21 Sophisticated Black Marble Tile Ideas

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21 Sophisticated Black Marble Tile Ideas

21 Sophisticated Black Marble Tile Ideas

There is nothing like marble tile. Marble is of course one of the most desired high-end natural stones in the world. Marble tile has a reputation for luxury that outweighs just about every other stone. White marble is the most popular color chosen for its versatility, but black marble tile is also making a huge splash. The polished look of black marble tiles adds sophistication to spaces that are unmatched and sure to stand the test of time.

This list has everything from black marble floor tiles to black marble tiles for the bathroom. We have created this list to showcase the beauty and wide range of applications that black marble tiles have to offer. We hope that you take one or more of these stunning styles and create your own luxury space using rich black marble tile ideas.

1. Black Marble Rock Tile


black rock face marble tile


Black marble can be smooth or textured like this fabulous Legder Panel Tile. You get the high-end appeal of black marble tile while bringing a rustic outdoorsy feel to your interior.

2. Black Polished Subway Tile


black marble wall tile

Black marble subway tile brings new life into a classic tile choice. Subway tile is always lovely, especially on walls. Using luxurious black marble tile brings a cosmopolitan element that gives the usually standard look an elevated revamp.

3. Amulet Shaped Waterjet Decos


black marble bathroom flooring tile

These Amulet Black Marble Tile Decos make them an optimal choice for designers who want a look that looks classic but goes against the grain. These black marble honed tiles will gleam further highlighting their detail in any room.

4. Honed Black Marble Tile Decos


black marble tile

These Serie Parquet Decos give off an antique vibe. Their application adds an old-world charm to spaces in need of a refresh. They would look exquisite on shower walls, and floors and as a black marble tile backsplash. Also, you can level up your design game in living rooms with black marble tiles. Check out our blog for more living room flooring ideas!

5. Black Leather Marble Subway Tile


black leather look marble tiles


Black marble tile comes in many finishes, including this textured Iris leather look. Black marble subway tile can be applied horizontally, vertically, or in a herringbone pattern which creates a more dramatic flare!


6. Ponte Marble Mosaic


black marble bathroom flooring


This white and black marble floor tile is so interesting with its mixed Ponte design. This luxury stone has many unique applications as depicted on these bathroom floors.

7. Delicate Black Marble Moldings


black marble moldings wall design


The thin black marble moldings on this bathroom wall serve as an ideal frame for the marble decos featured on the backsplash. The beauty of marble is in its versatility and these Pencil Liner Marble Moldings fit the motif and add needed contrast to the otherwise solid wall tile.

8. Black and White Hexagon Marble Tile


black and white marble bathroom wall tile

Black and white marble tile is a combination that just keeps on giving. This Snow White, Black MCM Mosaic Tile makes this minimalist bathroom pop. Applying the black marble tile in halves enhances the design by breaking up the standard full hexagon shape with a split that draws the eye.

9. Black and White Marble Tile Decos


black and white marble wall tiles bathroom

This fun black and white marble tile is so pleasing to the eye. We would never get tired of coming into any space that features these amazing Eames Honed Marble Decos.

10. Black and White Monte Marble Mosaic


black and white mosaic marble tile


You can showcase white and black marble tiles without going too dark. Our Monte Marble Mosaic Tiles are a stunning application of the black and white combination that created visual interest without going overboard. This pattern would also be stunning as a kitchen backsplash or accent wall.

11. Black Marble Hexagon Tile


black hexagon mosaic marble

The visual depth of this Black Textura Hexagon Mosaic Tile is hard to deny. The Various shades of grey marble tiles make the heavy veining in these tiny geometric beauties all the more stunning. This bathroom breaks away from solid black marble tiles for a more dynamic motif.

12. Black Marble Moldings


black marble molding


Black marble tile accents are also great for breaking up other elements in the room. These Black Marble Andorra Wall Moldings are ideal for creating an eye-catching visual break between the upper and lower halves of this accent wall.

13. Black Marble Waterjet Decos


black marble wall parquet tiles

Wall decos never looked so good! Our Banter Parquet Black Honed Marble Decos add stunning visual interest to areas such as halls and entryways. One great way to highlight the detail is to pair these beauties with natural wood and wicker.

14. Polished Marble Walls


black marble slab


If you are willing to go all put on your design, you should consider using large format black marble bathroom tiles on walls. In this bathroom, our Zanzibar Polished Marble Slab is applied along the walls to create a solid, seamless backdrop to the contemporary vanity and bathtub.

15. Polished Marble Countertops


black marble slab

Black marble tile is suitable for large areas like countertops. This modern open-concept kitchen on the island is a true standout with our Negro Marquina Polished Marble Slab serving as the counter. On the hunt for premium marble countertops near me? Discover our locally stocked varieties tailored to elevate your interior design.

16. Black Square Marble Mosaics


black marble mosaic tiles

This bathroom features a simple, yet stunning full wall of black marble mosaic tile. The classic square shape of these 1×1 mosaic tiles fits perfectly into the motif allowing the white wall trim and clawfoot tub to highlight its subtle white veining. Polished marble gleams on walls making even black tile a fabulous choice.

17. Iris Penny Round Marble


black marble penny round tiles


Penny round mosaic tiles in bathrooms are far from new. Black marble penny round tiles however are more of a novelty. This stunning kitchenette features penny round tile from the Iris collection which is finished with grey grout to make the veining of the tile stand out. Black marble tile is far from boring when done right. Explore more kitchen backsplash mosaic tile ideas and create a chic and bold atmosphere in your kitchen.

18. Black Honed Penny Round Tile


black penny round mosaic tiles


This black-honed penny round mosaic tile is sophistication at its best. Black-honed marble tile gives off a natural sheen that picks up light to keep spaces from appearing washed out. As in the previous example penny round tile is used to line the walls for an intricate visual experience.

19. Black Brushed Marble Tile


black brushed marble tile

Brushed black marble tile appears a deep shade of grey that adds a softness desired by some homeowners. This black marble floor tile is from our Iris collection which features intricate white veining and sharp pops of grey. The beauty of marble includes one-of-a-kind markings that add a unique flair as showcased in this seating area. Discover the Iris Collection’s beauty and mysterious vibe in our blog!

20. 12×12 Black Marble Tiles


checkerboard pattern marble tile

We are huge fans of white and black marble tiles and this 12×12 black marble floor tile is no exception. Black and white marble is a timeless combination that never fails to deliver. The entryway to this home doubles down on the color scheme and infuses heavily veined black marble. With our Checkerboard Marble Collection, elevate your entryway and living room design!

21. Iris Black Marble Tile


black cottage marble tile


This Iris Black Cottage Marble Tile resembles nature’s loveliest stone which is subtle and inviting. Paired with muted colors and wicker furniture it is hard to not see the appeal of this black tile. It is the perfect medium between polished and rustic that will always be in style. Black marble tile flooring is a charming option to have in your home, indulge your home with black marble flooring tiles!


Marble Systems offers a diverse range of sophisticated black marble tile ideas that can elevate any design project to the next level of elegance and refinement. Whether you’re looking for a classic look or something more modern, the tile store New York has it all.

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