The Geometric Shape Trend for Interiors

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geometric shape trends

How did geometric shapes impact the interior design trends? We’ll talk about the geometric shape trends for interiors in this article. When searching for advice on how to freshen up the home, it is not unusual to read the same information over and over. Fortunately, people are becoming more daring in their approach to interior design. They find that they can eliminate many of the conventions of interior design easily.

There are plenty of avenues to explore when searching for inspiration, including the Internet. However, there are some forms of inspiration that may not have been considered before.

For example, using geometric shapes has been popular around the world for hundreds of years. But in some instances, people have used them sparingly in the home. Geometric shapes were often associated with the bathroom.

This is no longer the case.  You can use geometric shapes around the home to create a space that is unique, luxurious, and long-lasting. There is also no need for the convention, as there are several designs that take advantage of geometric shapes, all offering a unique design.

Geometric Shape Trends in Interior Design?

For many, the concept of geometry may have not been considered since the days of high school, although using geometric shapes in interior design is a lot more exciting.

In fact, the science of geometry has always been important in interior design. Given the most homes have a rectangular design put in place. An excellent start when experimenting with geometric shapes for the first time is using mosaics. Mosaics allow for a dynamic aesthetic that adds tones of liveliness to any space it is used in.

What Is the Best Way to Use Mosaics?

Given how many options there are regarding interior design, it is understandable why some are nervous about using mosaics when recreating the personality of their home. To be assured when using mosaics, you need to look at the vast array of inspiration.

Those yearning for a rustic and classic aesthetic that is not date can take inspiration from works that draw inspiration from different cultures and eras, while still being easy to maintain.

geometric shape trend

Similarly, those wanting to take a modern approach will find that there are still plenty of options available. Even those making use of white mosaics will find that the finished result is one that is inspired and robust.

Of course, to get the desired results from mosaics, those wanting to bring their visions to life need to ensure that they are using a recognized provider of tiles and mosaics.

Marble Systems can offer a wide range of décor ideas for the home, including those wanting to benefit from the mosaic aesthetic.

If your project is paying homage to the many wonderful mosaic designs encountered in the past with a modern spin, then why not consider the Braided Hexagon tile from the Studio Mosaic Tile collection? A subtle tribute to years gone by that intertwines a modern design that while bold, does not overwhelm when used in the home.

Skyline, Snow White Honed Monte Marble Mosaic 12 3/8x12 3/8

Skyline, Snow White Honed Monte Marble Mosaic

Black, Snow White Honed Ponte Marble Mosaic 14 5/16x14 5/16

Black, Snow White Honed Ponte Marble Mosaic

Black, Glacier, Allure, Snow White Multi Finish Devon Marble Mosaic 12 1/2x12 1/2

Black, Glacier, Allure, Snow White Multi Finish Devon Marble Mosaic


Reap the Reward of Rectangles with the Urban Layer Collection

Mosaics are undoubtedly awe-inspiring. But some will have other geometrical aspirations when making over the home, including the use of rectangles. If we compare to other shapes, we may assume using rectangles is limiting. But this is not the case.

Marble Systems understands that choice is an important factor when choosing how to use rectangles. We strive to ensure that its range is not only effective in its role but also part of the inspiration when planning a new project.

For example, the Urban Layer Collection offers several spins on the conventional rectangle design. It also offers a series of other geometry-related tiles for those wanting to embrace different shapes and textures.

You can achieve a simple but effective with these waterjet decos.  This beautiful tile showcases just how innovative using rectangles can be. There is also a marble variation of the tile available. Get the best quality tile from our tile store in Anaheim.

The District Multi Finish Link Porcelain Waterjet Decos is a further example of how unique the use of rectangles can be in the home. Adding a quirky aesthetic that is still alluring. You can use these tiles in several ways around the home, each offering a unique aesthetic.

We look at the geometric shape trends in this article. As you know, the use of geometry may not sound exciting when considering home interior design. We can ensure that there is plenty of inspiration available, regardless of the look you are aiming for. Find your perfect match among our diverse tile store selection.

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