Leathered Stone as a Trending Finish

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Leathered Stone as a Trending Finish

Leathered Stone

In today’s luxury stone marketplace, a vast selection of finishes is available to the professional designer and the sophisticated homeowner. Once upon a time, selections might have only included a polished finish, a honed finish, and perhaps one type of textured finish. Contemporary design plans in stone can now pick from different levels of polished, several levels of honed, and even a leathered stone finish.

With that said, let’s think about leathered stone. Obviously, leather as a fashion component always has had a place. Whether that is “Celebrities rocking the leather trend” according to Cosmopolitan UK, or “Wearing Leather for Older Women” in a piece written by Anne Wright, leather as it is derived from nature is a staple. This has, of course, spawned a visual interpretation of actual leather (shown below) as a stone finish.

The very fine website Cultivate.com recently posted the opinion of well-known designer Jennifer Gilmer that “polished stone is no longer as popular and many stone usages are now “honed, leathered, patinaed, or antiqued. All of these treatments reduce the shine to a satin finish or to no shine at all”. A very solid validation from an industry professional is always worth noting. WomensLifestyle.com further adds that when working with stone “if a polished finish isn’t for you, ask about honed, flamed, leathered or brushed finishes. They have a softer appearance”.


Marble Systems enjoys a significant market advantage due to its relationship with Tureks, one of the leading natural stone companies in Turkey since 1982. This alliance allows for great flexibility in the production of materials that match market trends. Trends such as leathered stone!  As you see at the top of this post, MSI offers a wonderful Leathered Stone Collection that addresses the professional and the homeowner perfectly. Also, note the lighter color value below.

In conclusion and as always, thanks for reading. Leathered stone as a trending finish works for us and we can make it work for you. Visit one of the Marble Systems showrooms across America and Puerto Rico and let us show you how!

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