silverado, Honed Filled Travertine Waterjet Deco is a stunning choice as a travertine backsplash tile. Moreover, this black and beige travertine kitchen tile works well with neutral color palettes and wood furniture.

Enjoy the Luxury Appeal of Travertine Tile

Want to explore trendy and unique tiles near me? We have a wide selection of travertine floor tiles that will enhance the look of your exterior and interior spaces. Explore our travertine tile collections to see which style of travertine tile will make the perfect addition to your living room, kitchen, patio, or outdoor swimming pool. 

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