Laundry Room Tile Design Ideas for 2024

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2024 Laundry Room Tile Design Trends

Who says laundry rooms have to be boring? Although they might be one of the most functional rooms of the house, they can still be a space to let your creativity shine. In 2024, consider transforming your laundry room with a unique laundry room backsplash tile or laundry room floor tile. 

As modern laundry rooms are spaces of cleanliness, they should have an atmosphere of order and openness. If your laundry room is in the basement, a lighter tile can brighten up the space. In turn, if your laundry room is quite boring, consider going with an intricate, bold pattern. Most importantly, you should choose a tile for your laundry room that is both practical and stylish to ensure it lasts a long time.  

2024 is all about balancing the maximalist and minimalist by choosing a single bold design element to coordinate with the rest of the room. An unusual tile is a great way of adding a unique artistic element to liven your laundry room.

To brighten up the space, let’s go over some laundry room tile ideas for 2024.

Choosing Materials

Grey Diamonds Glossy Ceramic Tile 6×6 by Marble Systems.

When deciding on the tile for a laundry room, it’s important to pick the material carefully. 

Laundry Room Floor Tiles

For laundry room tile floors, you should choose tiles that are durable and hardwearing to support the heavy weight of a laundry machine. 

Porcelain tiles for laundry rooms are the perfect blend of style and substance. Hardwearing and water resistant, they’ll easily hold up against the daily wear and tear of a laundry room. 

Terracotta tiles for laundry rooms are ideal for anyone seeking a more natural, rustic atmosphere for their laundry room. These tiles are durable and long-lasting, making them well-suited for laundry room flooring. 

Terrazzo tiles for laundry rooms are one of the most practical flooring materials you can choose for your laundry room. A mixture of epoxy and stone fragments, this flooring material is low maintenance. Moreover, it’s water resistant, easy to clean, and highly durable. Finally, it looks great.

Laundry Room Wall Tiles

A laundry room tile backsplash is a great way to instantly redesign the space. A carefully-selected laundry room wall tile is all you need to add a refreshing design element. Factors like humidity and moisture are also important to consider. It’ll make your life easier if you pick a tile that’s water-resistant and easy to clean.

Ceramic tile backsplashes for laundry rooms are a great way to transform the space. They’re an easy way to add a pop of color to a small space or keep things minimalist with a monochrome design. We offer an extensive range of ceramic tiles for laundry rooms in multiple colors, patterns, and shapes to suit a wide variety of designs. 

Natural stone mosaic laundry room backsplashes have an elegant yet organic feel to them. They fit into biophilic, nature-inspired trends that have become increasingly popular in the past year. A marble or limestone mosaic backsplash pairs nicely with white laundry machines and wood furniture.

Selecting Colors & Patterns 

Choosing the right color or patterned tile for laundry rooms can depend on factors like room shape, size, and lighting. If the room is in the basement, it’s best to go with light colors to open up and brighten the small space. Either way, it can be fun to play around with bright colors and bold patterns.

Monochromatic White

Blend Light Multi Finish Terracotta Tile 4×4 by Marble Systems.

A monochromatic white laundry room is a classic. This color palatte will instantly open up the room by creating a clean and bright atmosphere. 

Rustic Warm Tones 

Beige Matte Ceramic Tile 4×8 by Marble Systems.

Rustic warm tiles for laundry rooms have a sense of coziness. Brown, beige, and cream tiles are ideal for those seeking a calming atmosphere for their space. They suit laundry rooms that already receive a lot of natural light. 

Rich Colors

Emerald Glossy Ceramic Tile 3×6 by Marble Systems.

Brightly colored tiles are certainly on trend right now, and laundry rooms are no exception. Consider designing a subway tile laundry room to express yourself artistically in all corners of the house.

Quirky Patterns

Aka Matte Shippo Ceramic Tile 6×6 by Marble Systems.

A patterned tile laundry room is an easy way to make your space bright and cheerful. If most of your laundry equipment is white or monochromatic, consider a patterned tile backsplash to your laundry room to add some artistic flair. 

