Cement It With The Cementine Cement Tile Collection

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The beautifully designed and artisan traditionally made cementine cement tile is something of a visual illusion as cement floor tiles or cement wall tiles. Often taking an extraordinary three-dimensional perspective, these types of cement tiles are very interesting for anybody who wants to create an interesting design look that is a little bit different and out of the ordinary. However, nobody can deny that these are bespoke choices that have a lot of different options. You will discover these choices when you explore our cement tile collection: The Cementine Tile Collection.

Ultimately, there are quite a few different styles and designs within our Cementine cement tile collection. So let’s take a look at some of the different highlights. After all, if you’re looking for a visual feast on the eyes, you’ll find no better option than what we’ve got here. With an earthy modern color palette and high sheen, these modern encaustic tiles are a definitive show stopper when it comes to modern interior design tile with a timeless look.

Brown, Light Brown, Beige Polished Grave Cement Tile 8x8

Brown, Light Brown, Beige Polished Grave Cement Tile

$3.53 / sq ft

Optical Illusions – Stunning and Confusing

If you wanted a prime example of the optical illusion that these types of tiles can create, you would look no further than Brown, Light Brown, Beige Polished Grave Cement Tiles. These incredible tiles are nothing more than a flat tile surface. But to the human eye, they appear to resemble cubes, stretching upwards. It’s an interesting optical illusion that our brains automatically translate based on the design and shapes that we see. But it does present an interesting visual effect for anybody entering the room.

A fabulous perspective to a room can be created with this geometric optical tile design. It’s definitely a tile design that would prove entertaining for guests and send them in quite a spin.

Sophisticated and Stylish Cement Floor Tiles

Alternatively, you may be interested in the incredibly sophisticated Brown, Light Brown, Beige, Gray Polished Bel Canto Cement Tiles. There are no optical illusions taking place here, But no one can argue that the end result is not incredibly attractive and most discerning. There is something very beautiful and sophisticated about these particular tiles. They look like they would be at home in a regal and luxurious environment, like the grand hall of a magnificent mansion.

Unique and Complex Cement Wall tiles

The final incredible example that we will be looking at today is the Brown, Light Brown, Beige, Gray Polished Arietta Cement Tiles. What we can see here is that there are definitely some highly enjoyable, gauging patterns to appreciate with this tile. One can’t help but notice the stars interwoven into the tile pattern, or the flecks of black inside the trace lines that make this a beautiful choice.

It’s an incredibly complex pattern, which you appreciate more the longer you stare at it. It will be a great choice for a kitchen or a bathroom. A superb choice also for commercial floor projects this cement tile stands up to resistance. This makes it ideal for those locations that lend themselves to a modern take on the encaustic floor. This cement tile is a designer’s favorite for the home and commercial project.


The fact that cement tile is easy to clean. It is a practical choice as well as a design one to consider. You can peruse our full Cementine cement tile collection with six different cement tile patterns, with various colorways to choose from.

A Note From Our Design Team :

In summary, these are a very interesting set of tiles that offer quite a few different choices for interior design. You have a multitude of different patterns, as well as varying complexities, and even the choice of some optical illusions if that would be something of interest. Stylistically speaking, there is a lot to appreciate here.

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