Get the look: How to Achieve a Michael S. Smith-Inspired Interior

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Best known for his makeover of the Oval Office, Michael S Smith is an LA-based interior designer with a passion for antiques. In 2008, Smith was appointed by President Barack Obama to the Committee for the Preservation of the White House, which he remained upon until 2016. The White House hadn’t had such an overhaul since the Kennedy administration, so this major project secured Smith a spot as one of the most influential designers of our time. The designer has also worked on the homes of other major influencers including Dustin Hoffman, Steven Spielberg, and Natalie Massenet.

Michael S.Smith Design
Courtesy of Michael S.Smith Desing Inc | US Embassy in Madrid – Spain

Smith takes an individual approach to each project, listening to the requirements of the client to understand how rooms will be used and lived in. However, he still has a fairly distinct style.

Incorporate Colors

Smith’s work has a clean and contemporary feel to it, but it certainly isn’t all whites and greys. In fact, the designer suggests avoiding the use of grey as it can easily make a room look dreary – particularly if your home lacks natural light. If you want to keep things neutral, opt for cream or brown flooring with light-colored grout. Our Afyon Sugar Marble tiles are ideal for adding a touch of luxury without going overboard.

If you prefer a bolder floor, our Bosphorus Honed Limestone tiles are a great option.

Invest in Comfortable Furniture

The correct furniture is vital for creating a welcoming space. If you prefer to keep the walls and floors fairly muted, pair our Britannia Limestone tiles with a statement wall and a big cozy sofa. Comfortable-looking furniture will draw people into the room and make guests feel right at home. Michael S Smith also uses antiques to add warmth and character to space. Adding an old-fashioned sideboard or bar cart will prevent the room from looking too clean and minimalistic.

Britannia Honed Limestone Tile 12x12

Britannia Honed Limestone Tile

San Felipe Britannia Honed Limestone Waterjet Decos 8x9 3/4

San Felipe Britannia Honed Limestone Waterjet Decos

Britannia Honed Subway Limestone Tile 3x9

Britannia Honed Subway Limestone Tile


Create a Luxurious Bathroom

According to Smith, a bathroom should be a place of pure luxury. You go there to decompress, so surround yourself with objects and design that brings you peace. Invest in a steam shower or whirlpool bathtub to relax in after a long day, and an elegant vanity unit for a place to wash up. Our Diana Royal Polished Marble Slab is ideal vanity units, providing understated elegance in a creamy-brown hue. Our Paradise Polished Marble Slab is perfect for those who prefer a darker marble.

Diana Royal Polished Marble Slab Random

Diana Royal Polished Marble Slab


Add Personality with Works of Art

Michael S Smith is known for his warm and welcoming style. Investing in artwork can add personality to your space and prevent it from looking too cold and clinical. If you’ve gone for fairly muted colors, pick out artwork with a splash of color that invites guests into the room. If you’ve chosen a bolder tile for your floor or walls, be sure to invest in artwork that complements this. Having too many colors can be overwhelming –particularly if they clash.

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