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Beauty and Mystery Meets On Pitch-Black Surface with Iris Black Marble

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If you’re looking for distinguished sleek black marble tiles for your property, then you’re clearly seeking something sophisticated and bespoke. Black, a color devoid of color itself, but being a color that will long remain a designer’s choice. It is one of those options which never fails to deliver a smooth luxury offering for a tiling solution. The particular collection of black marble that has many superb offerings is without a doubt our Iris Black Marble Tile Collection. So let’s take a look at what is available from within this distinguished Iris Black Marble Collection.

Black and Brushed

The first option in the Iris Black Marble tile collection you might find quite appealing is the Iris Black Brushed Tiles. These lovely black marble tiles are very attractive, offering a brushed, almost cracked style that evokes an almost rustic feel. This might make them a good pick for an old-fashioned homestead – the design inspirations of American farmhouses springs to mind. It’s a very practical design – looking and feeling used, and sort of at home in a rustic and functional atmosphere.

iris black - black marble

Iris Black Brushed Marble Tile

Size: 16x16Stock: 2,087.97 sq. ft.

Iris Black Brushed Marble Tile

Size: 8x8Stock: Temporarily out of stock.

Iris Black Brushed Marble Tile

Size: 16x24Stock: 1,548.73 sq. ft.

Black Marble and Mosaic

Another beautiful example is the Iris Black Textura Marble Mosaics. These lovely black textured marble mosaics are a good choice for anyone who wants something that is black but also has a nice texture to it and tonal variation. These black marble mosaic tiles are a really great option for anybody who is looking for something a little bit different. Because there are plenty of different options and interior rooms you can use them: from shower walls; kitchen backsplashes; bathroom floors and walls, and indeed commercial spaces.

iris black marble

Tiles like these are not especially uniform. But mosaic does have a wonderful texture to it that would be at home in any sophisticated environment. It’s a very luxurious look and feels. This is nice for anybody who wants to bring a touch of glitz and glamour to their home. As in interior design, it might be a good idea in a foyer, offering up a pleasant first experience for any visitor into the property. On the other hand, it will project the sort of image state you have excellent taste and understand design choices.

Black and Leather

There is nothing quite as designer sleek and dare we say sexy, like black leather. Encapsulated in our black leather look marble tile, with our Iris Black Leather Marble Tiles. The 3 by 12-inch tile selection makes a great design choice that can be used in varying patterns that make for the most seductive interior surface. Create a sleek and sexy feature wall with this black leather-look tile that offers ambiance and warmth to an interior.

Iris Black Leather Herringbone Marble Mosaic

Size: 12 1/8x13 3/8Stock: 269.00 pcs.

Iris Black Leather Marble Tile

Size: 3x12Stock: 72.50 sq. ft.

How To Find Your Perfect Tile Patterns

Black and Honed

Finally, the last amazing item in the black tile collection is the Iris Black Honed Tiles. This particular option also has a lot of unique benefits. It is one that could be very useful for anyone who wants to explore the honed, almost black and grey look. Sleek and sophisticated like all the others in the collection, this manages to somehow be impressive, easy to appreciate, and highly beautiful all at once, making for something which everyone will enjoy. The honed texture isn’t like the leather or brushed options but does possess a modern look and feel nonetheless.

iris black

Iris Black Honed Herringbone Marble Mosaic

Size: 12 1/8x13 3/8Stock: 44.00 pcs.

Iris Black Honed Marble Tile

Size: 3x12Stock: 388.72 sq. ft.

Iris Black Honed Marble Tile

Size: 12x24Stock: 1,412.33 sq. ft.

A Note From Our Design Team :

So, when it comes to all of the different black tile collection pieces you’ve got to pick from, there’s a lot of choices. This works out well for anyone who wants something a little bit different but doesn’t want to deviate from the black look and feel. Black is one of those options which is very universal in terms of how it looks, behaves and what you can do with it. It’s sleek and easy, which works very well. You’ve got a lot of options and many different choices to look for, which is nice.

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