Textured Earthy Palettes and Indoor Planting Connect Us to Nature

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Earthy Color Palettes

This season we can expect to see plenty of earthy color palettes paired with indoor planting. When we can’t get outside, having indoor plants dotted about can connect us to nature and lift the spirits. As well as looking great, indoor plants support human health in both home and office spaces. Research suggests that the greatest benefits of houseplants are through wellbeing and productivity improvement. There is also evidence to suggest they can improve indoor air quality to keep you feeling your best throughout the day.


Muted Tones Blend With Nature To Create A Calm Environment

Earthy, dulled-down terracotta and ochre tones are an ongoing color trend. These muted tones blend in with nature to create a calm and grounded living space. By connecting us to nature, these colors disconnect us from digital screens and the hustle and bustle of modern life.

If you prefer a lighter color palette, our Ivory Vein Cut Travertine Tile Collection will suit you. The tiles are honed for a sleek contemporary finish, making them ideal for both residential and commercial projects. The beige travertine is available in mosaic and field tiles, so there’s something to suit every interior. You can get additional finishes such as antiqued, honed unfilled, sawn, and tumbled as a special order.

earthy color palettes
Ivory Vein Cut Travertine Tile Collection
Ivory Vein Cut Honed Filled 1 1/4x6 Travertine Mosaic 12x12

Ivory Vein Cut Honed Filled 1 1/4x6 Travertine Mosaic

$6.99 / pcs
Ivory Vein Cut Honed Filled Travertine Tile 12x24

Ivory Vein Cut Honed Filled Travertine Tile


If marble isn’t your thing, you can achieve that idyllic earthy color palette through our La Roche Limestone Collection. Limestone is classified as a sedimentary rock and has been used as a building and sculpting material for centuries. The collection is a carefully curated grouping of limestones that offers four distinct colorways. This means that there’s something perfect for almost any current design plan. Suitable for floor and wall covering in residential and commercial spaces, the tiles are available in both light and dark earthy tones.


Earthy Color Palettes Provide Contrast Against Metallic Technology

With so much of our home filled with technology, shiny metallic finishes can take over if we’re not careful. Warm, earthy tones provide a nurturing and relaxing contrast. Many of us rely on digital technology for work purposes. In a world where many of us live on our mobile phones, a space filled with earthy colors can help us to recharge, reground, and remember what’s important.

Earthy Color Palettes
La Roche Limestone Collection
Genova Brushed&tumbled Limestone Tile 16x24

Genova Brushed&tumbled Limestone Tile

Magny Louvre Brushed Limestone Tile 16x24

Magny Louvre Brushed Limestone Tile


It’s not just in tiles that earthy palettes are coming through; the trend is also appearing in homeware such as soft furnishings, light fittings, and bed linen. Layering earthy colors in a bedroom or living room will create a warm, nurturing space that has a cocooning effect. This is perfectly suited for the cooler months when we allow ourselves to stay wrapped up inside.

Add Color With Indoor Plants

While there’s plenty to love about neutral tones, some people enjoy adding brighter colors to bring a space to life. This is where indoor planting comes in. Houseplants add a pop of vibrant color without going over the top. Pair our Crema Marfil Marble Tiles with a graceful white Peace Lily for a dash of color. This tile collection is a wonderful choice for both floor and wall covering in your home or office space. The stones undergo precision cutting and fine polishing for an elegant, sophisticated, and lasting finish.

crema marfil marble bathroom
Crema Marfil Marble

Indoor plants infuse a living space with life, bringing interest and personality to any room in the house. If you’re looking for something a little more unique, choose a plant that sports the occasional flower or flashy foliage. With so many colors, shapes, and textures to choose from, there’s a plant to suit every interior. These days, indoor plants are a relatively affordable way to enhance your living space, but it hasn’t always been that way. For centuries, houseplants were seen as a luxury only available to the extremely wealthy. Plants were first used for ornamental purposes in China, as early as 1000 B.C. It wasn’t until the Victorian era that houseplants had taken route in middle-class homes.


Note from our designers

Earthy palettes can create a warm and relaxing living space; however, using too many similar tones can make your room feel a little drab. To avoid this, balance out space with a combination of warm and cool tones and break up dark colors with accent shades. Indoor plants are ideal for adding a pop of color while still keeping that natural vibe. Finish the look with plenty of textured soft furnishings and accessories.

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