Indulge Your Home With Black Marble Floor Tiles

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black marble floor tiles

It is easy to indulge your home with black marble floor tiles. For decades now black marble has been synonymous with luxury in both residential and commercial design. From hotel foyers to penthouse wet rooms, this material’s top of the agenda for those looking to add an ultra-modern flair to their interior while retaining a natural finish.

black marble slab

One of the reasons black marble is so sought after is for its richness. Black marble tiles are used frequently on the floor. However, slabs of black marble also have their place in furniture design, kitchen worktops, and even decorative wall paneling – if you have solid walls that will hold up.

Even though we use the term “black marble” as singular, we are of course referring to the full array of colors: black and white, black and brown, black and grey, and even black and gold.

What is Black Marble?

Black marble is simply a black iteration of the natural stone, which is quarried in abundance. Over the years lighter marble, like white, beige, and grey, has been at the top of the agenda for interior designers, but that’s now changing.

black marble wall tiles

Black marble stone is just as hard and therefore durable as marble of any other color – the name simply comes to aesthetics only.

Where is Black Marble Found?

Like most marble, black marble is quarried the world over. It has been found in the UK and the USA, as well as China, Turkey, and Iran.

Black Polished  Marble Tile 12x12

Black Polished Marble Tile

Black Polished 1x1 Marble Mosaic 12x12

Black Polished 1x1 Marble Mosaic

Black Polished Hexagon Marble Mosaic 12x12

Black Polished Hexagon Marble Mosaic


There are some instances in which black marble isn’t exactly what it says it is. For example, Ashford Black Marble is in fact dark limestone that is cut, polished, and, in turn, made to look like marble. However, that’s unlikely to be a concern of yours when shopping for marble as Ashford Black Marble is only mined in Derbyshire, England.

Using Black Marble As Floor Tiles

As aforementioned, you can use black marble can on your floors, walls, and surfaces. In particularly exuberant properties, the homeowner may opt for an all-marble bathroom, for example. However, more often than not, marble is used as a focal point, to accentuate a certain element of a room. For instance, black marble fireplaces are very popular in contemporary properties with chimneys, like townhouses.

black marble floor tiles

Interior Designers That Use Black Marble

There are interior designers and architects the world over using black marble in their designs, however some names to consider for inspiration include:

  • Bagnato Architecture & Interiors
  • J.Fisher Interiors
  • Robert Kaner Interior Design
  • Bianchini & Capponi
  • James Dawson Interior Design

Turn to Google and explore the portfolio of each of these designers for some home renovation tips.

Our Range of Black Marble Foor Tiles

At Marble Systems we have a multitude of black marble tiles available.

Arctic Gray Polished Marble Tiles

These ultra-glossy gray marble tiles are glass-like in their appearance and feature white and black flecks and shards that will undoubtedly add interest to an otherwise minimal interior. These tiles are the perfect way to make a splash in your entranceway or living area. However, you could also add a sunken bathtub or walk-in shower to your bathroom and use these tiles to complete the look.

Arctic Gray Polished  Marble Tile 12x24

Arctic Gray Polished Marble Tile


Fusion Gray Polished Marble Tiles

Prefer a smokier marble pattern? You can’t go wrong with these sumptuous grey, black and white marble tiles which you can use on both your walls and floor. You could even add an industrial edge to your space by pairing these smoky gray tiles with concrete kitchen cabinets or a stone basin.

Haisa Black Polished Marble Tiles

This large-format, blue-black marble tiles are almost stripy in their finish, which makes them ideal for a bathroom with a view – their surface is in-tune with a coastal palette. These tiles are incredibly impactful. Therefore you set them against plain walls to avoid pattern overkill.

Haisa Black Polished  Marble Slab Random

Haisa Black Polished Marble Slab


A note from our designer

What I really love about marble tiles, and black marble, in particular, is that this natural stone doesn’t require grout lines – unless you want them of course. This means you can lay marble throughout your property and it will almost appear as a single slab, which is something you just don’t get with any other stone.

That’s what makes marble so great for seamless, ultra-modern interiors. Although, remember, if you want to put marble on your walls, you need to consult with your builder as marble is incredibly heavy and can cause severe damage to a property if it is not installed correctly.

When you’re ready to buy your stone, why not visit one of our showrooms? Use our location finder tool to find your nearest dealer.

We also have two different black marble tile collections. One of them is “Black Polished Marble Tile.” This collection makes it a reflection of you. The reflective surface of this finely polished marble generates impressions of classic to contemporary floors and walls. The options for precision cut sizes and shapes as well as the superb creation of mosaic tile art abounds with this collection. 3-dimensional moldings provide you with a rich finishing touch.

We optimized this product for coordinated floor, wall, and countertop applications in both residential and commercial settings. We welcome you to take advantage of this portfolio of design and the endless possibilities it provides you. You can also check the “Black Honed Marble Tile” collection in our tile store New Jersey.


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