The Best Tiles for Laundry Rooms 

Ceramic Tiles for Laundry Rooms

Status Ceramic Collection

Pale blue laundry room tile wall
Jules Glossy Ceramic Tile 3×9 by Marble Systems.

This collection offers a plethora of ceramic tiles for laundry rooms in various colors, shapes, and sizes to suit almost any laundry room wall tile design idea imaginable. Try mixing and matching colors to create a unique pattern or go minimalist with a monochromatic design. Either way, this collection is a simple yet stylish way to take your laundry room backsplash to the next level. 

Antique Tile Collection

Sintra 6 Square 1/2 Glazed Ceramic Tile 6×6 by Marble Systems.

The selection of unique ceramic glazed tiles draws design elements from traditional and modern tile patterns around the world. A patterned laundry room has a certain retro flair that will certainly add a bold, creative element of visual interest. 

Miradouro Classic Ceramic Collection

Patterned laundry room tile wall
Gelosia Glazed Ceramic Tile 6×6 by Marble Systems.

Perfect for a farmhouse laundry room, these classic blue-and-white tiles are inspired by the tradition of Portuguese tile making. This collection offers a comprehensive selection of patterns, from dense and intricate (like the one shown above), to delicate and minimalist. It pairs nicely with wood furniture and white machinery. 

Porcelain Tiles For Laundry Rooms

Loft Porcelain Tile Collection

Block White Matte Porcelain Tile 12×24 by Marble Systems.

This collection contains some of the best porcelain tiles for laundry rooms we have to offer. With its industrial feel, it’s ideal for modern laundry rooms with minimalist designs. These tiles are certainly durable, making them a worthwhile, long-lasting investment that is perfect for laundry room floors. 

Novita Porcelain Collection

Fusion Blue Polished Porcelain Tile 2 1/2×10 by Marble Systems.

The Novita Porcelain Collection combines beauty and practicality with its selection of porcelain tiles in vivid shades and polished finishes. The striking tiles are perfect for porcelain tile laundry room wall applications, particularly backsplashes for laundry rooms. 

Mosaic Tiles for Laundry Rooms

Talya Decorative Marble Collection

Constantine Afyon Grey, Palisandra Multi Finish Marble Waterjet Decos 13 5/8×13 5/8 by Marble Systems.

These waterject decos allow the natural beauty of marble to shine by showcasing its various organic hues in a selection of unique mosaics for laundry rooms. Consider installing a laundry room floor mosaic to create a natural yet elegant atmosphere. 

Penny Round Mosaic 2.0 Collection

Calacatta Viola Honed Penny Round Marble Mosaic 11 1/4×11 3/4 by Marble Systems.

The Penny Round Mosaic 2.0 Collection is a contemporary take on the classic penny-round mosaic design. These small mosaic tiles are perfect for those seeking a simple yet unique tile design for their laundry room.

Taos Collection

Taza Champagne Honed Limestone Waterjet Decos 8 8/32×10 1/16 by Marble Systems.

The Taos Collection is the epitome of calmness. These limestone and marble waterjet decos come in a selection of geometric, interlinked patterns to create a uniform, cohesive energy. As natural stone laundry room wall tiles, they certainly pair well with bohemian, contemporary designs.  

Final Thoughts

This selection of laundry room tile ideas offered a wide range of styles and designs. When deciding on the tile for your laundry room, it’s important to consider how it suits the design of the space and whether it’s a practical material for a laundry room. The laundry room wall or floor tile you choose will set the tone for the room, so it’s important to get it right.

In general, the best tile for a laundry room should exude style, cleanliness, and order. Whether you go for a minimalist or maximalist design scheme, the tile should fit in cohesively with the design of both the room and the rest of the house. A fun, bold patterned laundry room tile is the ultimate creative choice and ideal for larger rooms that receive a lot of natural light. For smaller, darker laundry rooms, it’s best to go with lighter tiles.

Let our tile store be your partner in creating beautiful spaces. From classic white to modern style, our tile store Anaheim has it all.

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