11 Stylish & Low-Maintenance Marble-Look Quartzite Slabs

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If you desire the elegant, timeless look of marble countertops but are hesitating due to marble’s maintenance and cost, look no further than quartzite slabs. Despite being an underrated choice for kitchen countertops, choosing quartzite countertops is one of the best choices a homeowner can make. Not only do they look almost identical to marble, but they also are a durable and practical choice.

Read on to discover our top choices for quartzite countertops ideas that are both stylish and low-maintenance.

What Is Quartzite?

Quartzite is a natural stone known for its beauty and durability. Ideal for kitchen countertops, it is often utilized in kitchen spaces and bathroom vanities.

One of the main advantages of quartzite is the range of stunning colors, tones, and finishes available. If you’re seeking a marble-look countertop, there are plenty of quartzite slabs that look like marble yet are more low maintenance. Its unique veining and rich variety of colors make it a standout among natural stone slabs.

Why Choose Quartzite Countertops

Quartzite countertops are one of the most practical natural stone countertops available. Quartzite is not only beautiful, but it’s also a long-lasting investment.


Quartzite is an incredibly durable natural stone that will last for years to come. It rates as a 7/10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which means is higher than granite. Therefore, your quartzite countertop is unlikely to chip, scratch, or break easily.


Quartzite is less porous than other natural stones like marble, so it is less prone to staining or etching. Nevertheless, you should always be careful when cleaning quartzite and utilize soap and water or a special natural stone cleaner.


Quartzite is also heat-resistant and UV-resistant. Feel free to place hot pans on their surface or install them in a sunny area without concern.

1. Beige Polished Quartzite 

taj mahal quartzite countertop
Taj Mahal Polished Quartzite Slab by Marble Systems.

This stunning beige quartzite countertop is a classic for a reason. Its delicate creamy hues are the definition of luxury and look incredible with traditional kitchen designs. In the picture above, the sleek quartzite countertops pair flawlessly with the marble mosaic backsplash, creating a one-of-a-kind look.

2. Gray Veined Quartzite

quartzite countertop colors

Photo by TKS Design GroupSearch kitchen pictures

If you’re seeking a more modern look, consider a sleek gray marble-look quartzite slab. Gray-and-white toned kitchens offer a contemporary look that is trending this year. Highlight the rich gray veins of this gray quartzite with chrome-accented kitchen cupboard handles and stainless-steel appliances.

3. Velvet Red Quartzite

quartzite countertops cost
Royal Red Velvet Polished Quartzite Slab by Marble Systems.

Red quartzite countertops are a daringly chic choice for any kitchen. If you love color and are not afraid to go bold, then red quartzite is certainly for you. Be astounded by the incredibly rich hues of this natural stone that cannot be authentically replicated by any machine.

4. Blue Swirled Quartzite

blue quartzite countertops

Photo by Regarding DesignDiscover kitchen design inspiration

This blue swirled gray quartzite slab offers a subtle unique touch to kitchen designs. Allow the natural beauty of quartzite to shine by highlighting its veining and depth of color. A perfect choie for a marble-look quartzite countertop, this slab works well with both classic and industrial interior designs. Notice how the subtle natural hues of the blue quartzite in the image above look incredible when paired with blue cabinets.

5. Striking Gray Polished Slab

white quartzite countertop

Photo by Cindy Ray Interiors, Inc.Browse kitchen photos

Quartzite comes in a range of striking organic patterns and designs, and this bold polished quartzite slab is certainly no exception. Its striking jagged veins and swirling mass of colors. Pair it with a sleek contemporary interior, such as a loft-style apartment. The ultra-modern monochromatic white tones of the kitchen offset the bold lines of the gray quartzite.

6. Luxe Burgundy Quartzite

red quartzite countertop

Photo by TorontoGranite.comMore home bar ideas

Colorful marble-look quartzite slabs come in a range of awe-inspiring hues. Take this burgundy and turquoise quartzite slab that is 100% natural. Make your kitchen countertop the highlight of your kitchen by going for something bold and gorgeous. Pair this quartzite slab with neutral hues and wood accents to let the stone shine.

7. Delicate Silver Veined Quartzite

kitchen quartzite countertop
Maldive Polished Quartzite Slab by Marble Systems.

This silver-veined quartzite slab is an elegant, understated choice that adds a touch of sophistication to kitchens. In the picture above, it is installed as a kitchen backsplash, but it can look just as incredible as a marble-look countertop. Industrial-look elements and contemporary cabinets are a good match for this countertop.

8. Rustic Brown Quartzite

brown quartzite countertop
Jatoba Brown Leather Quartzite Slab by Marble Systems.

This earthy brown quartzite countertop is a match made in heaven for organic kitchen designs. Look at how the hardwood floors bring out the rich colors of this natural quartzite slab. Pair with cactus plants and a gas stove for a California boho look.

9. Stormy Gray Quartzite

gray quartzite countertop

Photo by Bluebell KitchensDiscover kitchen design ideas

If you love the look of gorgeous dark marble countertops but are balking at their high maintenance, then consider going for a dark gray quartzite countertop. Gray quartzite slab are more durable and less likely to stain than marble, making them a more practical choice for kitchen use. Create a sleek space by matching this gray quartzite countertop with gray or white cabinets.

10. Blue Noir Quartzite

quartzite countertops white

Photo by Drury DesignLook for kitchen design inspirationThe mesmerizing tones of blue, gray, white, and yellow in this marble-look quartzite slab are simply stunning. Although it’s certainly colorful, its muted tones and subtle veining appear delicate and soothing. Pair this quartzite kitchen countertop with wood-accented furnishings for the ultimate rustic look. 

This streamlined gray-blue veined quartzite slab recalls ice-cold ocean waters. Smooth and refined, this gray quartzite slab goes well with metal-accented modern interiors. Transform your kitchen into a sleek atmosphere with a dark countertop.

11. Rainbow Quartzite Slab

cream quartzite countertop
Aurora Blue Polished Quartzite Slab by Marble Systems.

The mesmerizing tones of blue, gray, white, and yellow in this marble-look quartzite countertop are simply stunning. Although it’s certainly colorful, its muted tones and subtle veining appear delicate and soothing. Pair this quartzite slab for kitchen countertops with wood-accented furnishings for the ultimate rustic look.

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