What Are Rectified Porcelain Tiles?

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What Are Rectified Porcelain Tiles?


Simply put, porcelain tiles are kiln fired and generally composed of kaolin clay, feldspar and quartz. The resultant product is extremely dense, naturally low in water absorption, almost impossible to scratch, and fairly easy to install. However, since all clay tile products shrink during the firing phase of production the facial dimensions are not exact. The historic solution has always been using a grout joint between the tiles. At this point, we begin to answer the question, what are rectified porcelain tiles?

This simple quote, to describe rectified tiles, comes from eHow.com,  “also known as Dimensionally Stable Tile, this is a term used to describe porcelain tile that is consistent in its dimensions. This is due to the fact that sheets of porcelain are cut after being fired.” Now that the face of each tile is more exact in its dimension much less  grout joint is needed. This means less upkeep and a sleeker more monolithic visual.

Marble Systems continues to bring fashion and technology forward products to market with the introduction of the Stiletto Collection. Stiletto features four color ways in the 12 x 24 size with accompanying base.

Now, let’s not just answer the question, what are rectified porcelain tiles…let’s also discuss trending styles that the rectified Stiletto Collection may address. Take a look at the two grays above, DIMGRAY and ANTRACITE. Now consider that noted interiors stylist Gudy Herder, says that “I am personally working with moody colors this month” and she includes a “moody gray” . Ms. Herder then writes that they are “comforting and are very much in vogue this season.”  Certainly these two colors in rectified porcelain tile can wotk with a “moody” theme.

Also from  Stiletto Collection are SNOW and SILVER, as indicated above. Certainly these color values work very well for clients approaching their design plans with an eye towards cool and crisp with square corners and laser straight edges. So, let’s close this post with a reminder that Marble Systems has showrooms across the U.S. and in Puerto Rico. We are there to help with more information on rectified porcelain tiles..

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