Sky’s the Limit with Our Skyline Marble Collection

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marble honed tiles

Marble often has design connotations of luxury and grandeur. It is a material that one frequently finds in museums, prestigious business properties, and extravagant grand homes. However, the often distant nature of marble doesn’t have to restrict its usage to only a handful of people. Marble is an obtainable luxury now because at Marble Systems we have made this possible for thousands of customers as one of the most desirable natural stone surface choices. Making people’s dream homes clad with beautiful marble a reality.

Marble can actually be effectively deployed in any home, offering up a unique interior design perspective, adding sophistication to a property, and looking incredible all at the same time. The sky is without question the limit here, as the skylined marble collection that we offer has many different features.

Honed Marble Tiles

The first offering that we are looking at within the collection today is the Skyline Honed Marble Tiles. These fabulous tiles look very bespoke, offering connotations of luxury, but at the same time, have a subtle detailing on them which makes them highly unique. It’s a very faded color, but this is a deliberate style choice, so the end result is something that blends quite seamlessly from one range of colors to the other within the tile.

Something in Mosaic?

If you fancy something a little bit different, and in Mosaic, you have access to Champagne, Skyline Multi Finish Large Lattice Marble Mosaics. Now, these definitely are a good idea. The lattice structure is incredibly appealing,. It looks very neat and uniform. On the other hand, they are glamorous.

marble honed tiles

Chevron Skyline Vein Cut Honed Marble Waterjet Decos 13x10

Chevron Skyline Vein Cut Honed Marble Waterjet Decos

Skyline Honed Marble Tile 12x24

Skyline Honed Marble Tile

Skyline Honed Herringbone 5/8x2 Marble Mosaic 12 1/8x13 3/8

Skyline Honed Herringbone 5/8x2 Marble Mosaic


The champagne color is an excellent choice, being just subdued enough then it won’t steal the limelight from the lattice, but at the same time giving you a lot of dispensation when it comes to the rest of the room in regards to interior design. There are definitely quite a few options you could take with something like this, which makes it a very useful idea to integrate into any room.

Similar Tile, Different Patterns

Naturally, if you’re looking for something which is more heavily focused on marble, then you would be wise to turn to the Skyline Honed Marble Tiles. Now, wait just a minute, we hear you say. This tile has the same name as the one we’ve already looked at. But, even though they share a name, the design is different. This is a much more subtle style. If we compare the two, the first set of tiles that we looked at has a much more bold coloration, with many different shades integrated into it. This is much more subtle, and there is a lot of the same color at work, with a few minute differences and interjections of other tones to create a much more subdued offering.

A Note From Our Design Team :

Obviously, any of these options will be great choices for your interior design. Marble is such a bespoke material to work with, and it always looks good. You have to appreciate that there are many different designs for Marble, and quite a few different types of tile. We often pair mosaic with marble to considerable success, but you may want to stick to just the tiles if you’re feeling a little more traditional. However, nobody can deny that honed marble tiles are a popular choice. They can help to add a level of glamour to your living space.

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