Travertine Countertops: Maintenance Tips and Designs

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travertine countertops

Travertine is a natural stone with an earthy look. With its base color in earth tones and brownish veins, travertine countertops are a unique example of natural slabs you can use in your home or outdoor spaces. If you’re looking for an earthy design or want to crown your modern look with a natural touch, you should definitely consider travertine slab designs.


travertine countertops


On the other hand, a common question is how to clean travertine countertops. In this article, you will find important tips on maintaining travertine if you decide to use it in your bathroom or kitchen.


Travertino Navona Honed  Travertine Slab Random

Travertino Navona Honed Travertine Slab

Roman Travertine Polished  Travertine Slab Random

Roman Travertine Polished Travertine Slab

Silver Rustic Vein Cut Polished  Travertine Slab Random

Silver Rustic Vein Cut Polished Travertine Slab



Travertine Kitchen Countertops


Travertine is known for its durability against heat and other conditions. As one of the best choices among heat-resistant countertops, travertine kitchen countertops can help you achieve various interior design trends you want to create in your kitchen.


Silver Travertine Polished  Travertine Slab Random

Silver Travertine Polished Travertine Slab

Travertino Navona Polished  Travertine Slab Random

Travertino Navona Polished Travertine Slab

Roman Travertine Honed  Travertine Slab Random

Roman Travertine Honed Travertine Slab



1) Transitional Kitchen Design


travertine kitchen countertops


Transitional kitchens combine modern and classic elements. A travertine slab used with classic white kitchen cabinets can provide the perfect aesthetic with color harmony and appearance.


2) Modern Kitchen Ideas


modern kitchen countertops


The simplicity of travertine’s beige and cream tones offers unique design possibilities for modern interiors. You can use travertine countertops with cream kitchen cabinets or oak kitchen cabinets to create a modern look with minimal color tones. Opt for cabinets in shades close to your countertops for a monochrome look, creating a fresh kitchen ambiance with a seamless touch.


modern kitchen with travertine countertops


3) Traditional Kitchen Design


traditional kitchen design with travertine countertops


Traditional kitchens often utilize natural stone countertops paired with classic colors for unlimited design possibilities. Using travertine slab countertops with natural stone backsplash tiles and adding colorful flowers can create a warm kitchen design. Achieving a stylish kitchen with natural, elegant details and vibrant colors has never been easier!


kitchen travertine countertops


Travertine Bathroom Countertops


Another area where you can use travertine is your bathroom. However, when using travertine in the bathroom, you should consider one disadvantage: travertine is a porous material, making it more susceptible to staining and water contact. Regularly sealing your bathroom countertops can help maintain their pristine condition for years.


Black Polished  Travertine Slab Random

Black Polished Travertine Slab

Ivory Honed  Travertine Slab Random

Ivory Honed Travertine Slab

Noce Travertine Polished  Travertine Slab Random

Noce Travertine Polished Travertine Slab



1) Rustic Bathroom


rustic bathroom design


A rustic bathroom design, featuring a natural and warm color palette, organic textures, and natural stone countertops, can be achieved using travertine slabs. You can match the slabs with travertine floor tiles according to your bathroom size and enhance the rustic design with brown-toned aesthetic objects and wooden elements.


travertine countertop


2) Contemporary Bathroom Design


dark bathroom cabinets with countertop


Who says natural stones must always create a fully natural atmosphere? Combining light-colored travertine countertops with dark cabinets can achieve a contemporary look. Keep in mind that light-colored travertine may change color over time. Regular maintenance and sealing can prevent this issue, ensuring your natural stone bathroom countertop stays beautiful.


3) Traditional Bathroom Design


traditional bathroom design


Revisiting traditional interior design, you can easily achieve this classic look in your bathrooms too. Just like in your kitchen, pairing a silver travertine slab with white bathroom cabinets can elevate your bathroom design.


white bathroom cabinets with beige countertops


Additionally, you can combine travertine countertops with other natural stones like granite and marble, achieving a natural and seamless texture with travertine backsplash and countertops, or opt for marble floor tiles for an entirely elegant look.


Maintaining Your Travertine Countertops


While travertine is a durable material, it requires regular maintenance and care. So, how to maintain a travertine countertop?


Ivory Honed  Travertine Slab Random

Ivory Honed Travertine Slab

Roman Travertine Vein Cut Polished  Travertine Slab Random

Roman Travertine Vein Cut Polished Travertine Slab



  • Seal Regularly: Apply a high-quality sealer to your travertine countertop at least once a year to protect it from stains and moisture. This helps maintain its appearance and longevity.
  • Clean Gently: Use a mild, pH-neutral cleaner or a mixture of warm water and a few drops of dish soap for daily cleaning. Avoid using acidic or abrasive cleaners that can damage the stone’s surface.
  • Wipe Spills Immediately: Quickly clean up any spills, especially those from acidic substances like lemon juice, vinegar, or wine, to prevent staining and etching on the countertop.

Check out our Effective Tile Cleaners article to get more information about maintaining your natural stones.


Travertine Countertops – Make A Sustainable Move In Your Spaces


travertine bathroom countertops


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