2020 Bathroom Tile Trends: Antique Tiles

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2020 bathroom tile trends

From powder rooms to master bathrooms, from open showers to small bathrooms, we’ll dive deep into the 2020 bathroom tile trends in this article. While a wave of designers and homeowners turn their attention to contemporary design, there is a contrasting trend in the works: antique finishes, and that includes tiles.

2020 bathroom tile trends

When we say antique tiles we are, for the most part, referring to antique-look tiles, which have been designed to look like they were pulled from a house that was built 100 years ago. However, we do have one option for those looking for the real deal – keep reading to find out more.

A little piece of history

All too often when people think of antique materials they turn to old bricks and raw wood. And sometimes the most decadent of the materials get forgot. We are, of course, talking about marble.

Marble tiles became widely available in the 80s, however, it was used in buildings way before that.

The use of marble in architecture and interiors dates back hundreds of years. See the Marble Palace in Kolkata, India, which was completed in 1835 and is famed for its marble walls and floors.

Antique-inspired floor tiles

At Marble Systems – as our name suggests – we have a plethora of marble tiles, including a selection of popular antique-inspired tiles. Let’s begin with our antique floor tiles.

Fantasy White Cottage Marble Tiles

Our Fantasy White Cottage Tiles are inspired by historical farmhouses, which often have random-lay, or Versaille pattern, tiles in the kitchen, and downstairs living areas. Traditionally these tiles are black or brown, however, as we’re talking bathrooms, we’ve opted for crisp white in this case. These tiles give you the opportunity to embrace the antique trend even if the rest of your home is modern.

Fantasy White Brushed Chiselled  Marble Tile Versailles Pattern

Fantasy White Brushed Chiselled Marble Tile

Versailles Patternx1/2"
Diana Royal Tumbled Versailles Pattern Marble Tile Versailles Pattern

Diana Royal Tumbled Marble Tile

Versailles Patternx1/2"
Diana Royal Brushed  Marble Tile Versailles Pattern

Diana Royal Brushed Marble Tile

Versailles Patternx1/2"

Diana Royal Tumbled Marble Tiles

Want something a little more traditional? Our Diana Tumbled Marble Tiles feature sumptuous brown and beige tones that are typical of heritage properties. These tiles pair perfectly with classic porcelain fixtures. Why not opt for a sunken bathtub clad in these rich marble hues?

Diana Royal Antiqued Marble Tiles

These antiqued marble tiles have a traditional, smoky white, beige, and grey finish that’s ideal for both rustic and modern properties in need of a hint of traditional charm. To complete the look, you could even opt for a free-standing bathtub and copper fixtures for a truly traditional finish.

The real deal for 2020 Bathroom Tile Trends

Antique-look marble tiles are just as convincing as the real thing, however, if you’re set on genuine antique tiles, consider our reclaimed marble pavers. These tiles are sourced from old buildings that are being taken down or renovated. Some come from properties that are hundreds of years old. With these tiles, you will get an authentic, antique finish with wear, tear, and all. Therefore if you’re selecting these tiles for your property, be prepared for tiles that are severely aged.

Antiqued wall tiles

The weight of marble means that you cannot always use it for walls; we recommend consulting with your builder to test the strength of your wall. If you’re unable to use marble on your walls, subway wall tiles are another popular choice and, in particular, our antique mirror subway tiles. These tiles reflect just like a mirror and are accentuated with rust-like patterns for that authentic antique finish. Thanks to their reflective quality, these tiles are perfect for bathrooms with plenty of natural light.


How to order samples

You can order samples of all our tiles by visiting the individual product page, or you can contact us.

In addition to the tiles listed, we have a selected of antique-inspired patterned tiles, which are available to order as a concept board so that you can compare multiple styles in one go.

Many of our patterned tiles are inspired by traditional French, Italian and Spanish design. So there is something for every type of property.

A note from our designer

Just because you have a modern property doesn’t mean you can’t embrace the antique trend. In fact, many designers – including myself – believe that bathrooms should be an immersive room where you can sit back and relax after a long day. Therefore should be entirely different from the rest of your property. So even if the rest of your property is filled with modern fixtures and furnishings, do not hesitate to choose marble and other antique materials in your bathroom.

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