Ultimate Gray is Pantone’s Color of the Year 2021… Here’s Our Guide to Interiors to Match

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Gray has been at the forefront of interior design for a few years now. With Pantone selecting Ultimate Gray as their Color of the Year 2021, we can expect this trend to continue this season. Pantone Color Institute’s Laurie Pressman explains that Ultimate Gray reflects the global culture of 2020. 

pantone color of the year 2021
Ultimate Gray / Pantone Color Of The Year 2021

“The Pantone Color of the Year reflects what is taking place in our global culture, expressing what people are looking for that color can hope to answer. As society continues to recognize color as a critical form of communication and a way to symbolize thoughts and ideas, many designers and brands are embracing the language of color to engage and connect.” — Pantone Color Institute’s Laurie Pressman.

Calm The Body And Mind With Soft Natural Tones

After the year we had in 2020, many of us want a home environment that is somewhat a retreat from the outside world. Using soft neutral tones like grey calms the body and mind while providing relief from everyday stressors. Grey can help us to feel relaxed and at peace with our surroundings. It makes a space feel warm, grounded, and safe – which is precisely what people want in such uncertain times. A neutral color palette also allows for longevity. Trends usually inform bold colors and patterns, so they can come and go quickly. A neutral style is guaranteed to stand the test of time. 

Provide A Sense Of Balance With Cooler Grays

Of course, a solidly grey space can switch from modern chic to depressing. Thankfully, we can avoid this by balancing the room with cooler greys and spot colors to liven things up. Our Basalto Stone Tiles come in a range of gorgeous grey tones that work perfectly with a light-colored wall. Try to incorporate lots of physical and visual texture in fabrics, pillows, and artwork too. Mixing warm and cool grey tones also helps to provide a sense of balance in your living space.

pantone color of the year 2021

Basalto Honed Basalt Tile 12x24

Basalto Honed Basalt Tile

Basalto Chiseled Basalt Tile 12x24

Basalto Chiseled Basalt Tile

Basalto Bush Hammered Basalt Tile 12x24

Basalto Bush Hammered Basalt Tile


 Canadian designer Kelly Deck enjoys using grey tones in her projects. Her designs are elegant without being overstated, so they fit perfectly into any living space. To blend modern design with classic style, Deck pairs muted grey tones with heavily textured fabrics. This softens the overall look while adding personality to space.

 Add A Pop Of Color With Pastel Accents

If you want to add more color, pastel shades look great with gray. Mint green and coral accents pop against our Silver Drop Marble Tile Collection. The collection makes the most of a subtle color value that serves as a perfect backdrop for a modern yet classic design. Tiled flooring has a rich and exciting history, with the first instance of natural stone tiles being sometime around 4000 B.C. Grey has been a prominent color in natural stone flooring since the 12th century, when monks used tiles to create patterns on cathedral floors. Great Malvern Priory has a plethora of grey and neutral tones in its natural stone flooring.  

 Today, natural stone tiles can be found in almost any commercial or residential space but are particularly popular in kitchens and bathrooms. Our Silver Drop Collection benefits from a finely polished finish, lending itself to bathroom or kitchen floor and wall applications.

 Soften The Appearance With Plenty Of Fabrics

Marble enthusiasts will love our Silverado Travertine Tile Collection. The collection blends art with craftsmanship to create a beautiful honed, and filled natural travertine. With a smooth yet unique surface, these natural stone tiles will add a touch of elegance to any floor, wall, or countertop in your residential or commercial space. To soften the overall look, pair our marble tiles with pastel accent colors and plenty of fabrics.

 If you prefer bolder, block colors, our Neolith Sintered Stone Collection will suit you perfectly. The process of sintering combines raw materials and compacts them using heat, compression, and vibrations to create the ideal stone. The purity of elements in our Neolith tiles allows us to achieve exquisite hues that are unattainable through preexisting engineered stone technologies. The slabs are suitable for residential countertops as they withstand direct cutting without any damage. Hot pans and roasting dishes can be placed directly on the material without leaving a mark.

Please view our full collection of natural stone tiles here.


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