Fall 2013 Trends in Black and White

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Anyone who has ever managed a tile and stone inventory knows that black and white never goes away. No matter what trending color may come along you always have to have some black and white around for checkerboard patterns, harlequin ideas, monochromatic themes, etc, etc. So the idea of a Fall 2013 Trends in Black and White is very easy for us to address in stone and tile at Marble Systems.

Black and White Tile Trend

Of course, this trend is far more than just stone and tile world prevalent. In fact, earlier this year, freelance fashion writer  Perrie Samotin posted on stylecaster.com that black and white was “fashion’s chicest pairing”  and “it’s not particularly trendy” so you will not “run into the issue of feeling as though they’re buying into a fad with a clear-cut expiration date”. Ms. Samotin was referring largely to haute couture and perhaps casual cool. However, those three principles apply even more steadfastly when you are dealing with hard and relatively permanent surfaces. So here are three things to think about when working on your own Fall 2013 Trends in Black and White!!


Pick a shape that works for you and the space! Maybe you are considering a wide and open flooring area where a classic square checkerboard pattern would play out perfectly. Then again you may have a wall area where the height of the space needs to get a visual “lengthening” by installing elongated rectangular shapes vertically. Hexagonal shapes can add a touch of mystery. As you can see, there are options. So picking a shape is a good place to begin making your choices and our Glacier Collection offers them.


Mosaic elements are always workable in bath wet areas. On the other hand, larger pieces in different sizes can be a very effective flooring statement as seen in the image at the top of this post. The mosaic image below illustrates the effect of both shape and size. Think about how you might want to blend the two.

Fall 2013 Trends in Black and White.


Typically, this selection requires some thought as to practicality. Obviously, polished marble or a glossy tile might not be the best selection for a potentially wet flooring area. So it is important to think through these details. Also, consider ambient light conditions and how they will reflect off the material. A honed or matte finish will have different properties than a glossy area will. Marble Systems does a good job of offering products in different finishes.

In conclusion, there are many more things for you to consider than just these three. For example, more in-depth study of interior versus exterior usage, very clear thoughts on vertical versus horizontal usage, edges, and corners, etc. So take advantage of the expertise that exists in the Marble Systems showrooms across the U.S. and in Puerto Rico. We will be glad to have you and to help you achieve your goals with  Fall 2013 Trends in Black and White.

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