White on White in Stone Design Trends

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White on White in Stone Design Trends

The physicists say that as far as light is concerned white is not really a color. Rather, it is the collection of all the colors in the spectrum. In terms of white on white in stone design trends, it is certainly color. To a degree, some designers see it as a fundamental color. In Barcelona, the well-regarded Susanna Cots says “we love white” and “white does not scare us, or make us feel blocked nor we are afraid of staining it. Because we do not want it to be related to trifles nor fashion crazes. Because we believe that the authenticity of white resides in its purity and brightness. Because this is the white we love.”

In terms of stone, there is very little that symbolizes the purity of white more than white marble. At the top of this post, the Marble Systems Snow White Collection simply and elegantly exemplifies this purity. Let’s speak for a minute about the topic, white on white in stone design trends, and how to work within available products. The use of moldings and trims will help to complete the color on the color idea. Please note below two white marble trim shapes that will also provide depth to the space.

To continue to validate white, we turn to the renowned Rachel Ashwell, of Shabby Chic fame. Rachel states that “White is never boring. Beige can be boring, but not white. It’s a very dramatic color. That’s proven over and over again by weddings — we never tire of looking at them.” The impact that Carrara marble has is seldom boring as you can see below from our white marble collection.

Marble Systems Carrara

As we end this post, one thing is crystal clear. White is an eternal design statement and white marble is the perfect way to deliver that statement. Come by and visit one of the Marble Systems showrooms across America and let us help you “work in white”!

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