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Clean Living With Large Format Porcelain Tile

If you're hoping to create a minimal home, you've probably already realized that smaller tiles can feel fussy. That's why many of our customers are swapping out smaller tiles for large format porcelain tile in neutral tones.It is a way of embracing clean living in more ways than one [...]

Wood Look Tile Trends

Get the warmth of wood and practicality of a porcelain tile with wood look tile. Embrace the latest in contemporary living with Marble System's Boise collection of wood-look porcelain tiles.Boise Wood-Look Porcelain TilesIf you have a penchant for style trends touted by the likes of [...]
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Tile Texture Shape

Tile Texture Shape. These three descriptive words blend to provide the homeowner and designer interesting options in terms of both visual appeal and practical usability. In fact, the essence of combining shape and texture, using tile as your medium of choice, creates a real sense of organic [...]